60 harsh messages and quotes for status that will make you nostalgic

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longing is a damned feeling. It arrives without warning and when we see we are taken by nostalgia and memories of the past. Expressing these emotions can be harder than we think. And if you want to share this with your contacts, then check out these homesick messages and quotes for short status, but full of reflections.

Homesick messages and quotes for short status to express all this feeling

Want or not, miss you.

The worst longing is the one you feel, but you know you can’t go after it.

I miss until what I haven’t lived yet.

Half of me is longing and the other half too.

It hits such a great sadness when we realize that something that was routine, suddenly, I miss you.

Each longing has one why and one who.

If you miss something, then it means that the past was worth it.

I miss what we haven’t lived yet.

My longing has name, ID, address and mobile number.

Missing are memories seen by memory lenses.

longing. More than absence is the will of presence.

and what we have for today is longing.

I hope you miss me, as much as I miss yours.

If longing does not leave it is because love has decided to stay.

longing is a smell stuck to clothes like smoke.

It’s too hard to have to stay away from who you wanted to be close.

I miss you more than anything in this life.

If it rains, I miss the sun, if it is hot, I miss the rain.

You know something will be unforgettable when in the end you miss you.

small moments, huge longing.

There are days when the longing tightens in the chest and turns into too much bittersweet tears.

The distance that separates us is proportional to the longing I feel for you.

Today the longing knocked hard on my door and said it won’t leave.

Nostalgia is a very deep feeling that constantly reminds us of the good times that no longer come back.

longing is the constant presence of someone absent.

I miss the time, the old moments, the past years that went with the wind.

Saudade is what is not who was.

There is no way to miss what has never been yours.

longing is loneliness accompanied, when love has not left yet, but the beloved already.

longing is to feel that there is what no longer exists.

longing is the hell of those who lost, it is the pain of those who stayed behind.

You are my favorite longing.

If there is a good longing, you are mine.

and speaking of longing, where are you?

I’m alone and I dream longing.

When the longing is awesome, it does not fit the chest and run through the eyes.

and we remember. And it no longer hurts. But you miss you.

There are days missing drawers to save so much longing.

Above all, I miss my childhood when I was happy and didn’t know.

longing is when the soul begs to get back what it has already been.

Is it insomnia or longing?

You know something is worth it when, the moment you are living, you know that you will miss you.

Your longing gives cramps in my heart.

Ana likes to get the shells out of wounds and longing.

There is no more painful than those of things that have never been

You are the longing I like to have.

longing is what makes things stop in time.

Today I am the imperial longing of what already in the distance of me, I saw. I myself am what I lost.

longing eternalizes the presence of who is gone.

Give value now, because longing does not bring anyone back.

Minor moments can miss you.

There are people who have no idea what they do.

Everything is nostalgia when something was intense and valuable.

I miss you and what we didn’t even have.

Who lives in pride, misses you.

I missed. Without you, longing.

The best part of longing is the joy of reunion.

Why do I still miss being that I chose to leave?

longing is a pain that hurts both worlds.

Deep down the longing is good, because it is the memory of all good times.

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