60 messages and quotes about black consciousness that bring history and information

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On November 20th, Black Awareness Day is celebrated in Brazil. This date was chosen as a tribute for the death of the Palmares Zumbi, leader of the Quilombo dos Palmares group. To reflect on the suffering that this population faces to date due to racism, see impactful messages and quotes about black consciousness to understand the need for racial equality.

messages and quotes about Black Awareness to strengthen November 20th

Until the philosophy that maintains a higher and lower breed is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned, there will be war everywhere.

Do not shut up before society! That being a black woman is her essence and not her sentence. Your color is an honor!

Black conscience is an attitude of mind and a way of life, the most positive call to emanate from the black world for a long time.

You can’t speak of human conscience as long as black people do not have equal rights and are not even treated as human.

It is essential that the struggle of blacks throughout history is constantly remembered. The memory will feed our certainty that injustices cannot be repeated.

What makes us different from each other is not the color of our skin, but our way of thinking. Before God we are all brothers, before the law all are equal.

The breed really doesn’t exist for you because it was never a barrier, blacks don’t have this choice.

Our country will only be fair when white, black, indigenous and other ethnic groups live in conditions of equal social rights.

I have a dream that my four children one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Today is a day to reflect and recognize that fighting racism is a duty of all. Happy society is one where there is social justice, without racial prejudice.

We are the reason for the struggle of our ancestors. We dream of a world that does not judge us by color, but by the way we color.

Therefore, whites should realize that they are only human, not superior. The same is true of blacks. They should be led to realize that they are also human, not inferior.

That this day is not just another date, and that people not only celebrate the holiday. Our claim is from a non -racial society. It is not a matter of race; It is a matter of ideas.

Being Black is a gift. For history, what it is.

black or white, brown or red, the color does not count, the color does not sing. The color does not print the virtue of anyone!

Black is not descendant of slaves. It is a descendant of people who were enslaved. People as deserving of happiness and respect as you.

No one is born hating someone else for the color of their skin, their origin or their religion. In order to hate, people need to learn. And if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love.

Respect has no color, you are aware.

Simply to have barred equality between races should say that we are inaccurate more powerful than them.

For a reality where skin color and hair fiber do not define the potential of a human being.

Just by describing yourself as black, you started a path towards emancipation, you have pledged to fight all the forces seeking to use your blackness as a seal that marks you as a subservient being.

There is a history of the black people without Brazil, but there is no history of Brazil without the black people.

Racial prejudice is a disease that must be eliminated from society. Melanin does not influence character! We must be aware that all are equal, without distinction of race, color and religion.

Racial discrimination is such a naive attitude that the racist becomes a perfect idiot and does not realize.

Our colors are diverse, but our dreams are the same. Who can only see the color of the skin is because there are no eyes that see the soul.

We were born of the mixture, so why prejudice? “Who has prejudice does not see the beauty of black.”

Black Awareness Day is an important date to be proud of what we are, it is necessary to guarantee equality by a people who suffered a lot and deserves respect.

Racism is proof of how primitive we are. He is like a disease housed in the small mind of each one who practices him.

I’m black and I am proud of it! Racism is the product of intellectual mediocrity.

The difference between humans is not in skin color or ethnicity, but in their virtue. The skin color does not define the soul of a human being.

Undoubtedly, prejudice shows the character of the judge more than who is judged. Racial discrimination is the result of a limited company.

Stop trying to straighten my hair and start understanding the strength that comes from my roots! I make my black conscience a daily life of struggles and glory.

Black consciousness is, in essence, the understanding of the black man of the need to join his brother around the cause of his oppression.

Black consciousness should not be celebrated in a single day. It needs to be a habit, be part of the story we write.

No one is born racist, prejudice is taught.

Skin tone does not determine either beauty or ugliness, but it can unmask the prejudice of some who think they are superior.

condemning racism is not enough. We need, above all, to do our part to combat it every day.

Being black is not just about skin question … Being black is having courage, attitude! To be black is to fight to be the same in differences, believing that it is not inferior to anyone.

Antirralism needs to go beyond social networks. Attitudes and initiatives are needed to overcome discrimination, exclusion and violence.

It is necessary to understand that inequality in Brazil has color, name and history. This is not a problem of blacks in Brazil, but a problem that is black, white and more.

the system, oppression, prejudice, denial. By the color, the breed, blacks are threats. Bullet and black, a Platonic passion. I wish the stray bullet was a little more colorful.

In this black consciousness, do not allow you to point your finger calling you a victimist or to inferior to you. Show the strength of those who have resisted and resist to this day in collective memory!

There is more pressure for black people to stop talking about racism than for white people to stop being racist.

If you get neutral in situations of injustice, you chose the oppressor side.

From time to time, put yourself from the perspective of the other and carefully review your own opinion. November 20, Black Awareness Day!

Let us become aware of the importance of black strength in the formation of the society in which we live, and that this conscience encourages respect, empathy and equality.

Black lives matter!

Character is not interpreted with visual perception, this is the stupidity of racial discrimination!

Being free is not just getting rid of the currents that hold it, but living being able to respect and enhance the freedom of others.

Your prejudice is a reflection of your inability to realize that we are all the same.

In the country of inequality and racism, Black Awareness Month is another opportunity to study and strengthen the anti -racist struggle.

Freedom and Equality is to understand that black plurality fits everywhere!

If racism is something you are tired of hearing about it, imagine that exhaustive it should be to live every day.

Opinion I respect, but racism I fight! November 20, Black Awareness Day.

Blackbirth is a consequence, being black is consciousness.

The time has come to take our nation out of the dark injustice!

The real struggle against racism is doing justice! Out of respect, equality and representativeness in our society.

If what prevents me from moving on is racism, I will bring down with my black conscience!

For discussion to broaden it is essential to understand that we are in a different place of treatment. It is necessary to recognize racism.

We are all the same! Although some still strengthen (wrong) stereotypes of color, gender and race.

May the day of black consciousness be forever remembered as a symbol of strength and resistance of those who have already suffered so much from prejudice.

To continue celebrating, also check out these striking sentences by Martin Luther King who was an activist who fought racial inequality through nonviolence.

After all, you don’t have to be part of this community to combat racism, just need to be human and be aware of humanity.

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