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When the weekend comes to an end, we need to prepare for the new 7 days to come. It is important to bring love, peace, joy and courage to us. With that in mind, we have selected the best sentences of the weekend that will strengthen you. Check it out and allow these days to be amazing!

Weekend messages and quotes to be happy from start to finish

Every day is new and you have to be alert to enjoy the best of each one. Good week!

Special is the one who conquers life every day, surpasses his difficulties and struggles for moments of true joys. Good week!

Where you stopped last week is a great place to start this week. This is how our dreams are built!

Good start to the week! May joy and faith be by your side giving you a lot of encouragement!

May your week be conducive to cultivating dreams, flowery and blessed. I’m sure it will be good because Jesus will be walking by your side and preparing the new one you yearn.

Don’t let joy come in your life only over the weekend. Allow it to happen every day, with each rest. Good week!

Don’t run after the impossible, run after your dreams. If you can dream, you can perform. Good week!

This weekend, cultivate love and courage in your heart. Be present by dedicating themselves to the little things to harvest great things in the future. You will have much lighter and more memorable days.

Lightness and peace are by your side, I’m sure. Have a great week and you never lack love.

May God’s plans are fulfilled in your week and you feel your love at all times of your day.

The week is just starting and you will have so many good things in your way. Trust!

That every day of this week, you have joy and reasons to celebrate and smile.

There has come another week and you just need to have the courage to do everything you want. If the discouragement comes, remember the reasons that led you to get out of bed. Good week!

This week, fight that everything works out and give your best to achieve everything you want.

Begin this new chapter of your life with renewed feelings. Good week!

Good week! Open your heart to love and joy and you will see your days become the best you have ever lived.

I hope you rested on the weekend to have the mood and strength to live what is to come. Good week!

Good week! You can’t go back, but you can do it differently in this new beginning.

Do not let Monday discourage you, let it inspire you, remember the joy of the restarts. This may be the best week of your life.

In addition to working, remember that there is much more to live this week that is starting.

Repentance should not pursue you this week, you should fill yourself with the new one without thinking about the past.

The last week was difficult, but you stared at her successfully. This journey that is starting will be good because you have decided not to frighten yourself in the face of challenges and will reap all the fruits you sow.

Keep gratitude in your heart and you will have a wonderful and blessed week.

God is giving you 7 new opportunities to be happy and make it happen. Enjoy. Good week!

Have courage and faith. That way you can achieve everything you want. Good week!

May peace be by your side this weekend and accompany you to the end of it. I’m sure they will be good days!

Fill your days of joy and you will have countless reasons to celebrate and live. Good week!

The week starting is a source of joy, one more chance to make it happen. A lot of good things await us these days.

Love is in the air and will hug you all week!

It’s never too late to start something you want. Enjoy the beginning of the week to do differently.

May the weekend be cheerful and excited like you and that these feelings get to all your 7 days.

The week is starting and bringing a breath to the heart. That you can renew your strength to face the challenges.

Start the week smiling because this is the best way to attract good to your life!

The second comes with everything, announcing a week of many blessings and joys. Let them rejoice your life.

Nothing is better than having an open heart for the days that are beginning. Good week!

New beginnings and opportunities are waiting for you this new week. Do your best to be a beautiful phase in your life.

May the Lord bless our week and cover us with the most beautiful blessings.

May the days be sweet, but not lacking spices to make them an increasingly tasty experience. Good week!

Good week! May she be beautiful and full of joys, blessings and much love.

Every weekend we reserve amazing things. We just need to be aware of not letting anything pass.

When God is by our side, everything is lighter because He makes us strong. Good week!

How many Monday have been coming and going since you said “I will start next week”? Take an attitude and start today!

This week, fight for everything to come out as you want, but if you can’t, enjoy improvisations to be happy and reinvent yourself.

For this week, believe more in you and have faith in your ability to build your happiness.

May your week come full of sincere emotions loaded with affection and peace. A beautiful week!

May the beginning of this week mark perfect, happy and full of love days. Good week!

May the week be special, loaded with good energies and full of good choices!

A wonderful week and full of graces is coming. May our days be radiant and full of love. Have a good day!

Good week! May she start well and end better. May you find more reasons for smiling and challenges to overcome each day.

New week, new opportunities, new achievements, new reasons to smile!

May your week be productive and you can fulfill everything you have proposed.

7 more days are waiting for you. It is in your hands to make them the happiest of your life.

Do not see Monday as the end of the weekend of rest, but as a wonderful new day to achieve your dreams!

It is really good to start the week with the batteries full of energy to face our projects. Good week everyone!

The weather forecast for this week will be rainfall of blessings and joys!

Have positivity to attract only what is good and who is good. Good start to the week!

For this week I wish smiles, a quiet mind and a heart full of peace!

It will be 7 unforgettable days because great joys will find you on your journey. Good week!

May your week start beautiful and end even more wonderful because you deserve a lot of joy.

Have a lot of peace at your beginning of the weekend and may this feeling help you make the best decisions. Good week!

and when the week is over, that you have great rest days. Check out our good weekend messages and quotes and bring fun for this moment.

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