60 funny birthday messages and quotes to celebrate with friends

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Birthday is a celebration that needs to be light and fun. After all, life is much more beautiful with good humor. May a new cycle start full of animation! For dear and intimate friends, how about sending a playful message? We have selected the best funny birthday messages and quotes that guarantee good laughs. Check it out, share and demonstrate your affection with style.

Funny birthday messages and quotes as fun as colorful confetti

Always a funny to scream: the birthday is yours, but the cake is ours! And I couldn’t let this day go unnoticed. Congratulations, friend, but we want the cake! Many happiness.

friend, in your cake there is no more room to put so many candles! Happy birthday. I want to celebrate by your side until you have white hair. May our friendship last a lot of time!

Happy Birthday! I wish you never have wrinkles, your hair takes a long time to whiten and time favors your beauty. Just kidding! You know I love you.

They say that within every person who ages, there is a young soul. What happened to yours? Congratulations, my old friend! A happy birthday full of fun.

In a while we will not leave to have beer but to buy medicines! So, let’s enjoy and celebrate your birthday with a lot of party. Congratulations! Happiness, money and youth.

Congratulations! Enjoy smiling while you have all your teeth in your mouth. Happy birthday! I want you to take a long time to get an old man. And when this happens, I will be by your side.

Don’t worry about getting older, for the secret of youth is always to lie to age. Congratulations to you, many years of life and a happy birthday!

Congratulations! Thank you for your life, as you are aging as a good wine that gets even better with each year of enjoyment. Happy birthday! Many parties, prosperity and fun!

Congratulations! The heart is quiet, because you are not aging, you are becoming a classic. It’s us on the tape, my brother. Happy birthday! Many years of life and much health to continue in the enjoyment.

I went to buy a gift for you and remembered that my friendship is your best gift. So this message is an infinite ticket you can always count on me. Happy Birthday!

Bipe, Bipe! It’s the Happy Birthday’s Calhambeque passing by to say that you drown, but don’t stop! Congratulations, my old friend. Lots of beer to fill your thread belly. We are together, companion!

Friend, you are so crazy you should have birthday several times in the year! Each day to celebrate the life of a personality. Congratulations to all the women who live in you. I love them all!

Do not waste a request. When you delete the candles, ask for money, as you don’t grow anymore with a miracle. Think of the positive side: no one can never lower you. Congratulations, my shorty! Happy Birthday.

Congratulations, my buddy! If it is true that life improves when we get older, then something extraordinary will happen to you. Keep calm: get old, but don’t be boring. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, dear friend! Don’t worry about age, as you are not aging, you are becoming vintage! Enter this fashion, dance, rebole, be joy. Enjoy the day a lot, he is all yours. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, friend! You are the living proof that when we get older we are a child again. With each passing year, you get more playful and full of jokes. Happy Birthday, my partner!

Friend, your birthday is an international holiday for me, as it is the date when the most special person in my world was born. Congratulations dear! A lot of affection, health, party and wine for you. Let’s celebrate!

Congratulations and many years of life, my buddy! I want baldness to take a long time to reach you. Agree, but please never become the boring uncle of the pave. Happy birthday! A day full of party, joy and animation.

Congratulations, dear friend! You are not Dona Florinda’s daughter, but you are a true treasure. Continue like this and do not mix with the gental. May your day be magical and full of joy. Happy Birthday!

If it is true that when we get older we become a child again, we will soon have to leave the bar and celebrate your birthday in the playground. Congratulations my friend! May you live many years with this fun spirit!

Relax, friend! You are not aging, you are becoming wiser. Happy birthday! I wish you live for many, many years. May our friendship be older than the age of dinosaurs.

Friend, I’m sorry, however, as much as the years pass, no way, you will always be older than me. Just kidding! You are wonderful! A happy birthday full of fun and celebration.

friend, I worry about you. I know it is aging and, with that, the memory is becoming more and more failure. So, step here to remind you: today is your birthday! Celebrate with a lot of style and animation.

Friend, it seems that you sleep at the source of youth, the more time goes by, the more beautiful you get. Aging is doing you very well! Congratulations! A happy birthday full of magic, charm and joy.

Friend, I was going to start a new diet, but I remembered that today is your birthday, so I’ll leave it in the morning. That is not lacking cake, sweets, snacks and soda. Congratulations! Many and many years of life!

Time goes by, friend, you celebrate another birthday, we are still partners, but there’s one thing that never changes: your playful way. Congratulations, you crazy! May the celebration be until the dawn of the day!

Friend, you are a great privileged! On the planet, millions of people celebrate the birthday today, but I chose to participate in yours. Congratulations my dear! Happy Birthday with great affection.

I forgot your gift, but I don’t forget you! See, I think more about you than material things. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, friend! With each passing year, you get closer to being the lady who lives surrounded by cats. But don’t worry, I’ll always be by your side. A happy birthday full of joy and fun!

