60 messages and quotes for powerful and inspiring women

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Unfortunately, society still represses women and all the potential they have. Although the world has improved over the years, there is still a lot of machismo, violence and prejudice to fight. To inspire another woman’s day, see the best messages and quotes for powerful women who recognize their strength and resilience!

messages and quotes for powerful women just like you

Never underestimate how powerful a woman can be, because she can surprise you!

The best person to talk about you is yourself. Know yourself! Know your strength and potential.

A powerful woman is one who in the face of any situation, is always ready for everything, taking into account all the possibilities.

To be a powerful woman you don’t have to have a beautiful body or face. Just know about your own potential.

Every woman carries in her a unique ability to master the world.

Know your value and feel inside that it is enough.

A powerful woman doesn’t always know what she wants, but when she discovers, she moves heavens and land to have what she wants.

A powerful woman doesn’t hate anyone, but her presence irritates a lot of people. Discalinha Chakras!

The power of a woman is to follow her own intuition.

If you don’t believe yourself, then … Who’s going?

Decided woman is more than powerful. It’s just sovereign!

The essence of being a woman is in itself a powerful thing.

A powerful woman doesn’t have many plans, she simply writes the script of life to the pencil so she can correct.

I haven’t met a woman who wasn’t strong yet. I just believe they don’t exist.

My greatest pride is to look back and see that I was responsible for writing my own story.

Change your life today. Be sure to risk it in the future, act now, without delays.

Powerful woman is also the owner of her own destiny.

Every woman is powerful for being a woman. The important thing is to believe it is, to feel that it is, and especially, to show the world that it is.

Woman is not fragile sex. It’s the agile sex!

No woman must forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

Never underestimate the strength and wisdom of a safe woman.

A woman may fall, but when she gets up is to knock down everyone who once made her know the floor.

A safe woman of herself needs nothing but believing in her own convictions.

It’s never too late to feel wonderful, and you were born like this!

I just do, I complete myself, I’m happy the way I am.

Each day more capable of overcoming the obstacles that society imposes on me.

To be a powerful woman is to play her own game with her own rules.

To have the power is to have the ability to fight for itself.

A powerful woman doesn’t need to tell her what to do, she just knows.

woman, do not ask for permission to fly: the wings are yours and the sky is of anyone.

With each battle, also the satisfaction of overcoming my own limits.

Find out the power you have in you and use it to realize your dreams and goals. You can!

powerful women empowed others.

The true power of a woman lies in daily struggles.

A powerful woman can go wherever she wants.

Take the cover and store the shield, you are perfect in all your imperfections.

No one can prevent you from something if you know the power you have within yourself.

The beauty of a powerful woman is like the sunset: we can see thousands of times, but we will always be dazzled.

Every time a woman goes out to work, faces machismo and judgments anywhere, yet she takes care of her home and her life, she is being a powerful woman.

Talking about me is easy, I want to see the strength I have.

One cannot take the power of a woman, they are born with this quality rooted in their souls.

A powerful woman doesn’t have to do much, her presence already acts by herself.

Do everything a woman does in everyday life without wanting to give up and find out why they are powerful.

No society’s rule is enough to stop a woman’s power.

How much can power fit a woman?

Being aware of your own potential is enough to make a powerful woman.

While some accept orders from other people, a powerful woman follows her own rules.

Make your own destination, use the power that only one woman can have.

Society does not accept powerful women, use their power to change it.

courage! You carry the female strength and nothing can stop you.

The powerful woman does not need validations.

No matter the difficulty of a challenge: a woman is able to overcome it.

unshakable is the woman who knows her feelings and how to tame them.

Smile, inspire and don’t look back.

The powerful woman only comes to the bottom of the well to take impulse and reach where it really deserves it.

Nothing I went to dress now.

May my goal not be to please others, but like more and more of myself.

Surprised with my strength? I say, just: don’t underestimate me!

Does my intensity bother you? I was not made for shallow people, I really like to dive!

I didn’t come to the world for a walk, I came to leave my marks.

These messages and quotes for powerful women give up on their motivations! You are powerful and should use your strength to follow your dreams and transform the world.

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Realize that, the important thing is not to discourage the challenges! If the dreamed equality requires a permanent battle, so that it is until it is realized.

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