50 Taylor Swift messages and quotes Perfect for Swifties on duty

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One of the greatest singers of today, Taylor Swift has a legion of fans and a series of awards accumulated between Grammys and American Music Awards. With striking lyrics, their songs talk mainly about loving relationships. Want to know more about the blonde world? So read these Taylor Swift messages and quotes and enjoy listening to your most famous albums!

Taylor Swift messages and quotes showing the genius of the singer

There is a stunning aura, a mysterious tone in you, dear. I have known you for 20 seconds or 20 years?

I already love you for three summers, dear, but I want them all.

When you are young, they deduce that you know nothing.

You drew stars around my scars, but now I’m bleeding.

I knew you would haunt all my “and if”.

I’m begging you to get my hand, ruin my plans, this is my man!

The more you talk, the less I know. Wherever you go, I will follow.

Show me the places where the others left you with scars.

But we were something special, don’t you think? In the early twenties, playing coins in the pool and, if my wishes had come true, it would have been you.

You know, the best movies of all time have never been made.

If you never bleed, you will never grow. And it’s okay now.

One day, when you leave me, I bet these memories will follow you everywhere. You will see me in retrospective.

I persisted and resist the temptation to ask you, if one thing was different would everything be different today?

I think I’ve seen this movie before and I didn’t like the end.

I’ve never done it before, but I can see us lost in memories.

August went away as a sip of a bottle of wine, because you were never mine.

There will be happiness after you, but there has been happiness for you. Both can be true.

You look like my next mistake. Love is a game, do you want to play?

Because, dear, I’m a dreammake dressed in a dream.

And I know this was a long time ago and that magic is no longer here. I may be ok, but I’m not well.

and I know I make the same mistakes every time, the bridges burn, I never learn.

I hope never lose you, I hope this never end.

You are still in me like a wine -stained dress that I can no longer wear.

Please don’t be in love with someone else. Please don’t have anyone waiting for you.

Demons throw the data, angels roll their eyes. What doesn’t kill me, makes me want you anymore.

I love you, this is not the worst thing you have ever heard?

grabbing my death and I wasn’t sure. I had such a peculiar feeling that this pain would last forever.

I know that paradise is real, I go there when you touch me, dear. And hell is when I fight with you.

Once upon a time, a few mistakes ago, I was in your view, you got me way. You found me.

You ruined my life for not being mine.

I was standing in the cliff shouting: Give me a reason! Your unfaithful love is the only farce I believe.

and it is not so beautiful to think that all this time existed any invisible rope tying you in me?

The journey was infernal but took me to Paradise.

Because I haven’t moved for years and I want you right here.

The words you whispered so we only know. You said you loved me, so why left?

No Rules in Breakable Heaven. (No rules in fragile paradise).

Your Faithless Love’s The Only Hoax I Believe In. (Your unfaithful love is the only farce I believe.)

you knew the password so i let you in the door.

Don’t Want No other Shade of Blue But You. In the other Sadness in the World Would. (I don’t want any other shade of blue beyond you. No other sadness in the world would serve.)

‘Cause She’s the Kind of Book That You Can’t Put Down. (Because she’s the kind of book you can’t let go.)

i know that you and i will’ve found each other in another life. (I know you and I would have found each other in another life.)

i Pay the Price of What I Lost. (I pay the price of what I lost.)

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