60 messages and quotes of restart to inspire you to make changes in your life

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There are times when we realize that some things in our lives no longer please us, whether at work, love or any other area. But we don’t have to insist on something that is not doing well, we can change the way we were following and start over for another to feel satisfied again.

Recognizing that this is not a simple attitude, we select the best fresh messages and quotes to inspire you to make changes in your life, remembering that this act can give you even more joy. After checking them, share with the people who are also going through this moment!


It’s time to start over!

The best way to be happy is to know that change means beginning.

Maybe it’s time to start over, to open new smiles for new people!

The ability to start over everything, how many times are necessary, makes the weak, strong.

Make a mistake, overcome, learn and start over. This is how we should live life!

I left everything behind. To start over we have to take some commas from the text.

If you cultivate good feelings in your heart, it will always be possible to start over with a good deal of dignity.

starting over is harder than starting, as it requires the courage of the beginning and the overcoming of failure!

Until I get the right shortcut, my name is starting out!

Allow yourself to start again.

To start over, it is necessary to evolve. It takes self-knowledge and self-love. This all I already have, so that the start is given!

Let your hearts want to start over. And that there is not only will, but also courage.

With each dawn you have a new chance to make it worth it. If today it was not possible, it resumes tomorrow.

New leaves, new flowers, in the infinite blessing of the restart.

I learned from spring to let me cut and come back always.

Everything has a beginning and a half. The end only exists for those who do not notice the restart.

Life Resumption messages and quotes

Renewing is part of the process of living.

restart … know how to live, know to love, know how to make mistakes and fix it. Living is this, staying all the time balancing between choices and consequences.

In the wings of destination I will seek a new horizon to start my road.

allow you to start over. Just as the sun is reborn every day, even without died.

Never start a journey and use the same road that failed before.

Nothing ever continues, everything will start over!

to start over is to give yourself a new chance, it is to renew hopes in life and most importantly: believe in you again.

No matter where you stopped, when you have tired, what matters is that it is always possible and necessary to start over.

If the end of your story did not please you, do not hesitate to start over. The book is all yours, write it the way you find it best.

The start is that opportunity to be happy again.

A new beginning is always possible. You don’t need a date or scheduled time, just your own will.

recreate your life, always, always. Remove stones and rosemakes and make sweets. Start.

I even cry, meek of sadness. Then I get up and again again.

and starting over is painful. It is necessary to investigate new truths, adapt new values ​​and concepts. It is not possible to reconstruct the same life twice in one existence.

Everything is able to start over, even our life. Each day a new chance to start better than before.


I wish you have to love and, when you are well tired, there is still love to start over.

face finishes not as purposes, but as new beginnings.

If the person left, he doesn’t worry. It’s because there is someone else to arrive!

I will start over, I will try to live, I will try to get you out of my life. And not to cry, before leaving, I will try to smile on the farewell.

When we cry for love, it’s time to start over.

There is always a new love somewhere.

empty your heart. Stay ready for life, for a new love.

It’s too late to review what happened. But it’s never too late to dive into a new love.

disappointments, purposes, falls and matches do not only bring sadness, bring opportunities for beautiful restarts.

When it is love is worth restarting, no matter how many times are necessary.

Don’t be afraid to leave behind what doesn’t do you good. There is a fresh start waiting for you always.

The unforeseen event happens and someone finds you. And you find you again. Reinvents you. Reenchant you. You start you.

Just believe that love is eternal that it ends. Just believe that love has ended that it starts over.

Sorry so thirst, so much dissatisfaction. Tomorrow, tomorrow I start. I hope you, I like you, kiss you.

The restart transforms the bitter into sweet. Allow yourself to prove new flavors.


and when I think I won’t bear, my God gets up and makes me start over!

Renanses according to God’s will and the values ​​he wants for his life.

Do not look at your life with an attitude of defeat. Do not give up on your family, your gifts and abilities. In God, find strength to start over.

God always gives us a chance of fresh start, life change. And we sometimes waste opportunities.

and when you think it all is over, look to heaven and see that God is a beautiful start.

Even when everything seems to be lost, God has a fresh start.

There is always time to start over. God wants to rewrite your story!

God always gives us the opportunity to start over, just be willing to see the greatness of your horizons.

God always gives us a chance to start when our hearts houses faith.

With God it is always possible to start over!

Nothing comes back, but thank God something starts over.

give up never, because God has done the next day so you can try again.

to start over is not to look back, it is to deliver the key to your heart to God and move on.

When everything is over, remember that God can give you a new beginning.

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