55 birthday messages and quotes for son full of complicity

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Son is a blessing without size. It brings joy to the lives of parents, so it is very important to celebrate the day he came into the world. So record how special it is to you with a birthday message for child. Check it out and congratulate this boy who will never cease to be your baby, no matter how much it grows!

Birthday messages and quotes for son who reveal the size of their pride

Son, you illuminate my life, make me smile and give me so much joy that barely fits me. God bless your life. Cheers!

You can be sure that the person who hopes most for you is me. Fly loudly, my boy, and your dreams come true. I will always be here for you. Happy Birthday!

I have a responsible, intelligent, friendly and fun child. You are too much, my boy. Who would say that those first steps would take you so far. Congratulations on your birthday!

My only wish is that you are happy regardless of where you are, my son. Congratulations for another year of life!

Being your mother is the realization of my big dream. I do and do everything to always see you happy and smiling. Since the first time I saw you, I knew you would be amazing in everything you did. Congratulations, puppy!

That Jesus gives you many, many years of life, as well as much health, a lot of joy and a lot of peace. May He raise the most grand dreams in your heart and show that you can go beyond what you think when you use the Lord in prayer. Always count on me, son. Congratulations!

Your smile is what illuminates my life. May Jesus allow him to always shine wherever he is, my boy. Congratulations on another lap around the sun. I love you.

You are much more than I dreamed, my son. God blessed me a lot with your life. May you continue like this, full of joy, bringing hope wherever it goes. Happy Birthday!

I look at you and I just feel love. Being your father is an amazing adventure that I love to discover a new chapter every day. Congratulations on your birthday, my boy!

I want to always see you smiling, always having fun and always doing what you like. Your smile illuminates our life. May Jesus bless your new cycle, son!

I only ask God to take care of you, my son. For the rest, I thank you because you are the best thing in my life. I know it will do great things. Congratulations, champion!

I remember when you were born and completed our family. Keep growing and writing your own story. We are proud of who you became. Happy Birthday, Son!

Another year of life for you, my boy. You are so special and I hope you never forget that. Everyone who knows you knows about their value. Happy Birthday!

Time has gone flying and you’re already so big. I love to remember all your phases, son, and I can’t wait to follow the next. Be happy, my boy. Happy Birthday. I love you!

Nothing makes me as well as seeing you happy, son. So do everything you like, be responsible as it has always been and enjoy life a lot. I’m sure you will go far. Happy Birthday!

Today is a party day because it is my son’s day. Congratulations! May you always keep this beautiful and sincere smile on your face. I love you.

I will make God fulfill his desires, fill you with happiness, and show you the right way. Great things happen to those who love His Word as you. My congratulations, son. You are my gift from God!

You have become such a responsible adult! How proud of you, my son. Happy Birthday. I love you infinitely.

Run after your dreams and know that I will always be cheering for you, son. Happy birthday. I love you so much and forever.

How beautiful it is to see you grow and celebrate your life. Your arrival has changed my existence forever. From the first moment, I had no doubt that it would be a big name. Happy Birthday, my son!

Be optimistic about the future and believe that you can, my son. You are strong and very struggling. Congratulations on your day!

I hope your birthday is fun, cheerful and full of dear people. You deserve only the best, my son. Congratulations!

I am ready to celebrate with you with great joy. Today is a party day, the day when happiness revealed to me your face and I took you like mine for the first time. CHECK, SON! Smile and love so much. You still have a lot to conquer. Congratulations!

Grow, find out the world and know that I will always be here giving you support and cheering for you. Happy Birthday, my beloved son!

For you, I make myself, I fight, I play and do everything. May you find what will make you happy in this life, my son. Congratulations!

I wish your day to be colorful and lively. A real party! Congratulations, my son. May God bless you and guide your steps.

You are my beloved son for whom I pride. Your trajectory is beautiful and so your face … congratulations on your birthday and for being so amazing!

You are my whole world. Never forget how much you are loved. Be happy in this new cycle, my son!

It’s not just because you’re my son, but I proudly die of everything you do, because you’re good at everything. Happy Birthday and always continue like this!

My son, you fill me with pride every second. I know you will have a lot of achievements in life and I will be here hoping for each one. Congratulations on another birthday!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year: your birthday. Congratulations son! May you continue full of health, strength and dreams!

Son, you can see that you put your heart into everything you do. Continue as soon as life will be more beautiful. Congratulations on your day!

I wish your life to be always special and that you have amazing experiences every day. Congratulations, son!

May every moment of your life be wonderful and may you realize all your dreams, my boy. Congratulations, puppy!

I created you to the world and I want to see you flying with your own wings. Happy birthday, son! I love you so much!

Today is a very happy day, because it is the day I celebrate your arrival in this world. You have changed and cheered everything here. Congratulations, son!

To be sorry for the other parents, but you are the most beautiful son in the world. Happy birthday! May you always grow healthy and joyful!

May you feel a lot of love on this birthday and be very happy throughout your new cycle. I love you, son!

Feel my hug coming to tell you how much I love you, my boy. May you be happy, be independent and have beautiful memories in your life. Happy Birthday!

The whole house is in celebration because it is your day, son. Celebrate, smile, be light and have fun with life. Cheers!

It’s been a long time since you are no longer a child, but it remains my baby. Happy birthday, son. Grow with joy and wisdom!

Your life will be beautiful, as you are sincere with yourself and put your soul into everything you do. Listen to your heart and go towards happiness. I am here hoping for every achievement of yours. Congratulations on your day!

Today you are already a man, but it will always be my boy I take care of, pamper and care. Congratulations son. I love you so much!

The day is beautiful because it’s your birthday, son. You are special for everyone who knows you. Always live with a lot of faith. Congratulations!

Son, have faith in you and in life! You will have great achievements and I will celebrate all with you. Congratulations!

Let’s celebrate with cake, soda and a lot of party. Congratulations, my son! May you be happy, feel loved and always be blessed!

I passed you to wish you much happiness and say that you are the best part of my life. I love you, son!

May your dreams come true and that you are not afraid to risk. Those who risk always goes further. Congratulations, my son!

Just as I realized my dream when you were born, I wish you make yours for a lifetime. Happy Birthday, my son!

You are the biggest blessing I have ever won in my life. Happy birthday, my boy! I love you and I want to see you smiling with sincerity and joy.

Have a wonderful year and what amazing surprises cross your way in this new phase. Congratulations, my beloved son!

You evolve so much in your life and I watched everything closely. You are my greatest pride. Congratulations on your day. I love you!

Seeing you growing lightly and joy is my greatest gift. I love you, son! Congratulations on your birthday.

I hope you have breathtaking joys, emotions to make your heart jump. The important thing is to live fully. Cheers, my son!

We have always been friends and my wish is that it never changes, son. Besides, I know things will work out for you. Happy Birthday!

The important thing is always to say how much you hope for your boy’s happiness, and that will make all the difference in his life. See also messages and quotes for blessed child and tell how much he rejoices you!

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