50 sad messages and quotes for status that will help express pain

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There are times when pain and sadness dominate our heart. So that you can better deal with these feelings, it is always good to express yourself and take away all the anguish that has hurt you. So we have made a selection of sad messages and quotes for status that will help you say what you are feeling. Check it out!

Sad messages and quotes for status full of melancholy

Sadness has no end, happiness yes.

My sad heart only knows how to cry for your absence.

I feel alone, I feel sad, I see no more sense in anything I do. I just wanted this pain to pass.

It’s been so long that I don’t know what happiness is. I live my life in this constant sadness.

Is there any remedy that remedies all this pain I keep in my heart?

It was too good to be true … deep down I was sure that an hour all that happiness would become disappointment and sadness.

I’m sad today, but it doesn’t mean I will be sad forever. Happiness will smile at me again. I believe!

nothing more makes sense and I keep living with this sadness stuck in my chest. I just want to stop crying!

Yeah, you left. I didn’t understand well on time, I saw myself alone now.

and there is no medicine, and there is no cigarette that calm the devil of thinking what we could be.

Life is beautiful and the world is sad!

Dear God, allow this sadness to end and I can smile again.

I just wanted to have a reason to really smile.

One day this sadness will pass. I will overcome, I am stronger than all these difficulties.

It was suddenly ended up as fire that erases with the rain. You went out without taking the memories.

I lived on the skin and did not even realize that the times I laughed was desire to cry.

echoes in me the silence of this loneliness. I could live without heart.

Who made a mistake was me, when I put too many feelings where there should be nothing.

crying because it is the only way to get rid of this sadness.

There are many days of struggle for a few days of glory.

Anguish is our heart overflowing sadness.

Your memory hurts me so much.

Happiness is not for everyone.

I got tired of looking for happiness. I will be content with this sadness that lives in my heart.

It’s been a long time since I’m sad, but no one seems to realize …

It seemed strong in the morning, but your world would ran every night.

I collect disappointments.

Maybe in a parallel world I don’t miss you.

And you know what the worst is? This story I already know by color. Will pierce a growing wound in us.

Sometimes life gets all smiles from us and only space for sadness.

I did everything for us to work and it didn’t.

I don’t know if I slept, or I crossed another night without smiling.

I’m tired of hearing that everything will be fine. Time passes and everything continues in the same mess.

I look strong, but I have a fragile heart full of marks.

Love exists only two. Love alone is called “sadness”.

I’m trying to forget you, but my heart doesn’t understand.

God, give me your lap. These are difficult days …

Where are those who said myself my friends? Here I am suffering and without a shoulder to comfort me.

Perhaps life is this, a search vain for happiness that does not even exist.

From the kingdom of sadness, I got tired of being king.

begins to rain and the tear will mix with the water that falls from the sky.

Why have I done it thousands of times, how did I never learn? Not to like people that fast.

Cry to relieve, smile to disguise…

That longing mixed with sadness.

I got tired of pretending that everything is fine. I got tired of holding my tears. I got tired of hiding this deep sadness that lives in my heart.

I want to disappear, be alone, forget about problems and be a little at peace.

You can no longer trust anyone. Each day is a new disappointment!

Sadness does not kill, but slowly destroys.

CAUTION, Sadness addicts.

The Sara wound, but the injured will never be the same.

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