51 Silence messages and quotes for you to express yourself without saying anything

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At certain times, silence is more valuable than a speech. For example, when we are angry and are silent, we avoid talking something without thinking, or when we can communicate with our gestures and looks, we do not need words.

But there are people who do not understand that some things need not be said. Thinking about it, we made a list of silence messages and quotes to show that we can express ourselves even without saying anything.

messages and quotes of silence and wisdom

Being able to stay silent even when we are thinking of various things is an attitude of the wise people. Check out the messages and quotes we selected about silence and wisdom:

Silence is the greatest wisdom of man.

There is such a profound wisdom in silence that sometimes it becomes the most perfect answer!

The silence of the sensible is to acquire wisdom, the silence of the fool is to corrupt.

Often wisdom hides in silence.

Wisdom is watered by silence and its fruits are harvested by wisdom.

Sometimes you need to silence, get out of the scene, and expect the wisdom of time to finish the show.

The gift of the word is beautiful, but the wisdom of silence is perfect.

Sometimes it is in silence that the wisest voices arise in your thinking.

Remember the Wisdom of Water: It never argues with your obstacles, it simply surrounds them.

wise is the one who makes silences heard.

Love Silence messages and quotes

In this category, you will find messages and quotes that prove that love is a feeling that can be demonstrated in silence. See the messages and quotes that talk about this and put them into practice in your life.

If silence try to shut up, know that love will give us words to act.

A love in silence must scream in attitudes.

In love, silence is the word that precedes the kiss.

In the silence of us, love screams, and makes music!

To be strong is to love in silence and transmit only through the eyes what the heart feels and cannot say.

A good hug replaces any word, because in silence we can hear the hearts declaring themselves.

In silence they inhabit the most beautiful love songs.

Because even his silence, looking at me, it’s beautiful.

We could be in complete silence that it would still be magical to be with you.

The most sincere promises of love are said in the silence of a kiss and the brightness of a look.

Silence messages and quotes of the look

By our gaze, people can realize what we are thinking, what we are feeling and what we mean. So we chose messages and quotes that talk about the silence of the look and everything we can express by it.

The most beautiful messages and quotes of love are said in the silence of a look.

Silence consents, the smile confirms and the look speaks.

My silence shouts, my gaze delivers, but no one notices.

The silence of the look can reveal much more than you imagine.

There are hurts that are hidden in the silence of a look.

In the intensity of a look, the silence of a thousand words are discovered.

My eyes say things that my mouth does not speak.

I love you in the silence of my words, but in the screams of my gaze I reveal how much I want you.

a look and the brevity of a smile for me to know that it would be love forever.

just one look, and in his silence he says everything we need to hear.

Short Silence messages and quotes

The short sentences we choose about silence are perfect for you to use in the status of your social networks or for you to share with your friends. Check it out:

Silence is the prayer of the wise.

Silence is gold and is often the answer.

If everyone knew the value of words, they would value silence.

Silence is one of the most difficult arguments to rebut.

The best response to slander is silence.

My silence says everything, hear who wants.

I prefer the silence of the wise than the words of the fools.

Silence is so contradictory: sometimes relieves, sometimes suffocates.

We can heal any pain with two medicines: time and silence.

Silence is a great way to observe life.

Worse than a shut -out voice, it is the silence that speaks!

God’s Silence messages and quotes

Talking to God is the greatest proof that it is possible to communicate by silence and usually to hear what He has to say we need to have this moment of calm. See here the messages and quotes we chose about this:

In silence, God speaks.

God taught me that silence is also an answer.

God is silent because He knows the right time for everything, even to speak to us.

God’s silence is not forgetfulness, but teaching.

Do not confuse God’s silence with his disapproval. Learn to wait.

Faith is to believe that God is present when we hear only silence.

True faith supports God’s silence.

God’s silence taught me that I need to trust even without understanding.

In silence, God is taking care of something that will make your heart dance to the sound of his love.

Silence is not cowardice, it is wisdom of those who have learned to trust God.

After checking out the sentences of silence and having started thinking about your attitudes, nothing better than another list with messages and quotes to reflect and evaluate your ideas. You will like it!

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