55 birthday messages and quotes for myself to celebrate life

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It is undisputed that the birthday is a very special date for the birthday girl. It is a time to reflect on past, present and future, adjust goals and celebrate existence. To celebrate this day in a unique way, check out these birthday messages to myself who express the joy of this day and express the wishes for the new stage!

Birthday messages and quotes for myself who overflows self-love and gratitude

Congratulations to me, who have become a strong, authentic, brave and resilient person! That this new phase also develops my best version.

In recent years I only know the delights and pains of what I lived. So today I want to be the first to congratulate me. Happy Birthday to me!

The best of a birthday is to look back and see how many battles have been overcome along the way. I feel victorious for each of them. Congratulations to me!

Life so far was not easy and I know it won’t be, but the whole process is worth it. Growing up is always a learning! Happy Birthday to me.

With each passing year I feel more proud of the woman I’m becoming. May more amazing experiences come. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday to me! From now on, I promise to transform my existence, be someone better for myself and everyone who lives with me.

Congratulations to me! May this new cycle be even more amazing than the previous ones and that I always have confidence in my potential.

Happy birthday to me! That on this birthday I can rescue the energy of youth and preserve the wisdom of the best age. Living is an eternal to find out!

I confess that I am afraid of the future and everything to come, but I prefer to trust the process and believe that everything can be surprising. Happy Birthday to me!

May every error be repaired, that all lack is filled, the failures become learning and that this new cycle is fantastic. Congratulations to me!

The best way to live is to understand that life is quick and our greatest priority must be our joy. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday to me! May the joy of this day extend through my journey and that I can transmit it to I love and accompany me.

Happy birthday to me! This year’s request is that I know how to find love and happiness in myself. Complete is a matter of being!

On this birthday, I want to celebrate love, faith, friendship and life as it really is: wonderful! Congratulations to me.

The last year made me understand that I need to enjoy every second of life and that’s what I will do from now on. Happy Birthday to me!

When we learn to send to the universe everything we want, life becomes lighter and receptive with our dreams. Congratulations to me!

Today I have twenty -time that the most important person of my life has come in the world to shine and rock. Happy Birthday to me!

Congratulations to me! Today I complete another year of life and I just have to thank for all the struggles and achievements that I have lived here.

Happy birthday to me, that I am the very light of my days since I was born!

In the last year I cried, smiled, loved, suffered and learned many things, that this is repeated in this new phase. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday to me! May this new journey have many smiles and adventures so that I can experience the best of life.

Life has just added 365 more opportunities in my account, I will enjoy as a millionaire. Congratulations to me!

By erasing the candles today, I will wish that every dream becomes real and that there is victory in all the struggles. Happy Birthday to me!

A new year begins in my life and I wish to be able to begin with much self-love and self-confidence. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday to me! I want to celebrate this day with a lot of party, abundance, animation and love with the side of those I like. Life needs to be celebrated!

Congratulations to me! I am completing another year of life and I ask God to allow me to complete many more. I want to experience life in its completeness!

Dear I, so that this new phase is amazing, plant good things and take from your life everything that does not add. The future promises. Happy Birthday!

My favorite day of the year has arrived: my birthday, and I want to want infinite achievements and adventures. Congratulations to me!

The greatest lesson in life is to teach that it must be shared with those who have love to offer. Happy Birthday to me!

Today a very special person completes another year of life and I am grateful for everything they represents. Congratulations to me!

Let me never forget that the greatest wealth I can have is to be able to live imperfect life as it is. Happy Birthday to me!

Congratulations to me! May the new time that begins can bring me personal satisfaction in every way. I deserve to be happy!

Today the day dawned sunny and beautiful, I feel that this moment is a gift from God. Happy Birthday to me!

Despite the ups and low, today my heart overflows gratitude. The journey has never been easy, but all the achievements and love I have received so far make up for everything. Congratulations to me!

Thank you, family, for loving me and thank you, my God, for taking care of me as the girl of your eyes. Happy Birthday to me!

I won’t give up, I won’t be discouraged, I won’t stop because I know I deserve to win. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday to me! My goal in this new phase is to be more resilient and fight hard for everything I believe.

The birthday is mine, but I want to thank everyone who is by my side. You make my days better and happier! Congratulations to me and me too!

Happy birthday to me! I am convinced that everything I have learned so far will contribute to my future being promising.

Congratulations to me, that over the years I have struggled to make my life a best selle. May another chapter come!

I had to rebuild myself many times after a few storms, but after each one I became even more amazing. Happy Birthday to me!

Today I woke up radiant as I am completing another year of life. Happy Birthday to me! May life be an eternal celebration.

Happy birthday to me! That I never lack health and determination to go in search of my goals. I know I’m able to achieve what I want!

Congratulations to me! In this last year, I learned that life never closes doors for those who know how to find other exits.

My only wish today is to live this day with I love, with health, peace and much love. Happy Birthday to me!

Today is a special day, because it’s my birthday! This date always reminds me of how grateful I am for everything I have. Congratulations to me!

Patience to enjoy the days and courage to face whatever comes, that’s all I ask. Happy Birthday to me!

May God protect me and keep me from the wickedness of those who do not want to see me well and that this cycle be blessed. Congratulations to me!

The time has come to take a deep breath and enter a new phase of life. Happy Birthday to me!

I am infinitely grateful for achieving everything I have. I love my work, I love my family and value everything I became. Congratulations to me!

Another year, one more phase, more experiences, loves and joys are coming and I do not want to lose swimming. Happy Birthday to me!

Today God presented me with amazing things: another 1 day and 1 year of life. May he be with me at all times. Congratulations to me!

Happy birthday to me! I am grateful for all the surprises and adventures that life has provided me with. Ready to enjoy each opportunity!

Congratulations to me! That are not lacking reasons to celebrate in this new phase filled with mysteries to unravel.

It is essential to celebrate the privilege of another year of life. The birthday always carries emotions such as joy, enthusiasm and hope that recharge you for a new phase.

In addition, it is extraordinary to come back to yourself and realize how much you have developed, how much you have been loved and how many joys have experienced over the years. It’s a day to feel special!

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