Friend, I was going to make a raisp cake for you, but now there is no more raisins, let alone a drunk very happy to celebrate your birthday. Happy Birthday brother! We are together.

It is scientifically proven that the more birthday you do, the more you live! So I wish many and many birthdays for you, dear friend. Congratulations! Celebrate, because the day is all yours.

Dear friend, your birthday gift will be a screw for you to never forget that you can always count on me at the time of tightness. Congratulations! All very wonderful for your life!

The real proof of friendship is not to open the door of the friend’s house refrigerator, but to share the Netflix password. Congratulations! Make sure you are my brother of the heart. Happy Birthday!

friend, I will not make a joke of your age, because my mother has always taught me that we should respect the elders. Happy birthday! May you live for many years to continue enjoying life together.

Friend, don’t let your inner child die, keep believing the make -believe and have an enchanted birthday. Imagine the gift you would like to earn. Imagined? Now imagine that I gave you this gift. Congratulations!

Diva has no birthday, tells the beauty years. Congratulations, wonderful friend! That never missing makeup, high heels and a credit card with no limit in your life. Happy birthday. Let’s shopping!

Do not live in the past, because it does not pay. Don’t think about the future, let life happen. And please forget the gift, because I didn’t buy it. Happy Birthday, the most understanding friend in the world!

Late congratulations, buddy! I didn’t forget your birthday, I just forgot yesterday. But no problem, we celebrate today! That there is no lack of fun, health and a lot of beer in your life.

Congratulations, my friend! It’s eighteen years, so finally, today the bar account is yours. But don’t forget that you can now be arrested. If you drink do not drive! If you are driving, get judgment and not beer! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, friend! May you always continue this sensible fairy, all worked in the brightness. Rock, for the catwalk of life is yours. Happy birthday! May our friendship be always very crazy.

Friend, they say we should value the little things of life. So I love you so much, my shorty. Happy birthday! All beautiful for your life and you can always count on me to open the last door of the closet!

Happy Birthday, friend! Another year to prove that maturity does not come with age. Keep always playful! May you fulfill all your desires except those who are illegal. You can always count on me!

Don’t worry, friend, because who cares about age is museum! With each passing year you look even more beautiful. A happy birthday, full of brightness, good music and a lot of fun. Let’s dance all night!

Happy Birthday, friend! I know the first piece of cake will be mine, because I am the most special person of your life. Celebrate with great style. May our friendship last forever and be full of confetti!

Happy Birthday, friend! Celebrate a lot and leave the worries for later. Tomorrow, you start thinking what you are going to do with your bald, wrinkles and beer Pancinha. Many years of life!

Dear friend, your birthday is so special that I could want many things, but I just want you not to forget that I love brigadeiro, snacks and chocolate cake. Cheers!

Dear friend, I would like to offer you the most beautiful gift of all, however, the role was insufficient to wrap me. So, sending, with great affection, all my friendship. Happy Birthday!

I am very jealous of you, because I will never have a best friend as beautiful and special as yours. Happy birthday! Buy the cake we sing congratulations! Many years of life and that our friendship remains firm.

Friend, when to erase the candles, ask for judgment, because the night of your birthday will be long and full of spree. Congratulations, my great brother. May madness be moderate for you to live for many years.

oloco, friend, it looks like you fled the museum, your dinosaur! It’s getting older, partner. Happy birthday! Do not let the age turn you into a grimace, we will continue to enjoy life.

You would have loved the gift I forgot to buy. But to compensate, I promise that today I don’t let you pay the bill alone, I pay half! Happy birthday! May you live many years to handle this old friendly friend.

Congratulations, friend! The line walked! One more year of life. May the wrinkles take a long time to appear. A happy birthday! Let’s enjoy it a lot, because soon we will be only in soup and tea.

Congratulations, dear friend! As I know you very well, wait a while to light the candles, first, I need to call the Fire Department! I wish you crazy and fun for you. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, dear friend! Today is a beautiful day for you to tell your achievements, because your wrinkles are already countless. You know it’s a joke! I love you so much, you crazy. Joy, fun and party for you.

Dear friend, they say the older the violinist, the sweet the melody is. I’m sure your congratulations song for you will be like the sugary syrup of a pudding. Happy birthday! You are special for me!

On the same day, many, many years ago, when there was still the note of a real, my great friend was born. Congratulations, companion! You are not aging, you are becoming rarity. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, my great friend! In life, you have already overcome many things, for example, youth, hair and six package. But the important thing is to smile, even if you are banguelo. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations, beloved! I get shocked by your beauty. Pass the recipe for how to grow old and remain beautiful that way. Happy birthday! That each year the universe conspires even more to its favor.

Friend, you don’t age, it accumulates years of beauty. Happy birthday! I want your mascara never to drain and your lipstick never seals. If it is to cry, let it be of joy. You can always count on me!

Friend, you are the same bamboo in the storm: shakes, but don’t break! Stay full of humor, because smiling scare your wrinkles. Happy birthday! Let’s celebrate with great joy.

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