50 Tumblr overcoming messages and quotes for you to rock the updates

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Tumblr is a blog in which you can post what you prefer, from texts to images and videos. However, what is very successful there – and other social networks – are those small messages and quotes that reflect your mood at the moment. So how about taking a look at the Tumblr overcoming messages and quotes that we have separated especially for you?

Tumblr messages and quotes to turn around

As hard as it may be, I will forget you and move on.

If some people move away from you, don’t be sad, this is a answer to the prayer: Deliver me from all evil, Amen.

Who is born a warrior does not die a coward.

Each situation in life is a learning, so look at all with great affection.

We don’t have to forget or overcome, just deal with the lessons they left for us.

Accepting a difficult time is the beginning to overcome it.

Maybe I can’t get over it alone, but I know I count on you to help me.

What if I can’t overcome this? What if I can never trust and fall in love with anyone again?

Love, believe me, think, scream, dream, win, fight, battle, have strength, focus, have faith. Smile and thank God for another day.

You don’t overcome someone who marked your life. You just keep it with love in your heart.

What does not cause my death makes me stronger.

really beautiful is this thing of life: one day, when least expected, we go out. And comes closer to who – actually – we are.

With the disappointments of life, I make my staircase for overcoming.

If life gives you lemons you make a juice, if it gives you disappointments you learn from them and turn around.

Don’t stop! God already aligned a breakthrough for every setback you have suffered, a reward for every injustice, a new beginning for every disappointment.

If you turned the page, I burned the book!

You are stronger and more capable of what you think. Believe me!

I started to overcome you … I no longer feel that tightness in my chest as I pass your work, no longer change music when you are playing something that reminds me of you.

I loved, I regretted it, I surpassed and now I’m here!

For every game over there is an again play.

My strength is in solitude. I’m not afraid of either timely rain, nor of the great loose winds, because I am also the dark of the night.

One day, when least expected, we surpass.

laughing at yourself is also a way to overcome the past.

As much as it may be, there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome with faith, hope and persistence.

The cut may be deep, but over time heals.

Yesterday one told me that overcoming is not feeling anything, on the contrary, it is to feel something for the person and yet not running.

Overcoming is not always to forget, it is often to keep the good things in the heart and move on without looking back.

Never blame yourself or feel stupid for removing someone from your life. If a person ignores his feelings, idiot is her. And stupid people need to leave.

matured with the passage of damage.

I cried no one else needed to know about my pain, so I smiled!

Your mistakes do not represent you, but what you have learned from them.

After a fall, I will get up with a beautiful smile and will continue to walk, run after my dreams, run after my life, fight for my goals I will, I will.

When the rain passes, when time opens, open the window and see I am the sun.

It’s not easy, but everything in life is overcome.

Continue to swim. Keep swimming. Continue to swim, swim, swim. What will we do? We swim, we swam.

Everything you see is not the same as what we saw a second. Everything changes all the time in the world.

The future is the home of our deepest fears and our greatest hopes, but one thing is certain: when it is finally revealed, it is never as we imagine.

Well, love, you are like fireworks. Come on, show them their value.

Leave all your love and your yearning back. You cannot take it with you if you want to survive.

Oh, yes, the past can hurt, but you can run from it or learn from it.

Pain: You just have to survive her, expect her to leave alone and that the wound that caused her Sare.

Everyone says that when you fall, you need to learn to get up, but they never told me that after getting up, you need to walk as if you have no pain.

We can’t have everything. What would be the grace of the world if it were so? So I prefer smiles. And the gifts that life brought close to me.

You knock me down, but I won’t fall. I’m from Titanium.

When you are sad, let it be for a day and not all year round; And that you find out that laugh is good, but that laughing at everything is despair.

Imagine a new story for your life and believe it.

Difficulties prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destinations.

doesn’t mean I’m over just because you are gone. What doesn’t kill you strengthens you.

In the end, the day you left was my beginning.

Just like everyone who witnesses dark times like this, but it is not for them to decide, what is up to us to decide what to do with the time we are given.

What did you think of all these messages and quotes overcoming tumblr? You already have good options to update your blog. And if you need to remember that soon the clouds go away and the sky shines again, don’t be afraid to reread all the suggestions. Now, enjoy and also see the reflection messages and quotes Tumblr.

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