60 messages and quotes to announce pregnancy and declare the joy they are feeling

By: Tranoniq.com

It is a great emotion to know that a baby is growing inside you. This feeling is so intense that it is difficult to put it in words. Even so, there is a desire to tell everyone the blessing that is happening. So check out the best quotes to announce pregnancy and bring this news to daddy, friends and family!

Quotes to announce pregnancy with creativity and much love

Another player is coming to add to our life game. We will be dads!

We already played this phase of life easily, we needed a challenge to make the game more interesting. Let’s be dads and live the happiest level of our game.

You always wanted to be uncles, now we are realizing this dream. Friends, let’s be parents and count on you for our Days Off!

Everything we know is about to change, including my body that is now home. Let’s be dads, family!

My love, I discovered something new about me today. I found that I am a home for the fruit of our love. You will be daddy!

We are about to know a more beautiful love that exists because it is the sum of what we already felt for each other. Let’s be parents, honey!

It is possible 1+1 to be 3 when love bears fruit. Let’s be dads and we are already looking forward to this moment.

Never a little stick with the scratches made me as happy as today. I will be a mother and I can’t take it with happiness!

I just want to scream to everyone and spread this news as soon as possible. With joy, announce that we will be parents!

There is a heart beating at the same pace as mine, but it is still so small that you can’t feel by the hand. My love, you will be daddy.

Nothing can take the happiness of the couple who discovered that their love has fruitful. Family, we will be dads. Prepare for a lot of emotion.

The newest pregnant woman of the piece has come to say that you were promoted to the position of uncles.

Remember when we dreamed of our family? Remember it seemed like a distant plan? He is closer than you think, my love. Our baby is growing inside me.

The best piece of me will finally have a little face, two feet and a heart. I’m going to be a mom and I already dream of my baby every day.

holds the oven because now there is a baby inside it. Friends, I’ll be a mother and I’m super happy to share this news.

Love, I bet I never gave you a gift as special as this one. I still can’t pack it, because 9 months left to hold it. You will be daddy!

It’s really cool to think that a lot of things can be home, including my belly that now houses a baby. Family, you were promoted to grandparents and titles.

Love when it is true multiplies. My love, now we are 3. Congratulations, new dad!

Family, you are all gaining a new position, we are also being promoted. Let’s be dads and you will be grandparents and titles.

Now, our love story begins a new phase and even the writer yet knows what it will be. We will be dads!

Of all the news of life, this is the one that came at the best time. Let’s be dads and we are crazy for everyone to know.

I already called my furnace mode and now I’m baking a little baby. I’m going to be a mommy, family.

What was missing in our family, no more. Now we have a baby growing in the belly and love in our hearts. Family and friends, we will be dads!

a mini-new ones exists and is inside my belly. I hope he pulls the best of us. We are pregnant!

daddy, I’m coming in my time, but when you arrive, you will realize that I was all you wanted.

We are pregnant and even mathematics explains how love can make 1+1 turn 3.

It was suddenly, but it was as we always dreamed. Let’s be parents and you will have a baby to love and die of cuteness.

In the next 9 months, I do not respond for my desires and my mood changes. It’s all the baby’s fault that is in my belly. I’ll be a mother!

The love we knew was nothing compared to what we are living now. Let’s be dads!

Keep Calm and has a baby on the way!

They feel that I have news to tell. In 9 months, a bomb will explode and turn into my baby. I’ll be a mommy.

Family, we are about to experience the joy of being Mom and Dad! We’re going to have a baby! It’s a blessing in our life!

Inside me, no longer besides a heart. All love multiplies. I’ll be a mom!

I was never so happy to see two scratches in a bat. Let’s be dads, family.

My love for you is unquestionable, incredible, uncontrolled and immeasurable. Now we both have become three. And forever, we will be a family.

And everything we dream of realized, in my womb, we have proof of our love. We will be dads!

Love, we are embarking on a trip that has no date to end. Let’s be dads!

In a few months, a new life will be here, illuminating our days. I don’t know you yet, but you’re already the thing I love most in the whole universe!

Family, get ready! Soon, a little angel will come to the world to radiate our lives. We are pregnant!

You have always encouraged our dreams and are about to live the greatest of them to come true. Family, let’s be dads!

of all positive things in my life, the one I liked the most was this: the pregnancy test! Best of all was to see him positive and be able to say that I will be a mother.

Love, our house is so lifeless, don’t you think? I decided to change our decoration. Will the baby who lives in my belly now like the place we live? We will be dads, my love!

I still don’t know the name or the face of happiness, but I know it grows inside me. I’ll be a mom!

Attention: I announce that I will get several pounds, that I will eat several times a day, that I will have moments of mood change and that I will become even harder … But it is all for a good reason: I will be mother!

The butterflies in my stomach turned two feet.

Everything is different, even if no one still notices. The truth is that I already feel life changing within me. I’ll be a mother and I’m looking forward to this moment.

Dear, the fruit of our love is growing in my womb. A new story will be written in our life! Congratulations, daddy!

In nine months, I will have life, the house and the fullest heart, I will be Mom!

Being pregnant is the same as making bread, both need time, care and a pay. My love, we are making the most beautiful “roll” of our life.

It is prepared to live something totally new, full of uncertainties, fears, but a lot of love and achievements. I’m pregnant!

Dear friends and family, I announce with great happiness that soon everyone will have new cheeks to fill with kisses and tights. I’m pregnant!

9 months from now, our lives will be completely different. We will have more worries and much more love. Let’s be dads!

Now two hearts hit me.

This love story will now be to three voices. It will be the most beautiful lullaby of our lives. Let’s be dads.

It’s too early to say what it is, but I know it has changed everything here. Friends and family, we are expecting a baby and, when we find out if you are a boy or girl, you will be the first to know.

I’m so nervous that I can hardly find words to tell or to describe how I feel. So I will be brief: I’m pregnant!

Congratulations, you have just been promoted to grandparents and Titios!

My love, inside me, they beat two hearts and the two love you so much that it’s hard to say how much. Let’s be dads!

Ultrasound reveals the most unconditional love. Our little baby is growing in my womb! We will be dads!

Our love wrote a beautiful story in 4 hands, but now we will have two more to help us. Let’s be dads!

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