60 messages and quotes of envy to send message to the envious

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Envy is a very strong feeling that can disturb us in many situations, either when we nourish this feeling for someone or when the opposite happens. With it, we have falsehood and repression, and we need to always be alert not to let it affect us.

If you are the type of person who is not without a message, you will love our selection of envy messages and quotes. Show people that what comes from below does not reach you and that you keep living full and happy.

envy of me because there are people who would like to be me

In this category, you will check out messages and quotes from why people are jealous of you, which is usually linked to your happiness and the light you radiate.

The light that guides me is much stronger than the eyes around me.

Remedy for envy: Take beer instead of taking over the life of others.

God, move away from me all envy, all fear and discouragement. Deliver me from those who only diminish and nothing adds to me.

Take care, your happiness will offend many people!

Your envy hits my dove and spins.

The weapons of the false people are: falsehood and injustice. My weapons are: love, friendship, justice, wisdom and hope!

and time is envy of me, watching me wanting to learn how I die of love to try to relive.

Your envy feeds my thirst for conquest.

I hope that the day I understand because they feel so jealous of me, they understand why I’m so happy!

I don’t care what people say about me, probably the one who is jealous and doesn’t have the same values ​​as me.

That all envy that hangs about me becomes money, amen!

I see no need to feel hatred or envy by those inferior to me. Everything I feel for them is pity.

I am very important to my envious, because without me, they would not have envied.

Envious: The good of others is your disgust. I wanted a sumptuous palace, but it ended in that well.

You can talk about me because with each passing day I strengthen myself even more with your envy.

envy messages and quotes for status to send a message to the envious

Sometimes, we need to express what we are feeling and share on social networks to see if all this evil of envy disappears. Check out some envy messages and quotes options for status:

envy is a disease. And I wish you improvement!

Where there are two happy people, there is always a third of envy.

Envious people will shout their faults into the world and silently appreciate their qualities.

Don’t be jealous, have willpower to follow your goals.

No one envies the bad, nobody hates the weak.

Envy is a declaration of inferiority.

To admire someone, you have to be very well resolved, otherwise it becomes jealous.

envy is insatiable. The more you give, the more it will require.

fullness is to observe the happiness of others and rejoice without envy.

Your bright light will bother a lot of people who are in the dark. Do not go out to silence the envious.

Don’t fight, don’t argue, you bring people envious with a smile.

Envy is the weapon of the incapable.

and she has no idea of ​​the envy she does. She is so she and the others are all the same.

Beware of envy, it still kills you.

Exposed happiness is showcase for envy.

envy and falsehood messages and quotes for false people

Falsehood and envy go together, check out, in this category, messages and quotes on both and always be aware of those who look too good with you.

To add, it’s rare. To sink you, there is even a line.

Envy is something that cannot exist in a friendship. If there is a drop for me, it is not friendship.

They say people envy what is good, thank God I’m bad.

For me, the poorest people in the world are the faraway and the most unhappy are the envious.

The worst ambition of the human being is to want to reap the fruits of what never planted.

A fake friend is an adopted enemy, he may be dressed like an angel, but he will behave like a demon. It’s worse than a wild animal, because we know what to expect from the animal, what gives us a chance of defense.

Bad to be too humble is that you are always surrounded by envious people trying to pull your rug.

Don’t worry about those who talk bad about you. The jewelry will always be jealous of the diamond.

From time to time, we need to shake the tree from friendships to fall the rotten.

Envious people criticize and idolize what they want to be, and gradually destroy what they are.

Envy is one of the sources of the prosperity of many people.

Beware of certain friendships, the snake kills hugging.

God protect me from your envy, God defends me from your macuma, God save me from your plague, God help me from your anger, God immunizes me from your poison.

Nothing more enjoyable than ignoring futile and envy people. It’s like they say: if they talk bad about me behind my back, it’s a sign that I’m ahead.

The repressed pyre, Falsiane conspires. To wake up the envy of others I have gift.

envy and repression messages and quotes because what comes from below does not hit me

The repression may even hit, but it won’t hit you. See envy and repression messages and quotes and don’t let any of this come to you.

People are jealous of the talents they do not have.

Envy really kills… Mata de Hate those who do everything to reach me and never get it.

Always have that friend who copies everything, or rather, she doesn’t want to be your friend, she wants to be you.

Deep down, we just need two things: eating and being away from people who delay our growth.

The happiness of some will always hurt in others.

Let them speak ill of you, people often criticize who they want to be.

Your envy makes my fame.

message to those who live talking about me: love me less, please.

There are people who have this gift. Not to be happy and want to rust the smile of others.

The Thermometer of Success is just the envy of the disgruntled.

Ahead, when the plans work, many will say that it was luck.

people hate what they wanted, but they can’t be.

I don’t feel as well as I wish. But also, I don’t feel as bad as many wanted.

Kiss on the shoulder to repression pass far, kiss on the shoulder just for envious on duty.

Those who do not have the ability to do better always try to knock you down.

and to continue seeking this life of fullness and not let anything reach you, check out our selection of learning messages and quotes and improve more every day.

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