60 English messages and quotes for status for those who are fluent in another language

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How about showing all your contacts your thoughts or how you are feeling with these English messages and quotes for status? Full of important meanings, they bring reflections on life, love, novels and many other subjects. Choose your favorites and share it now! Ah, don’t forget to add the translation, huh.

Best English messages and quotes for Status

Want to make your social networks more charming with impactful messages in another language? So choose the best English messages and quotes for status that we select the finger!

i love listening to lies when i know the truth. (I love listening lies when I know the truth)

What doesn´t Kill You Makes You Stronger. (What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger)

Don’t Regret the Past, Just Learn from It. (Don’t regret the past, just learn from it)

silence is the best reply to a fool. (Silence is the best answer for a fool)

Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Future. (Never let fear define your future)

if it doesn´t open, it’s not your door. (If it does not open, it is not your door)

Some People Come in Your Life As Blessings, Others As Lessons. (Some people enter your life as blessings, others as lessons)

We Grow. It hurts at first. (We grew up. It hurts at first)

it is not the lenght of life, but the depth. (It is not about the size of life, but the depth)

i Am Alone Again and I Want To Be So; Alone with the Pure Sky and Open Sea. (I am alone again and I want to be like this; alone with the pure sky and open sea)

life is too short to WASTE with shallow people. (Life is too short to waste on superficial people)

Everybody is a Mess if You Look a Little Closer. (Everyone is a mess if you look a little more closely)

life is pulping through My Veins. I have in reasons to be sad right now. (Life is pulsing in my veins. I have no reason to be sad now)

Take a Deep Breath and Take a Change That Can Change Your Life Forever. (Take a deep breath and make a change that can change your life forever)

whoever Said That the Sky is the Limit Didn’t Know the Guts I Have To Overcome It. (Who said the sky is the limit did not know the courage I have to overcome it)

Make Every Day Counts, Even the Bad Ones. (Make each day worth it, even those bad)

Don’t Allow the Bad Vibes Ruin Your Day. (Do not allow bad vibrations to spoil your day)

i’ll be forever chasing those moments that make life worth while. (I will always be pursuing those moments that make life worthwhile)

When Happiness is Real, It’s Easy. You don’t have to fight for it. (When happiness is real, it’s easy. You don’t have to fight for it)

Life Comes In Waves. Feelings Come in Waves: The Good Ones and the Bad Ones. (Life comes in waves. Feelings come in waves: good and bad)

English love messages and quotes for status

Declare everything that goes on in your heart with these beautiful English love messages and quotes for status and don’t forget to add the translation to everyone to understand, ok?

Your Eyes Stole My Words Away. (Your eyes stole my words)

if you want to becomed fearless choose love. (If you want to become brave, choose love)

Eye Contact: How Souls Catch Fire. (VERY CONTACT: Since souls catch fire)

where there is love, there is life. (Where there is love, there is life)

Love Comfortth Like Sunshine After Rain. (Love comforts like the sun after rain)

i should have kiss you long. (I should have kissed you longer)

you who have Inhabited Me in the Deepest and Most Broken Place. (You who lived in the deepest and most destroyed place)

i OFten Think of You. (I think of you constantly)

We are Born of Love. Love is Our Mother. (We are born of love. Love is our mother)

Love Harder Than Any Pain You’ve Ever Felt. (Love more than any pain you have ever felt)

your Heart is so kind. I wanna live in it. (Your heart is so good. I want to live in it)

Loving Someone is the Bravest act that we can take. (Loving someone is the bravest act we can have)

love is Kind and Patient and So Are you. (Love is kind and patient, just like you)

Even if the World Breaks, I’m Love You Until The End of Times. (Even if the world is over, I will love you until the end of time)

you are the forever that i have Always been Looking for. (You are eternity I have always sought)

I Like Who I Became After I Met You. Love Really Changes Things for Good. (I like who I became after I met you. Love really changes things forever)

Promise Me It Will Always Be Like this: You and I, no matter what. (Promise that it will always be like this: you and me, whatever happens)

Love Shouldn’t Hurt. IF IT BLEEDS, IT’S NOT LOVE. (Love should not hurt. If it bleeds, it is not love)

you get my Mess, you get My Heart. You make it all so simple. (You understand the mess, you understand my heart. You make everything so simple)

i’d rather be in your Arms, at Any Time. (I prefer to be in your arms at any time)

English music messages and quotes for status

Share the best excerpts from that music full of meanings. Check out these English music messages and quotes for status and play!

but you remind me that’s Such a wonderful thing to love. (But you remind me that loving is a wonderful thing)

and if you Never Bleed, You’re Never Gonna Grow. (And if you never bleed, you will never grow)

No Matter What’s Your History, Be Free with Me. (No matter what your story is, be free with me)

i want to fly, and never come down. (I want to fly and never go down)

you are Beautiful, on matter what they say. (You’re beautiful, no matter what they say)

All You Need Is Love. Love is all You Need. All you need is love. Love is all you need)

you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. (You can say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one)

and Suddenly You’re All I Need, The Reason Why I Smile. (And suddenly you are all I need, the reason I smile)

and so i tell myself that’ll be strong. (And then I tell myself that I will be strong)

but you fit me Better than my favorite Sweater. (But you combine more with me than my favorite sweater)

Everything Will be alright if you keep me next to you. (Everything will be fine if you keep me by your side)

love has to be soft to be strong. (Love needs to be delicate to be strong)

Tears and Pain, But I Feel Heavenly. (Tears and pain, but I feel heavenly)

NEVER MIND, I’LL FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOU. (It’s not bad, I’ll find someone like you)

I WOULD DIE FOR YOU, BABY. But you won’t of The Same. (Yes, I would die for you, love. But you wouldn’t do the same)

love is Wild. (Love is wild)

So What if I’m Crazy? The Best People Are. (So ​​if I’m crazy? The best people are)

baby, I’m sorry. I’m not sorry. (Dear, sorry. I don’t feel much)

Cause Godes in mystakes. (For God does not make mistakes)

I’m on the right track, baby. I was Born this Way. (I’m on the right track, dear. I was born like this)

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