60 messages and quotes for those who do not value you who show what they are losing

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It is very bad to be with someone who does not understand who we are. This can happen in friendships, love and even family. Unfortunately, not everyone will recognize our value, our qualities and abilities. For these people, there is only one way: tell them that you don’t want them around. Therefore, we have selected the best messages and quotes for those who do not value you. Check it out!

messages and quotes for those who do not value you, but should

We do not deserve to be with those who do not understand the value we have. We deserve someone who enjoy who we are.

People lose the best companies because they are focused on their lives and do not value their partnerships.

Do not decrease to please someone who does not understand the size of their value.

You are so big. Why are you begging affection for those who don’t see this?

After I decided that your opinion didn’t matter, I found countless people who value me for what I am.

The more we grow, the more you understand that it is not worth being with those who do not value us.

People have the terrible mania of only value when it’s late and have already hurt the other too much.

You managed to lose me for not giving me value. Now, I don’t want to know who doesn’t find me amazing!

I know my value and I know you could never understand it! If you tell me that I will never find someone like you, I say: Good!

You have never been able to understand how amazing I am and I don’t want to be with those who don’t understand me anymore.

value is the least we can do with those who do a lot for us.

I no longer have health to give me all the way and be with those who just want to be in half.

Not valuing it is not just compliments, but proving that you like the person with actions and want to be with them.

You had every chance to prove that you wanted to be by my side, but in all of them you chose not to value me.

There is nothing worse than valuing those who do not give you value and still hope it can change.

You do not value my opinions, what I do, so you do not value who I am.

It’s horrible to be discredited and be doubtful, recognizing people can’t see the size of our value.

When people do not value you, they do not last in our lives. Either go because they want, or we send them away.

I don’t need your approval because I know I have value.

You underestimate me because you can’t see that there is value in me and everything I do.

When people really love you, you don’t have to charge them to value you.

You were not abandoned, you only got rid of those who did not give you due value.

For people to value us, we need to know the size of our value.

Some people prefer to value things than people who care about them. Unfortunately, life is like this!

You can’t make everyone value us, but we can choose to be with those who recognize our value.

You couldn’t value me because you were superior, but in fact it is only someone with the inflated ego who cannot look to the side.

The biggest problem of people is to think that they do not need others, so they do not value companies they have.

You must find yourself very special, but know that until you value who is by your side, you will be alone!

The fate of those who do not recognize the value of the other is loneliness.

To value the people who care about you is to show that there is a heart beating inside.

Value has to be reciprocal. When it is not, know that it is your time to leave.

I just would like you to really see me, but you are not able to value something beyond yourself.

People want to be valued because they want to be loved. When you do not value, you are unable to love.

We are too big to be next to those who cannot see our value.

My value is high and only be by my side if you can see it.

I don’t accept more people who criticize me, they don’t value me and just hurt me.

When we sent someone who did not value us, we open a huge space for happiness.

I know my value is invaluable. Who didn’t know that was you. So stay with my goodbye!

I learned that valuing myself is also to be with people who value me, which is not your case.

I will still find someone who can see my qualities and like me as I am.

I don’t need you to tell me who I am from your perspective that doesn’t see my value. I can find it alone!

passed the time I would allow people not to value me. This will never happen again!

For all who did not value me: I will win in life and rub my victory in your face.

I know I am capable and I have endless qualities and perhaps you are the ones who need glasses to see them.

Never can anyone hurt me again because I won’t let me tell me that I am less than I really am.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

While the well does not dry, we do not know how to value water.

Everything you have and does not value, life takes away.

Over time you learn to value those who seek you, who is present.

A man who dares wasted an hour of his time did not discover the value of life.

It is usually the loss that teaches us the value of things.

will give value too late. Lost, now I’m more me. I don’t want you anymore.

You who did not value. Get out of my life that I don’t want to see you anymore.

Everything I did, I wanted you, I took it seriously. I surrendered I did everything for this love. But you could not value.

True intelligence consists in giving value to others.

You don’t know how to value. Now you have lost my love.

It had me, but could not value. Today I want someone else who loves me too.

If you want me you have to value me. If you love me as you say, please change.

will feel the pain of indifference to this someone who only deceives you. Will learn to live and value the love of those who love you.

If you don’t value, you will surely lose me.

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