55 Perfect Crush Singing to use at the time of flirt

By: Tranoniq.com

If you are without creativity and need a little help to make you notice you came to the right place. Check out the best crush singing and throw that charm to start a conversation with the person!

Cute and funny sung messages and quotes to hook the crush once and for all

You are like Google. Everything I look for, I find you.

Me + You + Kisses + Hugs = When?

Where do I leave my resume to run for the love vacancy of your life?

wanted to give you a poem … but you are the most beautiful verse that life has ever written.

The Commercial Bank of Kisses notifies that a thousand kisses have been deposited in your account. The favor of going to take them carefully.

Do you know what suits you? Me.

Promotion: Turn your mother into my mother -in -law and compete for many kisses every day.

Do you believe in love at first sight? No? So I expect I’m going to pass again.

I jumped in the water and wet, played with fire and burned myself, looked at you and fell in love.

If I find you beautiful, don’t put the blame on me. It is all your fault to be that beautiful.

If black were passion and white were affection, what I feel for you would be checked.

Do you know why there are no rats under your bed? Because on top sleep a kitten.

The Ministry of Health warns: Seeing you away from me makes me miss you.

There is a brigadeiro and a bejinho on the table. The brigadeiro rolled and fell. And the kiss, does it roll?

I already planned a lifetime for us. You just have to accept and come do everything with me.

Your hand would be more beautiful fitted into mine.

I’m not a sailor, nor dive … but I drowned in this treacherous sea called love.

It had two fish, Tebeija and Mebeija. Tebeija died. Which one is left?

Do you like chocolate? Yes? Pleasure, chocolate!

cat, I wanted to be a progressive brush, not to get out of your head and you say that I changed your life, your beautiful!

Hi … can I ask you three questions? What is your name, you want to be with me and why not?

Is your name a lie? You are very beautiful to be true.

Do you have a map? I just lost myself in the shine of your eyes.

If God did something more perfect than you, He has not sent to Earth yet.

If I were a role, would you make me out?

I wanted to be the water of your shower so that, from drop to drop, kiss your whole body.

Sorry, I’m not from here, but I wanted to know: where is the road that takes to your heart?

I want to give you a hug with a lot of delicacy, because roses are sensitive.

Do you mind if I look at you a little? I want to remember your face to use it in my dreams.

There is an emptiness in my heart that has its measurements. Want to enter?

Are you thirsty? Because I’m mouth -watering!

King is born on the throne, fish is born in the sea, I was born on earth just to love you.

your legs don’t hurt to escape my dreams every night?

I knew I knew you from somewhere … of my dreams!

If a ant bite you don’t get scared, you are sweet.

What are you doing today? Anything? How about we do anything together?

Are you good in math? Then calculates both of us together.

Nothing in life is perfect, but you are the one who comes closest to perfection.

If God did a showcase of his work, you would be on the cover.

Do you like singing? Yes? So let’s go to that one?

A mermaid near you becomes a sardine.

If we were in a desert, I would say you are a mirage.

I’m not a health plan, but if you want I end up with your needy.

My name is Arnaldo, but you can call me Naldo, because when I saw you I lost the air.

You are like a pedestrian range: respect, but I want to move forward.

What is this bombonzinho doing outside the box?

I’m not charity, but I’m here giving you soup.

Look, I hope you have a health plan, because the kiss I will give you can be fatal.

If, every time I closed my eyes, earned your kiss, I would live with your eyes closed.

And we are waiting for what to start to take? A meteor can fall to Earth at any time …

Has it ever been in the cardiologist to check the heart? My love is very strong, will you not stand it.

Research points out that agent together is grammar error, but separate people are the mistake of destination.

I wanted to be Greek, but Greek I can’t be, because Greek has several goddesses and my only goddess is you.

I used anti -faded shampoo, but I still fall with love for you.

Willingness to do what begins with S: Being the love of your life.

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