55 Funny Valentine’s Day messages and quotes to laugh with your big guy

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Valentine’s Day is very special for couples because it celebrates love. It is a date full of romanticism and joy and can be even more excited if you celebrate in a unique and fun way. So we have selected the best messages and quotes of funny Valentine’s Day that will brighten your big guy or will be comforted to singles. Check it out and share!

Funny Valentine’s Day messages and quotes that will color this date

I gave up the serious relationship with you. Our bid is a relationship full of grace. Happy Valentine’s Day, reason for my loose laugh!

The worst is not being single on Valentine’s Day, but dating someone who says this is a capitalist date invented.

My love, I forgot the gift this year. Do you accept my heart as proof of my love?

When you find true love, it is impossible to forget Valentine’s Day, because it never leaves.

Dating someone who makes you feel a princess every day, not just Valentine’s Day!

Today is Valentine’s Day and luck your greatest gift is to have me in your life, your beautiful. I love you and forgive for forgetting the gift!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my love! Your gift is to spend your whole life with me.

Let’s live our love because the rest is very difficult, my love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Your love makes me fly and I know that if I fall, you will be by my side to laugh at me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s do our favorite thing on this Valentine’s Day: Get together doing nothing!

Why leave the house and pass stress if we can see a little movie and get love at home?

Let it be clear, I’m your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day, isn’t it?

Bacana Valentine’s Day. It would be even better if you get my girlfriend and let me do a lot of romantic things with you!

The most romantic date of the year also needs a little naughtiness. So, do you go?!

For you, I’m easy on Valentine’s Day and any other date!

Happy our day, my love! My gift will be to kiss my mouth all over our life.

Until finally I will know what it is like to spend Valentine’s Day dating. I was tired of not knowing what the feeling was like. Happy our day!

My love, I already chose the Valentine’s Day clothes, but I think you will like to take it better!

How to celebrate only on a date Valentine’s Day, if we have a lifetime to enjoy two, honey? There is gift!

My heart is wanting to know if you want to make it home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

My love, you are so beautiful that it looks like those wealthy people’s house doors. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Cupid has hit my heart with the arrow of eternal love, I hope he has good aim and set yours too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

When you think about what is best for you, I hope my face comes to your thought. Happy Valentine’s Day!

What are we going to have dinner today, my love? After all, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, dessert will be our love!

I don’t know how many degrees it is now, but at night it will be hot with our love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day and sent my resume to several boyfriend vacancies because I just want a love to call mine.

No need to worry about tonight because the only thing I need is you! Happy Valentine’s Day!

On Valentine’s Day, I want a gift. I was not single all this time to let this date go unnoticed.

Valentine’s Day is the date you discover that your contacts date.

Before I thought, “I prefer to be single than having a love that only lasts the month of Valentine’s Day.” Today I realized that there are more dates in the year to receive gifts yours and that is why we dated, dear!

I’m crazy about you and my only medicine is our love. As tacky as the vows of Happy Valentine’s Day is our relationship! I love you.

I want a love to spend Valentine’s Day, but not leaving when the day is over.

Another year my cupid loses the timing and leaves me alone on Valentine’s Day!

I will spend Valentine’s Day in the best company: my comforter and a little movie to not feel alone.

I don’t dating, but I sent me a flower bouquet for people to think so.

I rent a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and paid with my company so as not to spend the day alone.

I’m already needy, but on Valentine’s Day, my lack is the size of Everest.

I didn’t buy roses because I want to give you a gift that lasts the time of our love, so I bought a cactus.

I know we started dating yesterday, but you are already the love of my life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I bought a whole body pillow to pretend to be my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day!

Do you know what your evil is? Not wanting to be my good!

Passion is the cover, but love is the whole cake.

You are like Google: Everything I Look for, I find you.

You are equal to chocolate, bacon and cheese. It makes everything tastier.

I want to kidnap your heart, do your thought of hostage, and still ask a kiss as a ransom.

If you love is wrong, my biggest defect is being in love with you.

Girl, you are not the Ipanema girl, but it’s the most beautiful and free thing I’ve ever seen.

Valentine’s Day is coming … Someone has little time to fall in love with me.

true love is when he pauses a game to kiss me.

dates with me, I buy snacks for you.

There is a void in my heart and you believe it has its measurements. Want to enter and occupy your place in it?

Do you want to know who I’m in love with? Look at the first word of this sentence.

I don’t need to activate my location. Everyone knows I’m in yours.

My weak point has name, address and a beautiful smile.

I found someone who looks at me the same way he looks at a chocolate cake.

May this irreverence be always constant in your relationship to make your days lighter. See also our beautiful messages and quotes of love and declare yourself with a lot of romanticism!

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