55 messages and quotes of indirect to friends who will rethink their friendships

By: Tranoniq.com

Cultivating a friendship is not a simple task, because the reciprocal is not always true. If you have dealt with dubious partnerships, it may be time to get rid of these people by sending a right message. So, see the best citations of indirect for friends we have selected and make a stop in the falsehood that has fed this friendship!

Indirect citations for friends who leave us from those who are not worth it

Do not confuse my friendship with colleagism.

fake friendship, just what you have to offer me.

Nothing like a Talaric friend to boycott your relationship …

Life is too short to waste time with friends who move away without justification.

To meet a friend, you need to go through success, but mainly for failure.

It is a pity that your friendship has expiration date!

I change false friendships for real and sincere connections.

You betrayed my trust knowing it was like a brother to me. Now, deal with the consequences …

Over time, we learn to be more selective in friendships.

Nothing against your friendship, but nothing in favor too …

Don’t expect from me what I don’t get from you either.

Honestly? Certain people do not deserve my friendship.

It was not indirect, but if the hood served, it must be because you are to blame in the registry.

You waste your time talking from behind as I guarantee myself in front of you.

Are you with my ex? No problem, there are people who are content with the leftovers anyway…

Sincere friendship is sought! For, of falsehood, my circle of friendships is full.

From certain friendships, I don’t even expect anything anymore, better.

says you are your friend, but disappear in difficult times.

a broken friendship never returns to its original state.

In the land of Blind, who has an eye gets smart with friend Talarico.

walked away because I preferred this way, I have my conscience clean.

Before changing by a friend, check the reciprocity of this friendship.

For me, nothing was more important than our friendship. For you, it was all a game of interests.

A false friend is the worst of enemies.

In my prayers, you are in the part of thanks… by deliverance, of course!

has disappointment with friend who no longer affects me …

I tired of friends who pretend to care about me.

is very sad when a friend becomes a complete stranger…

If friendship were money, I was full of false notes.

Sometimes we move away to reflect, sometimes because it has reflected.

Be careful with certain friends… today you hug you, tomorrow stuck you.

I don’t know what is more false: a 30 reais note or you are making a friend!

I used to dating hidden from parents, today I need to hide from Talanic friends.

It was never a good friend who narrowly broke the friendship.

I don’t make a point of many friends, I just want the real ones!

It took me, but I learned: Not everyone says it is.

False friends are infinitely worse than enemies.

Good time, time shows who is who, my friend.

from the “count on me for everything” series, no one left.

If I have had imaginary friends? No, I’ve had friends that I imagined being true.

Friends we trust most are also those with whom we are disappointed…

more true enemies than false friends.

are worth

From time to time, we need to shake the tree from friendships to fall the rotten.

Until my fake smile is more sincere than that of certain “friends”.

acting, I prefer the 21h soap opera. In your cinema, I don’t fall.

It’s no use pretending, one time or another the house falls, my friend!

I’m not that exemplary friend, but I never abandon anyone when they need me.

Today she is yours, tomorrow may be your friend. Anyway, Talaricagem!

It’s harder to have friends than enemies.

Sometimes you think you have a lot of friends, but in fact only know a lot of people.

I miss who is gone, not who chose not to be here.

Not everyone is rooting for you, avoid giving ammunition to curious friends.

Value who values ​​you! Because the rest, it only looks for you when you need.

Who does not defend your name when you are not present, is not your friend.

There is a friend who is more false than the background laughs of Silvio Santos programs.

And as much as everything seems lost, you get true partnerships! By the way, how about remembering and valuing that old friendship with our loving citations of childhood friends?