50 Valentine messages and quotes for Status that demonstrates intimacy

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It is so good to find someone to build a healthy and love relationship. You get along, talk about everything, feed dreams for the future and really love each other. Let the world know this relationship with the boyfriends messages and quotes for status. Check it out and fill your timeline with passion and statements!

Valentine messages and quotes for status that declare your happiness

My love for you is the gift God has given me and I want to keep you forever.

It is not easy to cultivate a healthy relationship, but when there is true love, everything is possible, everything is lighter.

Love and happy moments overcome all the difficulties we need to face to continue together.

We are a pair who supports, encourages and loves. I love you!

I dream of us and, when I wake up, I am happier because I know we are doing something even more beautiful.

I’ve been wrong in this life, but giving our relationship a chance was not one of them.

There are no fights that can push us or make our love decrease.

I will lend you my eyes to see how amazing the way I see you.

Dating is too good because you will never do simpler things alone.

Being your pair is the best thing that happened to me because I no longer needed to walk alone.

The best part of dating is having someone making you affectionate while you are doing anything together.

Your love is mine, my love is yours and together we will make them grow even more.

Destiny united us and we chose to stay together because we believe in both of us.

I never surrendered to someone because I was afraid, but to you, I donated me in full.

Our relationship scares me to the same extent as it makes me happy and I love to live this emotion by your side.

In addition to boyfriends, we are friends and that is what makes a difference in our relationship, because we know how to respect each other.

I say yes to our love and see us aging together sharing the strength of this feeling.

Time can pass and everything change, but what we feel for each other will always remain.

It has to have respect, have to have partnership and, especially, love must prevail.

I like to think about the future with you, but I even like to enjoy the gift we are living.

Our love is a precious jewel that is being cut in the routine with much love and affection.

I like our routine together and be by your side, giving and receiving your affection.

I have doubts about so many things, but none about our relationship.

I found a love for my life when I saw my best friend my boyfriend.

Among all the smiles I’ve ever seen, yours was the only one that lit the light of my heart.

When I think of love, it’s just your face that appears in my mind and my mouth automatically speaks your name.

I dream of the life we ​​want, while I thank you for having a life together.

we are that couple that not everyone believed, but we had faith in us, so we worked so well.

Anyone who took his place would be a weak substitute.

You may not have been my first love, but it was love that made all other loves irrelevant.

Our love does not wear out because we know the value we have for each other.

Far from you is all or so. If I win the world without you, I’m losing!

If you don’t take too long, I can wait for it all my life.

I love you with everything I am and as I grow. My love for you also grows.

Wherever I go, I want to be your pair.

It is you who fill the empty life, send the agony away, and that brought peace to the heart.

When I think of us, I see a beautiful future waiting for us and I am more anxious to live it with you.

Your lap is my shelter.

I am learning to love him loving me.

One day, we will look back and realize that we were happy and we can be even more.

There are times when I waste myself without you here, then I remember: It’s so far from me. And my heart shouts: But it’s inside.

Take me wherever, hold my hand, because I know you will be my direction.

My safe haven is your hug and I feel that nothing can shake our love when I am with you.

broke my routine, gave birth to what I didn’t have!

Peace and Love is what I want for us and that nothing in this world shuts our voice.

There may be a thousand reasons to smile, but my favorite will always be you and our love.

I gave you my heart, you took care so well.

Before you was so lonely, now I’m so sunset.

Everyone has a person, that person, who makes you forget all the others.

Life is full of sparkles, smiles and colors since you arrived and showed me love.

May happiness be a constant in the lives of the two lovebirds. To cultivate what really matters, check out your relationship confident messages and quotes and create a solid foundation for your love!

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