60 football messages and quotes that inspire on and off the pitch

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Football is a national passion, the most popular sport in the country and made Brazil known world. It’s hard to find a Brazilian who doesn’t have a heart team and who doesn’t understand at least a little about. To share some of your love, see the best football messages and quotes to have fun, be it for those you to cheer!

Football messages and quotes To Awake the Boleiro that exists in you

The harder the victory is, the greater the happiness to win.

In football, the worst blind is what only sees the ball.

No one scores a goal sitting on the bench. You need to be active, in the field, calling the responsibility to you.

Moment of difficulty we all pass, and in football it is the same. It is a cycle, the ball is round. In one day everything is fine, and in the other evil.

No player is as good as everyone together.

football is passion and emotion above reason.

It is often the lack of character that decides a match. There is no literature, politics and football with good feelings.

Football is not a matter of life or death. It is much more important than that.

Make your life a football game… Kick the sadness, dribble the difficulties and score many goals!

If all the battles of men were only in the soccer fields, how beautiful the wars would be.

Football is the opium of the people and the drug drug trafficking.

Life is like a soccer game, has its rules.

Modern football is like naked. Everyone runs and no one knows where.

Football is very simple: who has the ball, attacks. Who does not have, defends.

If concentration won a game, the penitentiary team did not lose one.

Football is an art where in a second you can create a masterpiece or the fiasco of your life.

In Europe football is entertainment between classes, in Brazil is the painkiller of the people.

The boring part of discussing football, politics and religion is not the discussion itself, but the fact that it is useless to argue against fanatics.

If happiness was a soccer match, the world would be a better place to live.

Between loving and being loved, I prefer to play soccer.

It is almost impossible to find rationality and impartiality when it comes to football.

Football is not the joy of the people. The people who are the joy of football!

The difference of an eternal passion and the memory of a beautiful goal is that the memory of this goal lasts longer.

Football is not a game that runs after the ball, this even the dog, cat or other animal does. Football is knowing how to work on the ball with skill and boldness through rules.

Football is not seen, do not hear. Football feels!

Football Stadium Stands is the same Sunday Mass – one sits and gets up darn waiting for God to score a goal to free the delirium.

Anything in your life is more important than football, but your life would not be the same without it.

Feeling for football is like an intense passion that increases with each passing day. Football is my life, my joy and also sadness. Football forever will be my passion!

Life is like football: one hour you win, another time you lose!

The people take illusion pileks with football and carnival. These are their two dream sources.

I realized that football is not just a sport but a way to unite nations, ending wars, football is life and living with it is even better.

Life is like a soccer game: one cannot predict what will happen in the next bid.

In football, the goal is not just a ball swinging the net. It’s a network packing a passion!

Nothing, no title is more important than the fans!

The best psychologist of the center forward is the opponent’s network.

Difficult, the extraordinary, is not scoring a thousand goals, like Pelé. It is scoring like Pelé.

Explodes heart, in the greatest happiness, it is beautiful to see my team infecting and shaking this city!

If insects played soccer, the centipedes would give excellent center forward and spiders, great goalkeepers.

Football has to be fun … otherwise, it is not worth playing!

It’s not the desire to win that matters … What matters is the desire to prepare to win!

Being a woman and playing soccer is resistance!

Passion for football brings us together as a nation.

I was a star, my manager who was bad.

Winner is the one who makes the fall a reason to get up even stronger.

It’s good to get used to seeing me win!

Football is Art, Brazil is a great museum, every day a star is born …

The best player is the one who is dedicated even being prepared.

Status: Passionate for football forever!

It’s not just a match, classic is classic!

I’m a Boleiro, I’m a football lover!

respects the story of my team!

Effort wins any talent if talent strives.

The World Cup is ours! With the Brazilian, there is no one who can.

Looking for a love that likes football!

several will encourage you, but few will really believe in your potential.

If you can’t play more than them, work more than them.

playing like never before, losing as always.

If you do not invest enough, defeat will not hurt, just as victory will have no flavor.

I just want to win and always play well. My motivation comes from this, regardless of who the rival is.

A winner needs motivation beyond any victory.

There is nothing more genuinely Brazilian than football, right? Whether in the field or court, this is a sport that arouses the best feelings.

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marking your history through the fields and world tournaments, you certainly made history with your dedication, discipline and personality.

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