60 grief messages and quotes that will help overcome this delicate moment

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Loss of a loved one is a very significant moment for those who experience this experience. Feelings emerge and comfort gestures are very important in this situation. To comfort a premature or unexpected match, see longing for mourning messages and quotes that warm the broken hearts.

Status mourning messages and quotes

Why are only the best leave? I will miss …

mourning … the longing will surely be eternal!

My condolences! May God enlighten and console the life of the family.

Just as I promised, I will fulfill: I will never forget!

Words cannot express any sadness right now. Mourning!

I will miss … Rest in peace with the Lord!

May God cherish your heart at this difficult time.

My heart, soul and body are mourning.

God knows what he does. Be at peace!

Know that my prayers are focused on the comfort of your heart.

Your departure showed me how life is passing. Rest in peace!

My condolences for the loss that today starts your heart.

Mourning messages and quotes by a friend

Today the sun did not shine, the birds did not sing, the laughter silenced and the tears rolled on my face. My heart suffers in silence for your departure, friend!

friend, if there is any comfort in the death of someone we love, it is to know that the person is going to a place where there is no sadness, evil and pain.

In my heart I will keep the good memories of what we live, my friend. Be at peace and rest!

Mourning for a friend! In the memory of those who love there is no place for oblivion, just for the longing of those who through their lives have brought us so much joy.

friend, unfortunately today I tell you goodbye. Forever I will be mourning in the back of my soul!

The joy you gave us while you were here will never let sadness take over our hearts! Be shine in the sky, friend.

Enjoy every moment, we never know if it’s the last time we see and feel someone we love. I fight for a friend!

My feelings for the departure of this friend! The pain of this loss is not eternal, clinging to it and comforts your heart.

Your departure made me cry, but our memories will make me smile forever! You were a special friend.

eternal misses of this being of light that is gone today! May the pain soften over the days, my friend.

mourning! It’s hard to believe that you left leaving our friendship behind. But I feel in my heart that we will be forever friends!

May your presence be eternalized in the friendship we build. I know that one day we meet, my friend!


My beloved grandmother, I wish if for a carelessness, God could bring you back, even if it was for a second …

You have been and always will be the best grandmother your grandchildren could meet! May the heavens receive you with open arms.

Living is always to tell others how important they are. Because one day they go and we get the clear impression that we don’t love enough. Eternal longing, grandmother!

dear grandmother, I wish your soul to be at rest and at peace in the most beautiful place in this world!

Every day, since you left this world, I look for your look at the shine of the stars, Grandma! Only I know how much I miss you.

Death, in fact, never takes everything of us. Here are the memories, the touch of hugs and shared love. Rest in peace, grandmother!

Today my soul is in black. My heart is flooded in tears and my eyes only want to find you, my grandmother. Go in peace!

Our loves can start from this land plane, but they will still continue here, close to our souls. Forever in my heart, Grandma!

mourning, grandmother! May God, in His infinite goodness, receive you with open arms. In the company of Him one day we will meet for eternity.

I will miss our moments at home, the stories that told about life and their walk. Be in peace, grandmother!

Grandma, saying goodbye was certainly the hardest time, but the best part was having met you. May the heavens receive you!

May our goodbye be just a “see you soon, because you certainly remain in my heart. Rest in peace, grandmother!

mourning messages and quotes for uncle

Your fight days ended, your days of glory arrived. Now, the blue sky is all yours, my beloved uncle!

Although you miss here, sadness cannot occupy the space of joy of memories. Rest in peace, uncle!

If life takes a loved one from this world, don’t worry. Seek comfort in the joyful memories! Forever in my heart, uncle.

Today is a sad day. The person I loved most set out on a long journey with their wings. Uncle, I hope you are at peace!

Uncle, you left and the longing broke into my chest. With me, I carry the beautiful memories of what we live.

Love is too strong to break any sadness for a special loss. One day we meet, uncle!

Feeling your loss is inevitable, but knowing that you are in a better place is what comforts me, uncle. Rest in peace!

You left without telling me a goodbye. I will miss you forever, uncle.

Your friendship and companionship will be with me forever. Thank you for being a wonderful uncle! May God receive you.

The next few days will be of longing, but our beautiful memories will support me! Be at peace, my dear uncle.

mourning! The loving smile of an uncle we never forget. Good rest!

uncle, as much as I try to accept, I can’t believe you gone. Today the pain of mourning erodes my heart!

Mourning messages and quotes for Dad

Those we love never die, just depart before us. Rest in peace, my dear father!

Whenever I cry, I know that our memories together will dry my tears. Father, I love you forever!

A person I loved has become a star and is now shining close to God. Good start, daddy!

Father, you left, but my love will always continue here, at a distance from heaven.

Your departure left an incurable wound in my heart. Only our unforgettable love will soften this pain, daddy.

My dear father, after you left, I no longer knew what someone is truly love.

I ask God to take this weight out of my heart at this difficult time. I fight for my father’s departure!

Father, the most painful farewell of my life was when I gave you bye for the last time. Rest in peace!

My beloved dad, I will be in mourning forever for your departure, nothing takes this pain from me!

The departure of someone we love is sad, but it is temporary. Memories are still here to comfort us. This is how I want to remember you, father!

longing is what is unfortunately cannot stay. Mourning, father!

Today anguish dwells my chest and what comforts me is knowing that the sky has gained the most beautiful star. Rest in peace, my father!

A loss is always difficult, but the sun always shines again with the certainty of reunion. That these grief messages and quotes give the support you need to move on.

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The secret is to understand divine wills and make the best of the departure of those who have already fulfilled their mission and the details of their passage.

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