60 messages and quotes of second pregnancy to announce the arrival of the new baby

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A child is always a blessing, but two children is bent blessing. Therefore, when we find that we are waiting for the second, our hearts and invades a new joy. To announce this happiness to dear people, we have selected the best quotations of second pregnancy. Check it out and share the emotions of this hot wait!

Second pregnancy quotes that show their joy with this moment

My oven is making another child. We are pregnant again!

Family, another child is coming to bring us joy. We are pregnant for the second time!

I’m in a joy that no longer fits me, but who was happier with the news was my son who was now promoted to older brother.

telling the days to have two children on my lap, one larger and another smaller.

We will be 4 because our love has grown and our family is reflecting this growth!

My body keeps the memory of the first pregnancy and will help me to face the second more lightly.

Our house was already full of love, but a new package is coming. Come healthy, my second baby!

I can’t wait to see our complete family. From 3, we will be 4 in 9 months! Joys that multiply with each child.

We are experiencing high expectations because we are waiting for our second child!

Happiness will be doubled because we will now be parents of two. May the second pregnancy be very blessed!

May the joy I am feeling now continue by my side when I have two young children to take care of. We are pregnant again!

Once again, God has chosen us to receive one of his angels. We will be parents again!

Our family is growing along with my belly. We are pregnant again!

friends, we are living a new phase looks like a replay of the previous one, the same enlarged happiness: we will have a different baby when it is over.

From now on, our journey will be doubled because we will have two babies by our side. We are pregnant again!

Another baby is coming to brighten our family and make us even happier. Come healthy, my son!

Being a mother for the second time will not be easy, but I’m ready for this challenge because that’s all I always dreamed!

I understood that I can always love more when I felt my second child stirring my belly.

We always wanted a big family and we are taking the second step for that. We are pregnant again!

Emotions are different from the first pregnancy, but they are as intense and true as they were once.

I’m thrilled to live this moment again. We are very happy to be parents again.

Our baby has always asked for a brother and now his dream will come true. We are pregnant again!

Hand in hand, we will overcome any challenge when our second child is born. Come healthy, my baby!

Today, we started counting down to have our second baby in our arms. We are dying of anxiety.

My womb is growing again and the heart will be bigger to love my second baby!

Today, I come to give the best news of recent times: we will be parents once again!

Friends, it’s time to announce to you that you will be titles again. We are waiting for another baby!

The magic of the second pregnancy is different because no child is equal to the other. I’m thrilled to be a mother again!

Our son has always asked a brother and has time to fulfill his request. We will be dads again!

A wait that involves love and a lot of joy. The second big one expects my life!

Happiness has fell again on my home and we are waiting for our second child!

Stork is passing by once again and we are very happy with this news!

We always dream of having 1, 2, many children and our dream is coming true. We look forward to your arrival!

What a joy to be able to wait another baby to arrive. Thank you, my God, for blessing us with another child!

Family, we decided it was time to bring a brother to our son and God blessed us in the first attempt.

I asked God to do the best for our family and He blessed us with a second pregnancy!

has a new brightness of hope coming up in our family because we are waiting for our second baby!

We are grateful to God for the arrival of our second child. He knows how to make us happy and got it right again.

Our son has won a promotion and now it will be the eldest son. We are pregnant again!

I’m preparing for the challenges of being the mother of two while my belly serves as a little house for my second child.

We are very happy with the second pregnancy, but nothing compares to our son who is anxious to have a brother.

Love, now you will be the father of two and more than ever, we will need to be partners and united in everything.

God presented us with another baby and we are thrilled to become parents of 2.

My love, you have gained a new position: will be the father of two and our son will be older brother. We are pregnant again!

To be a second trip mom is to be a woman who received two great gifts from God!

We think we will explode with love, but God always shows us that you can love more and give us one more child. Thank you, Lord!

You are a beautiful and radiant second trip! His first trip taught him numerous essential learnings about life and love. Your second trip will give you very important lessons as well.

My love, it will start all over again! We will be parents again.

Let’s shine one more time and give a beautiful gift to our son, a little brother!

Another pregnancy, another story. Are different fears, an anxiety in another tone.

God planted a second seed inside me, which will flourish and fill my days with color and love.

Another seed of love is growing inside me. I’ll be a mother again!

Being a mother is a joy! And being a mother of a second trip is an even greater joy! Congratulations!

Family, we are so excited that we cannot wait for another minute to tell the news: we will be dads! We are pregnant again!

Our love has multiplied and now we will be 4. Come health our second baby!

Family, let’s start the countdown to the arrival of our second baby! Yes, we are pregnant! Happiness is little!

Living my second candy intensely waits.

motherhood is a divine blessing and I liked it so much that I am boarding this one more time.

Being a mother of two is not easy, but it must be remembered that it is also folded love, it is multiplied happiness, it is to have the heart full and overflowing with love!

Once again, I will be shelter of one of my great loves. My second baby is on the way.

In addition to enjoying this phase a lot, register every moment. Share the photos with our pregnant photo subtitles that describe your joy at this stage!