55 nail messages and quotes that extol their lioness claws

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Nails bring to your hands much of your beauty! If well cared for, they reflect a gesture of self -care and vanity and may also be a fashion article. In this sense, if you love the art of being manicure or making use of your services, you will surely love nail messages and quotes! Check it out and share this art, whether with beautiful colors or just one base!

Perfect nail messages and quotes for those who love this form of self -care

Do not leave the nails you can do today.

Only lovers of a beautiful and long nail know the pain that takes the chest when it breaks. It’s time to revolutionize the personality and take on the short and powerful!

I like to use my nails and my trip to manicure as a form of self -care. The most important thing is to always do what makes us feel better.

If I do the nails to see you is because you are important! A valuable ritual of this we do not waste.

nails bring personality to their hands so that even they become a form of expression. Express yourself!

Nails can be just another part of the body or can be a picture for a work of art, you who choose.

Always try something new, even if it is the color of the enamel.

Dangerous is really to mess with a woman with stiletto nail. I want to see having courage!

I’ve used various types of nails because I’ve been to many different stages of life. I don’t have to please anyone other than myself!

In case of stress, do the nails.

It’s not too lazy to wash the dishes, it is respect for the work of my manicure.

There are some follies where only my manicure will board.

Who loves to do nail art, does not spend a week without expressing themselves.

I was always a lioness, I just decided to take my claws! What’s the color of the week?


Enjoy nails made to mark various events in the same week. Only those who do the nails understand!

A woman with perfect nails doesn’t want war with anyone, but if you need it, she is prepared to use them as a weapon!

Nowadays, the first thing that repair man is his nails. They say a lot about how to face life. It is important that every man knows how to take care of himself.

Life is made of colors. Choose one for your nail polish.

My princess dream is not to ruin the nail polish after washing the dishes!

The day that invent the nail polish that does not spoil and the nail that does not chip, I will be fully happy!

For today: a lot of happiness, smiles and perfect nails.

nails say a lot about our personality … Stiletto, oval, square. Each style carries a way of being.

When my nails are powerful, no one can stop me!

The artistic demonstration that happens in nails sometimes goes far beyond them.

There is no better business card than a smile and perfect nails!

When the nail of the week is Stiletto, know that I am for the crime and ready for the attack!

life is not perfect, unfortunately … but your nails can be.

The only time a woman gets helpless is when her nails are drying.

So many beautiful colors, so few fingers!

Stop giving me a headache and give me a maneicure voucher! This I do good profit.

Everyone who uses oval nail carries that little desire to dare on the almond. Delicacy and elegance at the tip of your fingers!

May your Monday be short, your strong coffee and your nails receive compliments!

The color of the nail polish speaks louder than any word.

making mistakes is normal – that’s what acetone serves.

If even in the format of the nail expressed me, did you really think I would be quiet?

Do not do drama, do the nails.

In case of doubt, opt for red.

Beautiful nails do not happen by chance, they happen with scheduled time.

Each has a shape and nail type. They themselves are already part of the unique being we are.

Nail polish is just the perfect complement to a well -made nail.

I make contact with nails before contact with the eyes.

Today, after all, after a lot of therapy, I can finally say … I learned to accept that doing nails is my addiction!

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a nail.

Taking care of the nails goes far beyond the color of the nail polish that will be placed, the nails need to be healthy! Few people understand this.

Did you really think I wouldn’t turn my nails into art this week?

After your face, your hands are the first thing people notice. Keep the manicure up to date!

nail made and self -esteem goes up!

At a level of passion to take care of my nails, that my manicure has become my favorite person!

The health of nails greatly reflects the health of the body. Pay the proper attention to them.

luck is cleaning and the nail does not break!

That all envy turns into enamel.

To go to the manicure to do the nails is to meet a friend who always has time for you!

Going to manicure is an almost therapeutic gesture for many people. Why don’t you try it?

Life is too short not to color nails.

It is important to take care and beautify if this makes you feel better with yourself. To talk about another forms of production and beauty, also check out makeup messages and quotes and awaken the artist in you!

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