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Oriente is a Brazilian band of national rap. Original from Rio de Janeiro, the group emerged in 2009 and, to this day, is well known mainly among young people. With four albums released so far, the band collects successful songs, including “beautiful, crazy and spoiled”.

The group make up songs mainly about love and relationships, many of them statements and also about the differences between couples. In addition, the songs also have reflections from the world of rap.

Do you already know any music of them? We have selected East messages and quotes to get inspired and learn more about the group and its compositions. Check it out:

ORIENTE SONE messages and quotes To inspire you

she wants to know life, and he knows the world …

The cat risks and drop, beautiful, crazy and spoiled.

from night to beach, from beach to house, from house to home.

Your lipstick kills more than one pistol.

In the constant hallucinating drop of the eternal wave, who reigns it in the kingdom of the sea.

It has been very hurt, so it hurts without pity.

Blessed be the man who can conquer her!

She was Absolut, he was from cachaça.

17 years old and ran away from home, but already knows countless songs.

You are colorful and I am black and white.

He with reddish eyes, she with her nails in red.

Your makeup and your tattoos are protection, they draw attention that your father cannot give it.

she has a flying kite soul, but in her imaginary bookcase collects hearts.

me yin, you are Yang, you are soul, I am blood.

hurts to free you, but you wouldn’t be able to accompany me.

Everything shines where she passes.

You like the middle way, I arrive and get on singing.

my angel, my mate, I give you the whole world even if I don’t need it so much.

You come to my room and our time almost flies …

I’m broken, moody, and I merry like that’s take it easy …

You are now, I’m a little later.

Every carnival has its end in ashes, you know. But in the ashes like the bird, where our love is reborn.

I’m a trickster and my philosophies are contradictory.

The wind that carries me is the wind that beats now … strong winds have shaken me, but I was restricted once.

I hope the time rolls, the same time I waited for us to curl up …

Life overflows all the time, take off your learning.

My fullness is a chord in the eye of the hurricane …

long life, small world, we will still meet.

the time you have passed? Forget, this time was already.

expects the cut is deep, but over time regenerates.

Do not destroy the future for problems of the past!

Who gets a problem, the problem feeds …

whoever seeks to think, and whoever asks is answered … so know where to look, and select your orders.

No matter where we are, our mind is our home.

When I miss all our moments, I will think of calling you, but I will find you in other bodies … Other cups, other areas, another plan, another world.

The man who has had his company, never satisfied with another.

I will lose myself to find myself.

You are a top piece, I warrior protect the lady.

Playboy yields to her, but she surrendered to me!

Fuck the world out there, it’s me, you and the mattress!

After all, all the ladies are tied in the vagabonds.

On the handy track, man and woman in bed.

A world without ideals is like a heartless body.

I talk about several changes, but in the end nothing changes.

and she is only happy in the sun …

When you say you love me, I see shine in your gaze.

I even liked her, but I liked bar, role, rap.

If you have disoriented, you will be blinded in shooting, then be oriented.

I don’t promise happy end, because I don’t want it to end.

In the right lines, crooked humans try to understand each other.

And our time will be another, it’s no use hitting head … my promises were not false, perhaps hasty.

are different energies, but the direction is the same.

The Four Elements, I am Earth, I am fire, I am water and air.

I like you and you like me! I promise you a good time with a good time and bad time.

So I run to the beach to see the sea, feel the wave beat, Ideas lighten.

Do, my mood that is vulnerable, seems more malleable …

I owe nothing to anyone, no one owes me anything either. So it’s okay.

I was listening to a Bob Marley and looking at you to sleep, remembering your smile that is what makes me smile.

In the past I didn’t have much vocation for the heart chats …

You enjoying the playground, I again classes killing. You doing offering, I live stealing from the saints. I don’t like happy endings, you are weeping with them.

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