55 shaman rapper messages and quotes that are pure poetry and emotion

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Shaman is a carioca rapper who started rhyming in freestyle battles. Of humble origin, he has worked as a street vendor, peanut seller and delivery man. He abandoned law school to run after the dream of being a rapper. Your talent is so much that fame soon arrived. Check out the shaman rapper messages and quotes that bring great inspirations from a huge poet!

Shaman Rapper messages and quotes Without Massage in the Message

They do not understand our loneliness, we are of meat and steel.

cat, you are the crime, all good and I am the crime in person.

I promise that if the floor falls again I hold you.

I’m not here for nothing to please.

Don’t let me go, you took a piece of my heart. I’m crazy to get back.

How many crazy sides do you have?

Some men fall in love with what they see and some women fall in love with what they hear.

I hope those who died for the cause will be right.

If I fall, get up and sing, I’m the face of Brazil.

street metaphors will teach you to be a man.

We came to spoil your party.

lust spoils me, makes me less than me.

I came from rocket, I’m just strolling.

We have hunger for life, cause and bread. But filling the refrigerator is also revolution.

If it doesn’t come to add, don’t give your opinion.

thinks what strengthens you. Light, wash what I numb you. Check, in search of the checkmate.

Pride ends with me and apparently with you too.

I drank some doses to forget you. Damn willingness to want to see you.

I don’t know what your sign is, Lady. I love you at your pace.

Let’s laugh at our critics.

I wrote your name in my entire life.

I like your phoenix way and I see how much you see yourself in me.

Let me unravel some of your double -sided heart. The whole world in team lapse.

You are my headache, I am your aspirin.

Without you, my chest bleeds. I have eyes just to see you.

I want to understand you, I want to understand myself.

I came from the Black side of the force.

releases the beat, that I follow my monk of monk.

The way I show love scares you. Hey, I’ll take my plate, before you spit.

lady, in fact, this world is a drug.

I don’t have so much time to say so much pain, but I have all the time to introduce you to love.

These are times of misery begging for love.

I am loneliness. I can’t save you from me. Give me your hand.

I don’t know who this mouth is, but if it were mine, we weren’t even here. We was in another.

well -given love does not refuse.

If it is foolish new we resolve. Faith for that.

She follows the flow, comes that we are wizard … Everything in this life has a cost.

And they have fun, Woman on Cry. Forget your ex and come to my show like American Pie.

My head tired of seeing my heart to give me work … Why do you disappear? When will it appear?

Do you want to meet someone? So give you power.

May it be eternal while soon, then take me … Your mouth absorbs me as our skin boils. Is it hot, does this infinity fit us?

I did prayer for God to protect you, but sometimes you don’t even deserve it.

I know we are worth nothing, our love Song is a joke.

I want love for those who love me and more love for those who hate me.

It seems that time never goes back.

It’s been a long time since you have delivered yourself. Just look at my eye: if you want, I want it again.

she is pure love, cacha├ža and drama.

Come beat neurosis, said it does not come back. It is always a strategy in the head to make the world eat in your hand.

May it be eternal while soon, then take me.

When we love, we bluff.

Dreaming in crazy life mode.

I will be a poet and fix my heart in each workshop.

empty ideas are puzzles.

And the heart stopped when I met you.

Who has changed life with verse and beaten knows that this game is dirty.

In the battle of life, shaman sends the best rhymes! Also check out the rap messages and quotes and let the poetry involve you.

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