60 beautiful messages and quotes for friend who will thrill your heart

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A friend is someone very special that we choose to always be present in our lives, making everything more enjoyable and happy, because the connection between friends is inexplicable.

Therefore, we have selected beautiful messages and quotes for friend who will help you describe the importance of this friendship in your life and the qualities of this wonderful person!

Beautiful messages and quotes for friend who show her importance in your life

Friendship has never been and will never be a matter of physical presence. Because friend doesn’t have to be. Friend needs to be!

says a Chinese legend that true friends are like deep root trees: no storms can tear.

You are a beautiful person who was coming slowly in my life and when I saw it had already taken a large part of me.

Friendship is serious, we are not.

I want you to know that, despite the distance, I never stop thinking about you with all the love and affection that a thought can carry, because for me you are more than a friend, you are much more than a sister! /P>

On a scale of 1 to 10, our friendship is 1000!

May our friendship be a very strong branch so that the wind of suffering can never achieve.

Friend, you are proof of unconditional love. No matter where you go, I’ll always be with you.

Who you are in the world, makes a difference! I am forever grateful for our friendship, you are very special.

If you need me, don’t even think about looking for me… look for me without thinking!

She is not the best friend in the world, she is my world for being my best friend.

Our friendship is the strongest, the most beautiful and the only one that will resist any difficulty. I love you, friend!

friend, I will never let you fall, but if this happens I will be there ready to hold you.

A true friend is the one who enhances your qualities and never leaves you, even when you discover your defects.

Thank you for your friendship and for allowing me to call you a friend! I short for a lot! I enjoy you for real!

Lucky for mine to have found you. Lucky for ours to have this friendship so loyal and lasting.

Only the crazy friends draw laughing in their mouth and erasing tears on their face. Crazy friend, who doesn’t?

Our connection is another world thing, no one understands. Friend as you are rarity and I will take care of this friendship with affection.

I don’t know if it’s privilege or luck, but your friendship is always my best gift!

That person you are sure that it is your soul mate, only as a friend.

Friend is the one who cheers for your happiness, who is not jealous of you, who vibrates with your victory and that does not let the distance or other friendship shake your friendship. The rest is colleague!

When we have the best friends by our side we can only expect the best of life.

Our partnership is without limits! No matter where we are, who makes the party we are.

best friend is one that can be totally crazy and unbalanced, but never lets you lose your balance.

good friends know your stories, best friends helped you write them.

While you have you by my side to make this trip called life, I know everything will be fine. I love you, friend!

Eternal friendship is a meeting of souls who love each other so much that they cannot live far from each other.

friendships that come out of nowhere end up being everything.

Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. And the best friends even understand what you don’t say.

I don’t need much to be happy, but your friendship I can’t give up!

You are much more than a friend, you are an angel you sent me!

special friends are rare and sometimes it takes time to emerge, but when they flourish in our lives make us forget all the moments of loneliness.

What does “best friends” mean? It means that if one falls, the two get hurt.

Real friend is the one who is on your side when the whole world turns your back.

No matter the problem, the sadness, the crisis. I know you will always be by my side and help improve even the impossible.

Special Friend is rarity, priceless preciousness, it is light that illuminates life as the brightest of the stars.

I have the one who has no someone like me I have you.

The friendship that unites us is the main reason for my smiles and support it for my tears.

A true friend is the one who enters when all the others go.

Together, all dreams are possible and joy is constant. I love you, friend!

Note that our friendship is unshakable, I live quietly in every moment of my life.

Friend, I love you! For all laughs, for all secrets, for all hugs and for all the moments.

friend, you are one of the best gifts life gave me.

Like hot coffee in winter or juice in summer, you are the best of life all year round. I love you, friend!

A friend teaching the other to combine the verb to love: I love you. You love me. He does not love you. We don’t care. You raise your head.

friends are angels who leave us standing when our wings forget how to fly.

A true friend is someone capable of touching your heart even though it is on the other side of the world.

friend, we don’t have to prove with DNA our sisters’ love.

She is my best friend. Break her heart that I break your teeth.

You were my friend even before I considered the idea of ​​trusting you my secrets, was by my side at all times. So, among all the people in the world, I would never give up on you.

Friend is not the one that wipes your tears. It is the one that slaps you in the face, has swallowing the cry and stop suffering for nothing.

friend, I’m here. I’m with you. We are together.

We become better friends, sisters and confidants, who even being away, we are always present in each other’s life and heart.

Whenever I feel alone I remember that I have the best friend of this world.

Friendships are not just roses, true friends also face the thorns.

and in the middle of all that despair you were there holding my hand and making me understand the importance of having a friend.

Every woman has that friend who when they join are a danger to society.

friend, you have a special place in my heart.

My friend is my safe haven, my ray of sunshine. If I haven’t given up everything yet it was for her. For her I fight. For her it is worth fighting.

friend, you are far away and we can’t always see each other. But know that my friendship and love for you remain independent of anything.

Cultivating friendship is very important and needs to be done constantly. So be sure to check out our selection of friendship messages and quotes and demonstrate all your admiration and companionship.

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