51 messages and quotes from Caio Fernando Abreu who present his work

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Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters.

That is not lacking good feelings. That we lack selfishness. That about patience. That we do not lack hope. May each path chosen reserve us good surprises. May each of us hear every advice given by an older person. That we do not want to smile. May none of us forget the strength you have. That there is no lack of faith and love.

I’m moving away from everything that delayed me, deceives me, holds me and retains me. I’m approaching everything that makes me complete, makes me happy and who wants me well.

It was very beautiful to see you for the first time and think, without words: I want.

rather the restlessness of a love, than the peace of an empty heart.

and we remember. And it no longer hurts. But you miss you.

My heart is injured from loving wrong.

and if I look at you a hundred times, believe me, in each of them I will be falling in love a little more.

I feel jealous when someone hugs you, because for a second this person is holding my whole world.

If tomorrow what I dreamed is not well, I take a rainbow from the top hat. And I redo. Lap. Pinto and edge. Because the force from the inside is greater. Greater than all evil in the world. Larger than all the contrary winds. It is greater because it is good. And in that, yes, I believe until the end.

I confess I need smiles, hugs, chocolates, good movies, patience and things like that.

There are things from us that are neither defect nor error, they are just the way we are.

I think we have to win. Or fight. And be fine. Happy. To create. To do. Move. I hate self -destruction.

TE ME. We should not lose, we are so few, my friend. Take care of you, do not suffer without need, want me well. I want you well.

I was always a little rough, closed, I always had difficulty receiving love. In fact, I always needed affection, but before I didn’t admit it.

I learned to like to live and be happy.

And I believe in the mechanism of infinity, making everything happen at the exact time.

Of course it gives me a fear of turning into a intoxicated creature of written words – I have future visions where I see myself closed in a place with books covered with books, who knows cats, a sound and nothing else. My heart is injured of loving wrong, do you understand me?

After I started taking care of the garden I learned so much, one of them should not decree the death of a sunflower ahead of time. And that the plants feel pain, like us.

I need security, love, understanding, attention, someone who feels with me and say, “Calm down, I’m with you.”

There is so much to do and be written and lived that I find beast wasted time.

It’s time to do everything you always wanted. And it’s wonderful to see that everything you always wanted is simple, beautiful, affordable, easy and good.

I hate circuses. By the way I hate everything that delights me and then leaves.

I don’t even keep money, I will store grudge and hurts?

Isn’t I thinking something else of big people? This is like this: everything that looks a little silly is always very beautiful, because there is no complication. Simple thing is beautiful. And there is very little.

Today I woke up to live, get up and move on.

I discovered delicious things about me, such as a superficial and lies could never stand to be close to me.

(…) Save me from the work of guessing your thoughts. Tell me you want me only when it is true. I will not ask you anything. I won’t charge you what you can’t give me.

In any case, discovering that literature, this goddess-cadeira, is the thing I have loved most in life.

After several storms and wrecks, what remains in me is increasingly essential and true.

First what passion must be discreet, silent, centered. If you start spreading to the seven winds, it craves, go wrong.

Deliver me everything that wages the laughter.

At least I’m alive. In motion, walking around, losing or winning, taking pound, trying to love.

No matter how many coins you play at the source or the number of fingers you cross, if it is not to be, it won’t be!

But of all this, I got such good things. A good memory of you, a desire to take better care of me, to be better for me and others.

Another thing I think when I remember those pink grapes is that, in life, the sweeter things cost a lot to mature.

In a desert of also deserted souls, a special soul immediately recognizes the other.

The seed refused to come to light, I didn’t always have time or desire to water it, and it didn’t rain anymore-that’s what happened.

Suddenly we are on a corner, on another planet, in the middle of a party or a pit, we find ourselves, I’m sure.

Increase the volume. Or turn off forever, do you understand me?

Much that seemed important or significant yesterday will become dust in the memory filter. But the smile … Ah, this will resist all the trap of time.

I believe this girl, deep down, likes these things: to fall in love, to throw herself in a river where she doesn’t know if she can swim.

We do not realize that life is a gift, that health is a blessing. People are very distracted from this.

explains to me that sometimes I’m afraid. I stop having, like now, when the wind ceases and the sun beats the green again. Even without understanding, I want to continue here where it is constantly dawning.

I think I’m quite strong to get out of all the situations I entered, although it was weak enough to enter.

hunting butterflies in empty stomachs, mirroring that addictive laugh in the windows of cars and puddles.

Because deep down I know that the reality I dreamed sank into a glass of cacha├ža and turned utopia.

When you miss a person too much, then you start seeing it in each other, everywhere.

I have been trying to learn to be humble. To swallow the noons that life stucks me down the throat below.

What if I changed my destination on a magic pass? (…) Strange, but it is always as if there was behind free will a fixed, predetermined script that cannot be violated.

Because there comes a time when you have to choose life.

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