55 God’s messages and quotes for status to share your faith in the Lord

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Social networks are great allies for those who like to spread the love of God and all their teachings. Whatever the media, technology is a bridge to take some of the Lord’s love to our contacts. And to help you, we separate beautiful messages and quotes from God for status that are short and straightforward.

God’s messages and quotes for status that can be used on all social networks

where does my strength come from? I usually call God.

Rest in the Lord and wait for him.

Keep your eyes pies in God and trust.

God is the greatest love I have ever felt.

It was in the silence of God that I found true peace.

May the will of God be done.

I can do everything that strengthens me.

God never misses. Wait and trust.

My God never fails, my God never leaves me.

He prayed because he knew that only God would understand what he felt at that moment.

God always has a larger and better plan for you.

God’s love heals all wounds.

Sometimes talking to God is all the therapy you need.

God knows what you need even before you ask.

God always hears your heart. Talk to him and will be answered.

trust God and He will do everything.

It is never too late to seek God’s love. He always awaits you.

God’s love is another level.

God is the only choice we are sure.

I thank God for everything I am.

The best gift God gave me. Life taught me how to fight for what is mine.

The world closes doors. God opens ways.

I am never alone or helpless, because God is always with me.

God will always be by your side.

God is hope in the midst of storm.

Ahead, God will surprise you. Believe me.

The fight may be great, but God is greater.

Status: Needing more from God every day.

All little ones become small near the power of God.

The secret of life is to have faith in God. That is enough.

Remember that your God is greater than your problems.

To talk to God is to give peace to our hearts.

Put God at the beginning and He will take care of the end.

There are no mistakes in God’s plans.

If you trust God to give you wings then you will fly.

The Power of God is above our understanding.

I found myself when I realized the size of God’s love for me.

God acts right by crooked lines.

Take it easy. God always knows what he is doing.

It is God who guides my steps.

God will never give you a cross that you cannot carry.

My salvation and my honor of God depend; He is my firm rock, my refuge.

The world is beautiful because God is the designer.

Rest assured. God is providing one more reason for you to smile.

When God blesses, no one curses.

Talk to God. He is eager to hear you.

God is love. All the time God is love.

When God is in charge, the impossible happens.

What some call luck, I call God.

God is that eternal peace that never leaves.

Who invests in God does not need to count on luck.

The Lord is my pastor, nothing will lack.

What life takes from you, God gives you double.

Do not put interrogation where God has already placed final point.

God: the strength of my heart.

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