60 couple messages and quotes that transform their affection into poetry

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How to translate a great in love into words? To declare to those who do you so well is a delicate gesture, which makes the affection and beauty of being part of a couple eternal. Demonstrations of warmth, dedication and attention are essential factors for a healthy and lasting relationship. Choose love messages and quotes that best suits your metada!

Best couple messages and quotes that transform your affection into poetry

what cannot be expressed by words, then it is. Then the love is.

True love has something sacred that makes it all worth it.

Before I thought of all the loves that almost happened. Today I understand that they only paved my way to you.

You showed me that the greatest love of all is simplicity in the midst of immensity.

Any plan is more beautiful when it is decorated with our love.

It is universal sin to ignore such a great love as ours.

Our love makes life look light and easy.

By your side, nothing becomes banal and irrelevant. In our love, everything always becomes great.

You make me wake up every day anxious to want to live by your side.

When we became a couple, a part of me awakened: I was touched by true love.

I was slowly falling in love, until I could no longer imagine a future without you.

You are in everything: in the smell of breakfast, in the sound of birds, the hug of the wind, in the taste of cake and in every beautiful landscape. All my senses only capture you.

You are rare as diamond and everyday as the beauty of sunrise.

First, I found you. Then you stayed. So, our destinations became one.

It is beautiful to see how the phrase “I love you” is said in the present, but it also fits our past and all the future.

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You may not have been my first love, but that’s what did all the other irrelevant.

Only the creatures that never wrote love letters are ridiculous.

I ask you what love is and you define how both of us.

I ask for forgiveness every time I used the word love in vain. I didn’t know you yet.

No matter how long it passes, my heart flushes like our first date.

Who makes me smile on bad days is your warmth in cold moments, my daily and perfect love.

You make even more banal conversations at amazing and fascinating moments. I love you!

I asked a pardon star to love and she fell from heaven with your name.

Love is a very beautiful word, but it does not reach the feet of your beauty.

Let’s stay together for a while: Loving you for a lifetime seems to me a good start.

Your silly way it matches perfectly with my smile.

I found the most beautiful person in the world and she called me love.

I feel that by your side I am capable of everything, especially living in eternal state of passion.

I love to hear you, I love you and I admire you at all times and I love everything that involves both of us.

Being with you is like a tasty addiction that always makes me smile.

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Each minute is a long time without you.

Our love is serene and quiet, like Sunday rain.

I live next to the heart of my love.

When we love, no subject becomes as interesting as we both.

Each human being is a universe. The mixture of mine and yours became a great love.

I always thought of love. You are better than my dreams.

she is so beautiful that she lives in every rhyme about love.

He is the perfect proof that dreams can come true.

My spoken portrait of love always had his face.

You are the perfect fit of the kiss. It’s the sweet taste of love.

No word about love compares to what your look is able to express.

Everything he speaks became the most interesting subject in the world.

There is no retrograde mercury that affects our relationship!

Our love is written in the sacred lines of eternity.

Union, strength and faith: love as ours only living to know what it is like.

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moon of my life./ my sun and stars. (Moon of my life./ my sun and stars.)

my support./ The certainty in the middle of the chaos.

He is my affection./- She is the xodo of my existence.

yin to …/… my yang!

She makes me the personification of happiness.

I decided to be happy. All I needed was to say yes to my love.

my oxygen to live./ His love to exist.

I never found a home so beautiful …/ … like his hug.

Time goes too fast so as not to live next to those who love each other.

I am an entire part of a couple that is infinity.

It transforms all the simple things in everyday life.

wanted to learn all languages ​​…/ Just to say that I love you in all of them.

my beautiful./ my beast.

He is the immensity of the sea that fits inside my chest.

Someone so good that it looks like a miracle./ Such a certain affection that it is always a love.

Living alongside your love brings the freedom to be yourself near the other, the joy of feeling comfortable to share as many happy moments as the most difficult.

Life for two provides the privilege of falling madly in love every day. Therefore the importance of declaring your passion for this person who occupies a place of highlight in his daily life.

Make your favorite person even more special by dedicating to them one of the amazing love messages and quotes to show all the affection that your pair awakens!

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