60 heavy sung +18 to stir the will at the time H

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Nothing like those naughty sungs to conquer someone you want to have more intimacy! In addition to breaking the ice, it warms the relationship and prepares its romantic interest to live intense moments for two. After all, everything that is lived between four walls begins long before it arrived in bed! Leave your crazy pair of desire for you with that heavy sung +18!

Best Heavy Singing +18

have already said that your kiss is the best in the world. I just believe if you kiss my whole body.

I have an amazing plan that surrounds my bed and you … on top of me.

Your smile creeps every millimeter of my body, causes something I can’t explain, but I can show you.

Just looking at you, I already feel devoured in full. Imagine when I touch you!

a yes your glued to my body and I don’t need anything else to be happy.

I would like to use your thighs as ear protectors.

You make me lose all the words. I can only think: what a delight!

Can you tell me what time your legs open, please?

Your beautiful, intelligent and funny side I already know. I bet the “hot” can wake up.

When will you stop enjoying my story and inviting me to leave? In OFF, I show you a reaction that you will enjoy.

I can barely wait for us to stop being strange and I can call you mine and do whatever I want. Won’t regret it.

There will be the day that our only concern will be when we will be able to see each other again … No clothes to disturb.

I’m not a seer, but I can see my future on you. Your body is the paradise I want to visit.

You look so good with these clothes, I bet you would be even better without them.

It’s not just my astral that gets up when I talk to you. If you were an elevator, what a button would I have to press to make you down?

heavy sung +18 with double towards

There is no tastier flavor than this one I will leave in your mouth.

You are so beautiful that I wanted to see you from all the angles and positions to admire you better.

I want to admire you more closely, bring your face closer to mine that I show you the work of art you hide.

Do you go to the gym? I know a workout you are losing.

Do you support veganism? I have a perfect sausage for you to taste.

Come dinner at home that my breakfast is the hottest in the world.

I know a more delicious way for us to burn calories without leaving home.

I love your voice. I wanted to hear her better in the acoustics of my room.

The best love stories are those that are felt on the skin, not in ideas.

pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed.

has a dry in my throat that only your tongue can cure.

With you, I want to live a book romance. Kama Sutra is the name.

I learned a new massage, can I train with you? I shoot the tension of a muscle that I would be happy to see.

Are we going to study together? I love to know a new language.

Do you do magic? I bet you can make my horny disappear.

heavy sung +18 for crush

I thought the sunset was beautiful until you see you without clothes.

If I pay dinner, do you come from dessert?

If being sexy was a crime, I would make you pay every day trapped in my arms.

Where do I leave the resume to apply for the vacant space of your body?

wanted to wish you a good night, but I can only wish you …

I’m not Thor, but I want to prove you that I am worthy of carrying your hammer.

Do you know how to break a lock? Because my lock hole is open to you.

For me, poetry is my body mixed with yours. Come that I show you how the muse sings!

If you like my photos so far from afar, imagine when you see me closely? I show you something you will enjoy.

sorry, what is your name? I just wanted to confirm what I’m going to scream tonight.

It’s not my birthday, but tonight you will wish me congratulations, you will hit more than your palms …

has a beautiful smile, but it would be even better if it was everything you were using.

Want to see a magic trick? I can make fifteen centimeters disappear.

Your smile is as big and warm as I want to show you.

I would love to kiss those beautiful and delicious lips … those on your face are just the beginning.

heavy sung +18 funny

Are you lactose intolerant? Come at home that I make you taste a homemade milk.

Are you my new boss? Because you just gave me an increase.

Comes to dinner at my house. Clothes will not be necessary.

It’s so hot thinking of you that today my clothes were all day asking you to take.

Are you cowboy? Because I can see you riding me.

It’s not just money I’m hard.

Are you Jean Gray? Because you made a part of me move without even touching it.

Capitalism is a bankrupt institution, I think we should divide things more. How about socializing your butt with me?

Just says that there is no perfection who has never seen you naked!

I went to see the weather forecast and read that a climate will roll between us, with minimal clothes and maximum temperature.

Hey, do you want to make a 68? You fall on me and I owe you one.

I may not go to the story, but I will enter you.

Why pay for a bra when I would be happy to hold your breasts all day for free?

Is your name Dora? Because I will let you explore this stick.

The only reason I would expel from bed would be to fuck you on the floor.

At the time of conquest, anything goes! Therefore, the art of the word can be the perfect low blow to make your target fell and crazy for you. Make no effort to warm your relationship with that heavy singing sung that reveals what your intentions are.

The important thing is to know how to read the situation and understand the best time to conquer someone, to realize if the person is really in yours and how to spice up their moment for two. Destiny takes care of the rest and what a delight is to be with someone who makes your heart beat faster, stirs not only with emotions, but with your body!

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