60 messages and quotes by Vinicius de Moraes to know more about the work of the poetinha

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Marcus Vinicius de Moraes, affectionately called Poetinha, was one of the most important Brazilian writers of all time. In addition to being a poet, he worked as a composer, playwright, journalist, diplomat and even as a singer. Vinicius was a man of intense feelings and this can be observed in all his works.

To celebrate the life and art of this amazing poet, we made a selection with the best messages and quotes of Vinicius de Moraes. Check it out and be enchanted with your verses!

Vinicius de Moraes’ messages and quotes about love

Several lovers of literature say that Vinicius de Moraes has reinvented love. No wonder there were many verses full of passion written by him. Check out the best below and send it to that special person of your life!

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the carnival.

To live a great love, I need it is a lot of concentration and a lot of wisdom, a lot of seriousness and little laugh – to live a great love.

To live a great perfect love, it is not enough to be just a good subject; You must also have a lot of chest – rower breast.

samba, engaging rhythm like our love.

Clean love of wrinkles at the forehead of women, eliminates their feet and adds beautiful dimples to the smile.

But you have to suffer, but you have to cry, but you have to want to love.

Kisses my tears of pain to the end, because I love you, besides love!

To live a great love is very, very important to live always together and until possible, one deceased – not to die of pain.

Because the pain of the love that ended, that was bad, I know yes, another love will erase.

I need to have many roses to receive great love when it is time to return.

This love that arose unsuspected and that within the drama was in peace.

It is so much my love, so much for you, that there is no greater pain than I lived. The pain of this separation, listening to the heart itself to beat every minute in vain of your absence.

Vinicius de Moraes’ messages and quotes about happiness

already said Vinicius: much better to be cheerful than being sad, isn’t it?! The search for happy days is also a goal of the greatest poets. So check out these beautiful messages and quotes from Vinicius de Moraes about happiness and get inspired.

Sadness has no end, happiness yes.

Happiness is like the dew drop in a flower petal, it shines quietly, after lightly oscillating and falls like a tear of love.

A corner and a guitar, this love, a song, to make happy to those who love.

The happiness of the poor looks like the great illusion of carnival.

And I was sad, unbelieving of this world, when I found you I knew what happiness is, my love.

After the war there will be fertility, there will be birth, there will be happiness.

I wanted to give you all my affection, I wanted to have happiness.

Remember that happy time. Ah, I miss you! Ipanema was just happiness, it was as if love gave in peace.

Happy the time it has passed. Time so full of memories. So many songs he left, bringing peace to so many hearts.

What a joy to live and see so much light, both blue!

It is better to be cheerful than being sad, joy is the best thing that exists.

Slave of joy and nowadays, my people, this is not normal.

Vinicius de Moraes’ messages and quotes about friendship

having a friend is like having a treasure, and many treasures that marked and enriched the life of Vinicius de Moraes. As a tribute to these friends, he wrote numerous verses that talk about friendship. Check out the best:

the poet smiles. I smile at life and beauty and friendship.

Everyone has his antipathy days of his friend, his fights, his caturrices.

Good morning, friend. May peace be with you.

Yeah, my friend, there is only one certainty: you need to end this sadness.

The friend: a being that life does not explain, who only goes to see another born.

My old friend, why did you leave? Since you left, Christmas is sad, sad and without dawn …

Who, among friends, so friend to be in the coffin with me?

Brush the teeth in the longing of the friend who has been lost.

that more needs a man but from a friend so he likes, a very dry friend, very simple, one who doesn’t even have to talk – just look – one of those who disregard a little of friendship, a friend to peace and to Fight, a friend from home and bar?

I’m alone, happy and alone, with my friends and my discreet bohemian.

Anyway, after so much past error, so many retaliation, so much danger, behold, the old friend, never lost, always reunited.

Who will sing friend songs on my funeral day?

Vinicius de Moraes’ messages and quotes about beauty

A true poet knows how to admire the beauty present even in the simplest things. Check out the best messages and quotes that Vinicius de Moraes wrote about beauty and find the beautiful in everything in your life.

A woman has to have anything beyond beauty.

He is the extreme world of beauty and all past and future ideas. It is the wisdom of all things in your essence of music and poetry.

The veil of the flutter clouds, which pass through the star to die, seem to tell us that there is no greater beauty than dawn.

But to make a samba with beauty, it takes a lot of sadness, otherwise, you don’t make a samba.

much larger than that of heaven, much larger than that of the sea, greater than all nature, is the beauty that the girlfriend woman has.

I believe that with the years I have learned to see the beauty of women better.

There are so many charms that, to compare them, not even the beauty that has the auroras of the sea.

I confess that her great and deep beauty not just enchanted my eyes-I moved my heart and kind of sad.

The beauty of women when it is so sublime, and if it is chased, it is to cut the chest of a man.

In front of me, in dark and silent cinema, I see the musical rhythmic images narrating the soft beauty of a drama of love.

and as the pages of the newspapers were dirtier with blood than those that wrap the weight of meat in the butchers, I decided to turn off and seek a little beauty in the world.

I will go out of myself in search of forgotten melodies in memory, in search of the moments of total abandonment and beauty, in search of miracles not yet happened …

Short messages and quotes of Vinicius de Moraes

Dear poet can touch our hearts even with the simplest words. Next you will find the best short messages and quotes of Vinicius de Moraes who are perfect to reflect and share on their social networks.

If it’s love, it’s good!

Here’s your evil: not to love.

I never saw a lot of money bring happiness to anyone.

It is impossible to be happy alone …

There is no love alone, it is together that he is good.

Love time is pain time.

From everything to my love I will be attentive.

Life is the art of meeting, although there is so much mismatch for life.

Who from within it does not leave, will die without loving anyone.

let it be infinite while it lasts.

Who is a good man, does not betray!

me without you, I’m just unloving.

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