60 baby messages and quotes that show how their arrival brought joy to the days

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When a baby is born, it brings with it the realization of a dream, renewal and a difficult joy to translate. If you have received this beautiful blessing, register your feelings to ever forget about this moment. For this, check out the best baby messages and quotes and share the happiness that is being able to grow it so closely!

Baby affection messages and quotes

You owner of the most special smile and every scream you give, my heart jumps with joy.

I would spend all day admiring you because you bring me such a great peace.

These little hands so small hold the immense love that fits in my heart.

A piece of light now fits right in my arms.

This is my sun that has come to illuminate my life and show me a new facet of happiness.

Gradually, you will discover the world and show me the beauty of simplicity and small achievements.

Every new thing you do, my heart vibrates with joy and peace.

my baby, you are the most beautiful part of me that came to life and filled my heart with love.

I live anxious to find out what life reserves to our family now that you are here.

The fruits of our love resulted in you, our most beautiful baby in the world.

How can such a small being occupy such a large space within us? I love you, my baby!

Our angel is bald, has a foolish smile and the incredible power to carry the greatest love in the world in his gaze.

newborn baby messages and quotes

has just arrived and has already given a great demonstration of strength. Your life will be beautiful, my baby!

Welcome to the world. I promise to fight to make him good with you and bring you many joys.

The first time I heard your cry, I was sure that everything would be different, to be better.

a little piece of us that arrived to illuminate our ways and make our love even stronger.

Your arrival is the realization of a dream and I am looking forward to living everything that fate reserves us, my baby!

so small and so perfect … the true proof that God loves us and takes care of us.

Hope renewed when I held you in my arms and felt the peace of having you here.

Congratulations, family, for this new phase. May God bless life from a baby who has just been born and brought light and joys to you.

so small and so delicate, this is the perfection of God materialized in my baby!

Seeing your face for the first time made me awaken a certainty that I kill and die for you.

That the magic of your arrival never leaves and we never forget how we feel when you were born.

You are our light that now shines in our arms. We love you, our baby!

Baby messages and quotes for Photos

When you were born, the angels sighed enchanted. They never thought they would have such a beautiful view.

You revealed a world for me. Without you, I could never live so much happiness.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it got better when you arrived.

which is for me to take care, which is for me to love. Crystalline drop, has all the innocence.

You are like this, a dream for me…

You don’t know how long I waited for you, my little talisman. The most precious gift I got from God, my morning star.

I will be your defender for a lifetime, like your guardian. I will be your protective warrior.

such a pure love that you don’t even know the strength you have, it’s yours and others.

If I had drawn you and ordered you, I would have done exactly that.

I know I will love you for all my life.

You are the most precious thing I have ever won and promise to love you until the end of my days.

such a small being and so capable of transforming my whole life forever.

Baby Sapeca messages and quotes

has a sapeca face and that when it grows up, it will do them all out there!

My little sapequinha that never for quiet, the world will be yours one day.

Full of energy since it was born, owner of the most sapeca smile in the world, my baby is always ready to get something new.

Curious, Sapeca and Full of Energy, this is my baby!

Our doll is the most sapeca in the world. It gets ready and still smiles all proud of your arts.

Which baby is not a sapeca? They are all smart, full of energy and ready to play.

jokes, my baby sapeca. Take advantage of this phase where everything is light and fun.

I love you, my baby Sapeca. That you always have more reasons to smile and arts to get ready.

Little Sapequinha is walking around the house and discovering new ways to have fun.

walks, run, crawl, take things, throw it to the floor, play and become more and more sapeca.

This banguelo and Sapeca smile wins me every time you look at me.

This is my favorite sapeca. I don’t have the courage to scold when he looks at me with this innocent face.

Friend Baby messages and quotes

Friend, now you are the mother of a baby who is as beautiful as you. May God bless you daily!

You can let me help you when you need it. I am an aunt completely in love with this little one.

friend, I’m sorry, but you are no longer my favorite person in the world, now is your baby who occupies this post.

It’s Mom’s face and it will be as smart as she. I love you, my fake nephew.

Friend baby we call the nephew and take care as if it had blood ties.

I still remember when we dreamed of this moment. Now you have a beautiful baby in your arms and I love you even more, friend!

The most beautiful mom of the piece has the most perfect baby in the world. I love you two!

Friend, you are great in everything you do. Let’s accept: Your baby is your most perfect work of art.

True happiness has just sprouted in your life. Your baby is blessing and will illuminate your life.

my little one, when mommy needs, the house of auntie is open doors waiting for you with the fun.

You are the most beautiful mom and your baby is the most passionate in the world. I wish you all the sorts of blessings for you, friend!

The Baby Sapeca and Beautiful Auntie is the most beautiful gift I could earn from my best friend.

Enjoy every moment with your little one because time goes by too fast. In order not to lose anything from this phase, record in photographs and share with these baby photos messages and quotes to make them even more special.

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