50 Sextou messages and quotes to enjoy the best day of the week

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When Friday comes, anything can happen, but expectations are good weather, cold beer and a lot of enjoyment, right? To start the best day of the week, check out sexual messages and quotes and send sadness away. Share with those who will have sex with you and need that little push to have fun!

Sextou messages and quotes that will start the work

Stress can leave because it has sex and nothing will shake me!

The season of cold beers and warm hearts released. I waited so much to say that it has sex, that the day arrived and I just want to live the moment!

I just want to be happy and sexy with the guys at the bar.

I love Friday, especially when I know the SexTou will be insane.

The commandment is clear: Sextar, but if you are not sexy, do not take the animation of those who are crazy about Sexte.

Friday looks like rich gate so beautiful that it is. Sextou!

I just want to give 18h to be able to get sex and forget that I have obligations. The slips are for Monday!

Sextou and you already know where to find me. I will not leave the bar!

I spent the whole week thinking of you, my sexou. In the end, I only have lying on my bed.

Today, no one takes me the joy of being alive because, finally, sexed.

My Friday will be amazing, because I can get sixth without thinking about when I wake up tomorrow.

Come on I tell the days, I tell you the time to see you. I can not forget you. Each minute is a long time without you, my sexou!

I will go sexar with will because today is a day of evil!

We finally meet again, Friday. Left, sixth!

Salary in the account, paid slips, the sexte has arrived and I don’t want to know anyone discouraged. It’s time to enjoy and have fun!

I know that it has sex when I have time to leave, but I have no time to go back.

Sextou! And I just want to live, enjoy and know that my life is worth it.

I already opened my first can, so I can say that officially sexed!

Sextou! May the day be amazing and we find reasons to smile from beginning to end.

If I’ve been stressed, I’ve forgot, because now sexed and nothing can shake me!

The only defect of Friday is that it ends, but as long as it lasts, I will enjoy. Sextou!

happiness is in (b) air! After all, today is Friday! So, let’s get sixth.

To make everyone happy, I have great news: Sexte!

If I was never happy, when Friday comes, I find out that this is a lie. Sextou, guys!

Sextou and I want to drink so much until I forget my name in Serasa.

There is nothing better than knowing how sexual and I’m full of plans for tonight.

Sextting at home, but sexy accompanied by my beer.

Friday, I love you, especially when I know I’m going to get sex with my friends.

If it is raining, the sexte will be indoors. If you have a good mood, we’ll get sexy anywhere. The important thing is to make every second worthwhile!

The most important of Sextou is to be with the right companies!

Today, I just want to enjoy you and our sexy the way we want.

The most important of Sexte is that I can do everything I want, including sleeping or several nadas.

Sexte is mine and I decided that I will enjoy it until the day dawn.

Sextou and nothing will stop me from sixth, starting with my laziness.

If you are lazy as a sixteenth, remember that we have only one day a week to live intensely everything the sixth has reserved for us! Enjoy! Sunday already exists for rest.

Step the whole week waiting for the sexte, so I never let him pass without taking advantage of him.

Now that it has sexed, the last thing I will think is about work.

If you have something work to solve with me, you can wait until Monday, because now sexed!

Who does not get excited about the Sextou is because it has already let something die inside. Let’s live!

Until the day it looks more beautiful when we find out that sexou!

This rain in my sexte is São Pedro remembering that I have to save money.

Sextou and I’m already thinking about the hangover I’m going to wake up at Sabadou.

On Friday, I dress up as a young man and I will enjoy the sexte with all the animation. On Sunday, I remember the age I am.

Smile! Sextou and you have 24 hours to be happy all the time.

Sextou Prayer: May nothing get in the way of having fun, that the beer is cold and the company is good. Amen!

I’m going to get sex and, if you don’t find me, remember: I’m at the bar.

The can made the noise being opened by announcing that the Sextou started, guys!

All I want most is sixth with you, hold your hand and have fun by your side. With you, every day becomes a beautiful sexou!

We have to go to the mood, because otherwise, only next week for sixth.

I’m not afraid of anything, just not being able to enjoy my sexte!

The important thing is to have fun and do what you like. If you are from the group who appreciates a cold, check out Friday’s messages and quotes with beer and start the weekend with happy hour!

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