60 messages and quotes from daughter to mother who extol the woman from her life

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Everyone talks about the happiness of mothers when they have a girl, but it is important to remember the joy of daughters because they are born with an accomplice and friend! Since birth, we are gifted to the woman of our lives, who will be forever by our side and deserve to be constantly honored. So, to exalt your favorite, check out quotes from daughter to mother!

Daughter quotes for mother who honor the best of accomplices

from you, I got the best of me. I love you, mom!

It sounds like an angel, but it’s just my mother.

My mother, for me, is art!

How lucky my who, before knowing, was already lucky for being his daughter.

my mother, my life, my best friend.

Mother, my love, my queen, my life, my everything!

From all women in the world, I would still ask God to make this my mother.

Mother, I may not show it right, but know that I love you more than my own life.

mothers are the only ones who will love us above any and all errors.

she who taught me how to talk, walk and love.

My accomplice since my first work of art.

If I am proud of something in my life is to have a mother like you.

What a joy to mine growing under your gaze.

Mother is poetry, shades, pauses, letters … Owner of a love that recycles and is never wasted.

she knows me like the palm of her hand, I love her with the love of the whole world.

It’s affection and affection, it’s hug and kiss, it’s daughter to mother.

I was created by a warrior. I learned not to suffer for love, I learned to deal with illusion and also to deal with pain.

Mother, because not all heroines wear covers, not every queen has crown and not all angels have wings.

daughter’s love is also indescribable and unconditional.

My mother is for me the most beautiful day -after day.

I can try to do everything to repay what you did for me, but I know I will never be able to get close.

I see in my mother everything I once want to find in me.

I believe in love at first sight. I love my mother since I opened my eyes!

Whenever you perceive a trace of you in me, I fill myself with joy.

You are the best mother version this world has ever seen.

Mother is one, but mine is worth a thousand!

God chose the best person in the world to be my mother!

Daughter love surpasses any other.

All pride that says you feel for me, for you I feel much more.

Sometimes no words come to express. Mother, for you, I combine the verb to love.

How beautiful this destiny that made me your daughter.

Mother: My Eternal Love.

It’s unconditional love, it’s from maternal, it’s from daughter to mother.

every corner of the world is the best if I am with my mother.

I’m part of your life, and you are my whole story.

Mother, the one who is always on duty for us.

she who is the mother, but sometimes I love it as if I were.

My little heart has learned to feel loving you.

Mother, there are three letters only, those of this blessed name: three letters, nothing moreā€¦ and in them it is the infinity.

My heart has to be higher than the average to fit all the love I feel for my mother.

Mother: One word, three letters and an eternal feeling.

May I one day be a third of the woman my mother is.

Even on the other side of the world, I would still love my mother more than anything!

No language can express the strength and beauty and strength of a mother. The one of mine then … Not even talking.

my treasure, my best friend, my mother.

In this relationship of love and complicity has love to give and sell.

Mother, we will be you and me forever, I promise you.

I learned that they have not invented anything better than mother’s lap since the world is world.

All the flowers in the world would not do you jus, mother!

Is there anything tastier than smelling of mother?

I’m a bird that refuses to leave under my mother’s wing!

The feeling of being your daughter is the best in the world, mother!

Mother, thank you for every second of your life you dedicated to me, every night’s sleep, every school presentation, every smile, every detail, everything.

Mother, life presents us with wonderful people like you, who teach for knowledge, example and unconditional love.

I will only be your little princess if you are my queen forever!

mamis, I speak with all my heart, you are the woman of my life!

It doesn’t give me everything I want, but it gives me everything I need, even if it means if you deprive something to you, to give up everything. I love you, best mother in the world.

Where you are there is my home, mom!

Dying happens with what is brief and passes without a trace. Mother, in her grace, is eternity.

Eternal complicity, me and Mom, Mom and I.

mother’s love is huge, but the daughter’s is a match! If you’ve been lucky enough to feel both feelings, check out quotes for a little daughter and declare yourself to yours!