55 Blessed Week messages and quotes for Days of Joy and Lightness

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When you have faith, life becomes easier and we see happiness in small details. If we trust the Lord’s blessings, even the impossible becomes possible. So how about spreading them to everyone who loves and wish days of great joy? See our Blessed Week messages and quotes and ask God’s graces to friends and family!

Blessed Week messages and quotes To Start on the Right Foot

God bless our week, our life and our understanding. May it never lack light on our journey!

A blessed week for you who take care of those who love and live a fair life!

God bless us in another week that begins. May your love be our foundation and our inspiration.

I wish you a blessed week, full of smiles and achievements. May you be happy every minute!

If you believe, God can do grand miracles in your life. Have a blessed week!

God gives infinite blessings to those who believe in His mercy. Have a great week!

God has prepared a blessed week for those who have faith and live their teachings of love.

God has prepared a blessed week for all of us. That we can open our hearts to all the graces it will shed.

Good morning, blessed week! May I be happy with every minute and that nothing takes me a desire to live and run after my dreams.

Good morning, blessed week! Every minute of life is precious and deserves to be lived with intensity.

God has prepared a blessed week for you and everyone you love. Just believe and give your days to Him!

Lord, bless our week and make us overflow your love!

God’s love is infinite and can transform our lives. Have a blessed week!

Do good without looking at whom. Love without asking for anything in return. Long live the paths of truth. Have a blessed week!

May our week be light, blessed, illuminated, productive and very happy!

Even facing many battles, I thank you, God, for another blessed week.

I want a light, quiet, full of love and joy and, of course, blessed by God.

We attract to our lives what we believe we deserve. Have a blessed week full of faith!

I wish a flowery week full of blessings for you!

God is our refuge and fortress, very present help in anguish. Have a blessed week!

Lord, have mercy on us; For we expect you! Be you our strength every morning, our salvation at the time of danger.

May the happiness of living and God’s blessings contain every day of your week.

Every day they are a blessing and it is up to us to honor these gifts of God. Have a great week!

May your week be full of victories and achievements, as you deserve the divine blessings of God.

God cover our night of blessings and let our week be filled with joy and love.

There is always a dawn where God renews your strength to continue. Have a blessed week!

God is greater than your problems, have faith and your week will be blessed!

satisfies us in the morning with your loyal love, and all our days will sing happy.

Talk to God every morning and ask Him to bless your week and all your steps!

delivered. Trust. Accept. Give thanks. Have a blessed week!

May the week come loaded with good news, whole joys, good people, true smiles and endless blessings.

Everything I wish for this new week: blessings, gratitude and reasons to smile.

May the week start with faith and end with blessings.

May we know how to thank you so little so that we can deserve a lot. Have a week full of blessings!

If God has filled your life with obstacles, it is because He believes in your ability to go through each one. Good night and a blessed week for you!

May God bless your week and can give you to what your heart wants, fulfilling all your dreams.

When God blesses, no one curses. Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Let the Lord guide you and give you a week full of blessings and joys.

Dear God, may we have a blessed week, full of achievements and joys. Amen!

Good morning, blessed week! May we always carry faith, love and positive thinking in our day.

Faith in God makes us believe in the incredible, see the invisible and accomplish the impossible. A great week for you!

I want to wish a good night and a blessed week for all the people I love and I have admiration. May God bless you all!

Prepare the soul that the week is full of good energy and many blessings of heaven.

worry less. Pray more. Discuss less. Forgive more. Judge less. Love more. Have a blessed and happy week!

Look at heaven and see that in all this immensity there is a God who with each new day brings us the opportunity to smile and be happy. May your week be full of blessings!

Today I asked God to bless every choice, every path set and I know that everything that is true will come. May our week be blessed!

Dear God, thanks for another blessed week that begins. Be my help at all times and my protection for any danger!

May God always be with you, but that, above all, you are always with God. A blessed week for you and your family!

Dear God, I thank you for the endless blessings and the joy of living in your presence! Bless all the steps I will take during this week.

I trust God’s mercy forever, forever.

Give God priority. He never leaves you in the background. Have a blessed week!

A blessed week is one in which we live in communion with God and His teachings.

Trust God’s Time and have a blessed week!

If your dreams are in the hands of the owner of the world, rest assured, they will not just “dreams.” Have a beautiful and blessed week!

Live with simplicity, love generously, take care of yourself and speak with kindness. Have a blessed week!

In order for you to live lighter and happier, you must have patience, slow down and not worry beyond the necessary. Get inspired by our messages and quotes of tranquility and improve your days!

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