55 Love messages and quotes for couples who share the happiness of life for two

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It is so special to find the person who complements you, loves you and accepts you as you are. It’s like winning the love lottery. To cultivate this relationship and make the feeling grow, the statements are great requests. Surprise who you love with the messages and quotes of love for couples. Check it out and tell you how much is the reason for your happiness!

Love messages and quotes for couples who celebrate the beauty of this relationship

It is you who do until my difficult days be painted with love.

For you, I would dance tango on the ceiling, I would clean the subway tracks … I would walk from Rio to Salvador.

By your side, I can be who I am.

I’m no longer alone to face the battles of life because I have you.

Freezes your look at mine. Hide that you have already realized that all my love is your love.

everything that is bad disappears when you hold my hand and kiss my lips.

Your gaze invades my soul and see the best in me.

The universe conspires in our favor and the consequence of fate is love. Forever I will love you!

My dreams became more wonderful when they arranged with yours.

My favorite place is by your side and I want to always stay like this.

I found in you the reason for living.

It was you who introduced me to true love. I will thank you forever for loving me.

My life is separated “in before” and “after you”, because your arrival has changed everything.

The lightness of our love makes me believe it will last forever!

Peace and Love is what I want for us, and that nothing in this world shuts our voice.

If your heart wants to come to live inside mine, it will be welcome!

Our love was born to last, to transform us and make us happy.

I don’t love you like yesterday, I love it a thousand times more!

I see the future by your side and there is no fear. Anxiety increases waiting for soon to live it.

For you, I will always have a smile to offer, even if I am sad.

I don’t know how to live without your love because he is the reason for my happiness.

I never tire of saying that I love you and that I want to see you happy by my side.

When you say goodbye, even for a few minutes, my heart already jumps longing.

The heart shoots, stumbles, almost stops. I fit your smell and there I leave me whole.

I love the smell that is in me after the hours I stay in your arms.

I love you, finally, with great freedom, within eternity and every moment.

My body needs your very close to me, filling me with love and affection.

I promise to be yours, take care of you and help you realize your dreams with all my love.

God united our steps so that we could walk together and know what happiness is.

I thank God for happiness because he gave me you.

If I’m with you, the rest doesn’t matter anymore. I just want to love you!

and even those who see me reading the newspaper in the bread line knows I found you.

If we are together, the stumbles of life will not be able to take our joy.

When I saw you, I realized that my eyes had found the most beautiful view of the universe.

When you make me smile, my heart confirms me: it is you who always searched.

I fell in love with your light way to see life and the way you spread to me to do the same.

I pay whatever it takes to be with you and build our story.

For us, all the love of the world.

My heart just wants you and what I need most to complete me is to be able to love you.

In everything I look at, I see you because your master decorated every corner of my life.

Eternity already awaits us, for our love was born to last forever.

I’m here for you, for me, for us!

So good to love you and be able to fill you with the love that lives in me.

When I think what I want from life, the only thing that comes to my mind is you.

I like to see us together, happy and dreaming of our future.

Life is not as I expected, but it is better because I have you.

If love is fantasy, I find myself lately in the carnival.

Even boredom is beautiful when you are on my side.

In all my plans, I put you because I want you forever.

The gift with you is the sample that the future will be as happy as possible.

My love is yours, but I give you one more time.

Happiness has your face, smell and the strength of your hug.

Better than dreaming of you is living everyday by your side.

I want you for a whole life, because you are the only person who makes my heart be filled with love.

Happiness is to share the simplest thing of routine with you.

It’s so nice to please the person you love, isn’t it? To keep making this relationship work, check out messages and quotes of complicity in love and value the partnership between you!

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