55 messages and quotes about feeling alone for those who are lost in solitude

By: Tranoniq.com

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid feeling loneliness reaching the heart. Sometimes you are surrounded by people, but even so, it insists on staying. Express your feelings so that this feeling goes away and brings you peace. So check out the best quotes about feeling alone and don’t let it take care of you!

Quotes on feeling alone that they move this pain away from your heart

It seems that I feel more alone every day and part of it is my fault, which I move away.

I would like to get rid of this feeling of always being alone, but he never leaves me. I’m looking for something I can’t name yet.

Do I feel alone because I really am or because I can’t see the people who care about me?

You may feel alone, but know that you are not. There are people who miss you.

When you are looking for something that does not know what it is, you feel more and more alone. Life needs purpose.

I saw myself without friends, without colleagues and without anyone. I was able to ward off everyone who cared about me and ended up closing even more.

People do not seem to understand that I feel alone even though they are next to them.

I didn’t want anyone to help me because I always felt I could do it alone, but it wasn’t like that and I ended up sink.

Solitude is the worst hell in life a human being can pass.

Solitude is more internal than physical. I feel alone surrounded by other people.

I didn’t give myself to loneliness, she pulled me into her abyss.

It’s so hard to feel just with people. It seems that the world is wrong and no one realizes.

Don’t feel alone. You are loved and just need to open up a little more for people.

Loneliness is so deep and so difficult to get rid I only accept.

I’m feeling so alone. Looks like you don’t care about me anymore.

When loneliness is filled with love, it begins to say goodbye gradually.

When you left me, I felt so alone. The people around me weren’t you.

My loneliness has already become my mate and she always hears me cry.

All I find is loneliness. No matter where I look, she’s there.

crying and no one hears me, I scream and no one listens to me. I feel alone all the time.

My relief shouts are not heard by anyone because I insist on isolating me, being alone all the time.

When love does not go as we plan, loneliness takes over us immediately.

I would like to have you here because only you could take the feeling of loneliness out of my heart.

I am feeling alone and this feeling drains all the willpower in my heart.

Solitude seems to be the only companion that never leaves.

When no one understands me, I realize that I am alone in this world.

Being alone is sad, boring and painful, but it is my only option now to deal with this anguish that is eroding me.

I surrendered to loneliness because it was the only way to forget you.

It seems that nothing matters anymore, nothing has color or meaning. Solitude is a maze that seems to have no way out.

Life does not stop when I feel alone and it makes me even more lonely.

I don’t like to feel alone, but this is no longer about my control.

I was always a lonely person, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to deal with the fact that I am alone in the world.

In solitude, I was able to organize my thoughts and realize what really matters in my life.

I’m tired of feeling alone, but I don’t have the strength to feel otherwise.

I don’t want to feel that way anymore and I will fight so that it never repeats in my life.

I’m not alone, I just believe I am and it ends now.

When I feel alone, I run even you because I decided to fight this feeling.

Loneliness seems so deep and I haven’t learned how to get out of it.

No one listens to my lament because I cry alone so as not to disturb others.

There comes a time when we get used to feeling alone and does nothing more to change that.

I feel alone and realize that it doesn’t just happen to me. Everyone is in the same hole.

No abandonment is as difficult as the person who promised to never leave us alone.

My heart tells me I’m alone, but I effort not to believe him.

I am used to loneliness because she understands me and welcomes me when I’m not well.

I want to feel good again, but I can only feel alone.

I feel so alone, as if this were the only thing available to me in life.

For me, it has already given. The loneliness that goes away because I don’t want to continue with her. Tired!

Solitude does not heal with the love of others. Cure with self-love.

When sadness comes, I feel alone and no one cares about me.

Being with someone just not to be alone is poorly administered loneliness.

The worst loneliness is that of the person who does not love.

Only you were able to get me out of this loneliness, this feeling that I do not deserve, being without anyone’s company.

I am not far from you and loneliness is my worst punishment.

Discreetly, I sent help signs to friends. No one helped. I turned around alone. This hardened me a little more.

I tried to ask for help, but no one heard me just confirming that I’ve always been alone.

That you can get out of this immensity that your heart is and smile again. To understand what causes this in you, check out loneliness quotes and reflect on the subject!