60 messages and quotes for beloved children who will show that they are their joy

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There is nothing purer, sincere and intense than the love of parents for children. It starts from the discovery of pregnancy and never ends. They will always do everything to protect, take care and brighten their gems. Check out messages and quotes for beloved children to tell you how important they are of your life and how you can count on your love forever!

messages and quotes for beloved children who will make them feel unique and special

My children are my world, my everything and for them I have a greater love than life!

The love I have for my children is the greatest and deepest of all. For them would give my life!

My children, my priority. You are my life, the air that I breathe, and the smile that infect my heart. I love you, children!

Love for children we do not divide, multiplies.

God gives us children to prove our ability to love the other, more than ourselves.

The only sincere, pure, true and that lasts for life is the love I feel for my children.

Son, you were the most beautiful story that God wrote in my life. I love you!

There are things that are inexplicable, and one of them is the love I feel for my children!

My beloved son, live with the certainty that I will always be by your side!

Children: Love without limit and for life.

My dear son, every day I thank God, because you were the best gift He gave me!

Then God made me a mother and that’s how I met the great love of my life! I love you, son.

Only you can give me the joy of living, son. I love you!

When I discovered your heart beating inside me, I reborn in every way. I love you like no one will ever love.

Maybe a life is only little for the guarded love I have to give you! I love you, son!

Words are unable to express every feeling I have for you. I love you so much!

Son, you are a gift in my life, my love is unconditional and eternal. No matter what happens, I will always be by your side!

More than a miracle, they are the reason for my happiness. I love my children!

The heart of a mother is always of her children. I love you!

I’ll do what I can to see you smile. Son, your smile is the biggest reason for mine!

Everything I do for you is heart and moved by the greatest of all loves, son!

I promise to take care of you forever, son. I love you infinity!

My children are my pride, the reason for my life and the great love that I carry in my heart!

My son is a valuable gift that God has given me and I will always protect him and love him with all my strength.

I discovered what true love is after my son was born!

Son, you are my passion, my life, my love. Without you, I would have no reason to live.

Son we carry in our womb for 9 months and in our hearts for the rest of our lives. I love you, son!

You are the treasure I sought to make sense of my life. I love you, my son!

The smile of a child is the fuel that supplies a mother’s heart. I love you, dear!

My beloved daughter, my heart hits you every day and every night. I love you!

You brought me a happiness I never thought to know. I love you, beautiful daughter!

My son is my motivation, my priority, my reason for living. I love you, son!

My dear son, I gave you life and in return you gave meaning to mine. I love you!

Son, I cannot promise you to be here until the rest of your life. But I promise to love you for the rest of mine.

Son, I live for you, because you are my life. I love you!

A love that begins in the belly can never be erased. I love you so much, my son!

Love is when you only find peace in your son’s hug. I love you, son!

I never imagined feeling a love as pure as I feel for my son. I love you, son!

Today I can say for sure that there is nothing greater, better and more true than a mother’s love for a child. I love you unconditionally!

My happiness is to see him grow healthy, happy and strong. I love you, my son!

How beautiful it is to be able to look in your eyes and call you mine. I never felt like a love as I have for my son!

Since you were born you warm my heart with your smile and my chest is proud of you. I love you, my dear son!

You are part of me, the greatest pride I have, the reason I am so happy. I love you, son!

Although you are no longer a child, my son, I will always give you everything you need with a true love of mother.

The world may be collapsing, but whenever I look at your face, my son, I know it was all worth it. I love you!

From all the wonders of the world, you are the most precious. I love you, daughter!

A love like ours has no measure or dimension, it exists and does not need an explanation. I love you, son!

Being a mother is a wonderful mission, with many challenges, but they make us grow a lot. I love you so much, my son!

my son, you are life in me, the love I chose to feel. I love you!

May God guide them and always protect them, my children! I love you with all my heart, with all my soul!

Son, everything I do for you I do for love and make me feel happy and fulfilled. I love you forever!

The love I feel for my children is incomparable, insurmountable and endless.

You are the most important part of me, my son! I do anything to secure your best smiles and to see you well with life.

You are a blessing, my dear son, and I only wish that it remains what it is today, all life. It is a pride and a privilege to have you as a child. I love you!

It is true that all loves are different, but none equals what I feel for you, daughter. It’s bigger than anything!

You won me at the first beating of your little heart, it was love to the first beat. I love you, son!

I love you, son, from long before you reach my arms, and so it will be to my last day of life!

There is no stronger, eternal and special bond than the one who exists between a mother and a child. I love you, my dear son!

Count on me for anything you need, my dear. And never forget that I will always be by your side. Today and always, unconditionally. I love you!

I will be by your side in every step of your walk, son, trying to be a great example for you to become a great man! I love you!

Seeing a smile on their children’s face fills their parents’ hearts with joy and makes them forget about any problem. Parents are the reference of how children should present themselves to the world and it is their affection that gives security so that they can face each stage of life without fear.

Therefore, every father must say how much his children love so that his love is always a shield against the evils and safe haven where they can do.

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