50 Tumblr couple messages and quotes to rock social networks

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A relationship gets even stronger when watered with affection, dedication, reciprocity and wonderful declarations of love. There are several ways to demonstrate your feelings, but all have something in common: a beautiful phrase showing the importance of love in your life! So read our Tumblr double messages and quotes, find the one that suits you best and thrill your crush!

Tumblr couple messages and quotes to make the heart of your love beating stronger

Good thing for both of us just just us.

I made your smile my favorite image.

You take care of me, I take care of you, we take care of yourself.

I think we belong in some way.

I wait for you on the altar, in front of who doubted us!

I forgot to tell you the happy part of the story, that’s when you arrived.

There is a piece of you in everything I do.

Trust me, I would walk in the rain at three in the morning, just to see you.

may be silly moments, but for me they are very important.

I’m at a serious risk of living forever with you.

There is no distance in the world that separates two hearts that are desired so well.

I saw in your gaze, everything I need for me.

ei, love, I am with you regardless of the caƓ.

You fit so well inside my heart that you may have no shape of people, but of love.

You are the realization of a dream, it is my peace on calendar days and my truth in a world surrounded by lies.

the love that gives me, I still return you with interest.

If you go wrong, we find a way. Break, we fix it. If it messes up, we fix it. And if all is over, we start over.

and maybe everything I need is your affection, your care, your kisses and your hugs.

My eyes are fans of your smiles.

The moments that I pass by your side are always the best.

There is so much that I want to live with you.

I can’t spend a day without thinking about you.

And with every new smile of yours, I will be happy to love you.

When the lights went out, you gave me your hand and guided me in the dark.

From our love only we know, just we understand!

Things may be difficult, but it’s quiet. You are worth it!

I discovered what it is to love for the touch of your kisses.

Even though I am far, I will always be with you.

My goal is to stay several decades beside you.

Your love made the world more beautiful and made me learn to look at our relationship in an infinite way!

I already started to realize the effect you have on me.

You are the most beautiful poetry I ever wanted to write.

I secretly cheer for us to work.

is my side that is not lacking love.

I still remember the nights in clear when my heart prayed to God for someone like you.

And there are those who say that when it comes to you, even my eyes smile.

I do not measure, distance. I do anything not to lose you.

Ostentation is going to sleep with a silly smile of happiness because of a corresponded love.

I have one certainty with me: God made you to me!

In the middle of my mistakes, my hit was you!

Nothing separates what was born to be eternal!

You are that good thing in the middle of my mess.

I never tire of planning a life with you.

The whole universe conspires in our favor.

It is by your side that I find everything I need to be happy!

I just want to say that you are my favorite thing from the world.

Because when you hug me, the world spins slowly.

among a thousand others, you. Among a thousand smiles, yours. Among a thousand loves, ours.

Having chosen you was my best choice.

That’s it, your hand in my hand, in a connection that has no explanation.

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