60 messages and quotes of love for wife who are sentimental and special

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Marriage is a realization for many couples, but it is not easy to find someone who supports you and treat you with love daily. If you have already found your perfect pair, now it is important to maintain the relationship with all the affection your beloved deserves. For this, check out beautiful messages and quotes of love for wife who will make you even more in love with you!

Love messages and quotes For Perfect Wife

I love the most wonderful person in this world, and this love is reciprocal.

Have you is a dream come true, it is the Utopia that remained in my life, it is the reality that I thank every day. It is the force I wanted. It’s love I never loved. I love you!

I wake up every day feeling the luckiest men of having you illuminating my days. For loving me, taking care of me, supporting my dreams and making me much happier than I once imagined being.

She’s beautiful, she’s sweet, she’s fucking, she’s perfect. She is my wife!

I am lucky … I chose the best wife to share life with me and thank the heavens for having a woman like you by my side.

You are perfect for me. How could I live all this time without knowing you? Welcome in my life forever!

You are the perfect woman for me …

of so many I have already met, dated and stayed, you are that perfect woman that my heart expected all this time.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about all the choices I made in my life. For sure, you were the best and the most perfect of them.

Every detail your only makes you even more perfect and makes me love you more and more.

I say and repeat every day: you are the most amazing and most perfect woman who has ever entered my life!

Perfect even in the imperfections themselves. I love you, my love.

I will protect you and take care of you in a way as perfect as you.

love, passion, affection, friendship, complicity, affection, loyalty, faithfulness, respect… I found it all in one person, perfect for me: you!

Who said there is no perfect wife? I have a well here.

I always dreamed of the perfect wife, but you exceeded all my expectations. I love you, my love!

You are an example of a woman and an extraordinary wife. How lucky my divide the plans for the future with you!

I am very grateful to God for putting you in my life. Eternity is still little for everything I want to share with you, my dear wife.

Life by your side is more beautiful, light and colorful. Thanks for being this perfect and wonderful wife!

You are the perfect wife: besides the love of my life, you are also my best friend and partner of all hours. I love you forever!

Love messages and quotes for Wife and Mother

You are the best wife and mother of the world!

the one that was tailored to me. My soul mate, my partner, companion for life, an ideal mother for my children.

You are the best companion I could want. Partner, affectionate and a perfect mother for our little ones. I love you so much!

I can’t imagine a world where you are not the mother of my children.

Living by your side fills me with pride, my love! Thank you for building with me this beautiful family and take care of us so well.

With you, I did everything I dreamed: Living next to a wonderful woman and having a child to call ours!

Since I met you, I always knew you wanted you as the mother of my children.

could list all their qualities, but they are so many that I will summarize them in two: the best wife and mother of my children I could have chosen.

Every day with you, seeing you taking care of me and our little one, I’m just more sure that you are the woman of my life.

Dear wife, thanks for sharing your life with me and having generated the fruit of our love. I love you!

Thanks for doing everything you do for our house, for me, for our children, and for being this amazing woman I love so much.

Each time I look at you, my heart is filled with joy for realizing all my dreams. Thanks for our beautiful family and for being this wonderful wife and mother.

The wife and mother you are kill me with pride every day. I love you!

Love You have been the easiest mission of my life. And I feel a huge pride to be by your side and see our children grow up with a mother like you!

Each day by your side is a beautiful adventure and great learning. Thank you for being the best wife and congratulations for being this perfect mother!

I love every second with you. How I wish I had known you earlier and I could have had our family well before!

dear wife, I love you so much. It’s beautiful to see you growing and becoming a more wonderful woman every day, besides the best mother our baby could have.

I am so proud of you, my love … God was very generous with me by putting in my way to the best wife, who is now also the best mother in the world.

My love, you are an example to me. Our family fills me with pride and I love being the father of your children.

Not even in my best dreams I imagined I would marry such a wonderful woman. I love you and I’m loving raising a child by your side!

Love messages and quotes for Music Wife

So great love has to be lived all the time.

You are like this, a dream for me. And when I don’t see you, I think of you from dawn until I lie down.

Today no one will spoil my day, I will only spend energy to kiss your mouth.

For our love, there is no where.

Nothing will make me give up on love. Nothing will make me give up coming back to your heat every day. Nothing will take me from love.

Besides good, love is more.

For us, all the love of the world.

I’m without you I’m just unloving. A boat without sea, a field without flower. Sadness that goes, sadness that comes. Without you, my love, I am nobody.

And every verse will be to tell you that I will always love you, for all my life.

The universe conspires in our favor and the consequence of fate is love. Forever I will love you.

plane without wing, bored bonfire, it’s me like this without you. Football without ball, piu-piu without frajola, it’s me like this without you.

Strange it would be if I didn’t fall in love with you.

Today, I need you, with any humor, with any smile … Today, only your presence will make me happy.

To see you smile, I can color the sky of another color. I just want to love you and when dawn, I want to wake up by your side.

For you, I would dance tango on the ceiling, I would clean the subway tracks, I would walk from Rio to Salvador.

Only love teaches me where I will go. Wherever I go, I want to be your pair.

I don’t love you like yesterday, I love a thousand times more.

With you, I make plans and I’m not afraid to regret it.

We are so much that the rest is so little.

My love will not be a fleeting. I will love you from January to January, until the world is over.

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