60 messages and quotes of popular saying to be proud to be Brazilian

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If the voice of the people is the voice of God, that popular wisdom remains firm and strong! Popular sayings are teachings that go through many generations, perfect for any and all situation, no matter how unusual. Read now from the most classic to the funny and check it out if there is any wrong phrase in your vocabulary!

Famous Popular Dyades messages and quotes

Lie has short leg.

The voice of the people is the voice of God.

Not everything that shines is gold.

What has no medicine, remedied is.

Lightning does not fall twice in the same place.

Hope is the last one that dies.

Appearances deceive.

Justice delayed, but it does not fail.

There are evils that come for good.

God writes right on crooked lines.

Beauty does not put the table.

Each monkey on your branch.

haste is an enemy of perfection.

Tell me who you walk and I will tell you who you are.

grain in grain, the chicken fills the chat.

Who counts a tale, increases a point.

Do what I say, but don’t do what I do.

In the land of blind, who has an eye is king.

Who with iron hurts, with iron will be injured.

Soft water in hard stone, it hits so much until it pies.

Funny popular saying messages and quotes

All punishment for dumb is little.

What is bad to live, it’s good to tell

What does the ass have to do with the pants?

in Rio that has piranha, alligator nothing on his back.

For those drowning, alligator is trunk.

bird that eats stone, you know the ass you have.

If horseshoe brought luck, donkey did not pull wagon.

Given horse, you don’t look at your teeth.

The more it moves, the more it stinks.

Every day a sucker and a smart one comes out on the street. If they meet, business comes out.

When alms is too much, the saint suspects.

Pau that is born crooked, never straightens.

It is better to have peace than reason.

Send who can, obey who has judgment.

The face of one, the other’s muzzle.

When the water hits the ass, we learn to swim.

It was dating, lost the place.

Thief that steals thief, one hundred years of forgiveness.

Holy of the stick.

On the outside, beautiful guitar. Inside, bread bread.

Popular saying messages and quotes that we speak wrong

change cats for shoe (change hare for cat).

Who gave birth to Matthew, who Balance (who gave birth to the bad your balance).

Who has mouth, goes to Rome (who has mouth, Rome boo).

spit and sparkled (carrara sculpted).

These are bones of the crafts (they are oxes of the craft).

Who has no dog, hunting with cat (who has no dog, hunting like cat).

Donkey color when running away (I run from donkey when it runs away).

Potatoes When it is born, it spreads across the floor (spreads the branch on the floor).

pepper in the ass of others is refreshment (pepper in the eyes of others is refreshment).

It is no use crying for spilled milk (no use crying over spilled milk).

This boy does not for quiet, it seems to have a carpenter bug. (This boy does not for quiet, it seems that it has an animal in the whole body).

Today is Sunday, pipe foot (today is Sunday, asks for pipe).

If Muhammad doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Muhammad (if the mountain doesn’t go to Muhammad, Muhammad goes to the mountain).

Today I’m just the guava powder (today I’m just Rabiola’s powder).

Hunger is the best seasoning (hunger is the best cook).

Before only what is misleading (before only what badly accompanied).

Cat cast is afraid of cold water (scalded cat is afraid of cold water)

This is papaya with milk (this is papaya with sugar)

time roars (time urgent).

a nozzle pool (a beak pool).

And you, do you usually use plenty of messages and quotes of popular sayings in your daily life? Or did you have any phrase you know in another way?

At various times of daily life only a good knowledge coming from the people is able to describe it perfectly. Having the knowledge of these texts is also a way of keeping Brazilian culture alive.

Enjoy and also know the beautiful messages and quotes about culture and check out more about its importance in society!

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