50 single messages and quotes for you who want to enjoy life alone

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Everyone has gone through singleness. Some pass this phase seeking a love to fall in love, others enjoy as if they were going to die tomorrow. The important thing is to know how to live every phase of life and extract the best of every moment!

For single ones, those who enjoy as if every day was a weekend, the ballad is the sacred place. Going out with friends, drinking and getting general can be the mantra of some, but crying for the crush and waiting for the enchanting prince can be too! With that in mind, we have separated 50 single messages and quotes for you who are unimpeded. Check it out:

Funny Single messages and quotes

Sometimes laughing the problem may be the solution. Check out these funny single messages and quotes we have separated!

I got tired of being alone, so I’m single!

No, I’m not single. I’m in a long distance relationship because my boyfriend lives in the future.

There’s crazy for everything. Less to date me!

In this circus called single life, there is a lot of clown and unusual.

My love life is more stopped than dengue water.

Prince enchanted from horse? This is coming from Jegue!

marital status: too sedentary to run after someone.

If I already took one out? Better ask if I already took one yes!

Looking for a Cupid that is a gunman.

My boyfriend is the same money: I don’t have.

Passionate single messages and quotes

has single by choice and has single for lack of corresponded love! See these Passionate single messages and quotes for you who waits for Prince Encantado.

Real, I was single. But emotionally, I was already committed, I was jealous as if it were mine. And he was, but I didn’t know.

I’m not single. I am simply reserve for the one who deserves all my heart, because they say good things take time.

technically, I’m single. But my heart is taken by someone I can’t call mine.

There is no way. Everything reminds me of you!

It’s not because I’m single that I necessarily need to be looking for someone. I may be just waiting.

If you’re you who want, don’t worry about whoever wants me.

I’m single in love. I don’t even be free, nor am you tied.

Although we are single, the destination one hour hits!

You can be sure: I find you. Today, tomorrow or later, we meet.

There is plenty of time to meet you. Meanwhile, I am strengthening inside!

Independent Single messages and quotes

Being single is not synonymous with being alone or unhappy. Check out some independent single messages and quotes!

single yes. Always happy!

I’m not single, I’m alone. Single is the one who looks for someone, I don’t look for anyone.

single is not just a status, it is a word that describes a person strong enough to enjoy life without depending on anyone.

I think, so I’m single!

Many people think that being single is synonymous with being unhappy, incomplete, feeling empty inside. What a bullshit!

Floor at will, because you should not satisfy anyone else. Nothing prevents you from being happy as you well understand, nothing but yourself!

I’m very lucky to have happiness by my side every day without depending on anyone’s company!

If I am not sure who I want for me, in doubt, it is better to be alone.

I follow single and happy. And so it will be until I find someone who really worthwhile, to give up all my freedom.

Being single by choice is one of the best sensations life can give you.

Single messages and quotes for Facebook

Do you want to send that indirect to ex or to Crush? We have separated these single messages and quotes for Facebook. Check it out:

While right does not come, I have fun with the wrong.

It is better to be single, coveted, popcorn than to love and not be loved.

Who wants everyone ends up without any!

single yes, alone sometimes. Available not always!

Single: Organized society free of betrayal and errors, independent, without remorse or obligations.

Keep Calm I’m single and I’m happy!

The more I know men, the more I admire my single life.

single yes. No beer never!

I don’t even think Durex’s tip, imagine the love of my life!

Learn from the past, but do not carry it on your back. Release the weight and fly!

Single Music messages and quotes

Who has never heard that song and identified themselves? See these single music messages and quotes!

single of cards, loose like rice.

Sorry, I’m in the club, all beautiful and fragrant, and I’m being disputed and not even calling you!

let’s drink that I’m single again.

Now I’m single and no one will hold me!

Being single is tastier, there is a party all the time and what comes to me is little!

Snow White Theory. Why have one, if I can have seven?

For romance is off, for ballad is available.

Do you know that passionate kind silly? I deleted the game, I’m on the track again.

Welcome to the Single Club, Carnival the whole year from January to January.

I’m really catching, I’m like that, distributing kiss.

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