50 reggae messages and quotes that will fill your day with positive energies

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Reggae emerged in Jamaica in the late 1960s and, originally, the term serves to identify the country’s songs. For sure you’ve heard some reggae, whether Brazilian or not. Who doesn’t know the famous Bob Marley? He is the icon of this widespread musical style.

The reggae genre also arrived in Brazil and managed to create its roots. Here, we have several bands and singers known as, for example, the Maneva group and the musician Armandinho.

So if you enjoy all the positive energy of this style, we select the best reggae messages and quotes for you, check it out!

reggae messages and quotes to enter the positive vibe

Reggae is not to hear, it is to feel. Who doesn’t feel you don’t know him.

If you have been reggae and feel nothing, then you are already dead!

Follow your vision blindly or just become someone’s vision.

Let me learn what love is. As hard as this is.

Before you judge badly, why don’t you look at yourself?

We cannot live negatively, so let’s make room for the positive day.

It’s my freedom, they can’t get it from me!

Life is for those who stop any stop. Not for those who stop at any stapled.

If God created people to love and things to take care of, why do we love things and use people?

I’m lucky to breathe, I’m lucky to feel, I’m happy to wake up, I’m happy to be here.

When I remember you smiling, there is nothing more … nothing more beautiful!

Neither cry anymore love, the world will always spin. It will bring you good, evil too. Just believe it!

Who knows how to shut up, who doesn’t know is the one who speaks most.

Take with you only what was good. Hate and grudge do not give anything!

smoke, smoke, smoke banana leaf. Smokes in good joke.

If the bar is heavy, brother, persevere faith in the heart!

I won’t shout happiness, envy has a light sleep, I don’t want to close to me.

Raise your thinking to the highest. You must have faith, you need to know how to give time to time.

Who feels with the soul is able to love!

With your feet in the sand, heart on sea.

When God drew you, he was dating by the sea.

daddy from heaven at time to make you, he must have neat for real …

Be sure to sound because you will not find someone who will smile for you.

If life were beautiful, every day would be sunny, every sea would have wave, all music would be reggae and all smoke would make your head.

Where are you going like this if your main subject is to talk bad about the life of others?

In an abundance time, Jah will keep me strong.

You laugh at me for being different, and I laugh at you for being all the same!

Who already blesses, no one curses…

I don’t bring you flowers, because they dry and fall to the floor. I bring you my simple verses, but I did it from the heart.

I gave up. But do not think it was because I did not have the courage to fight, but for not being able to suffer.

from here has music, friends and the tide is good to play.

Not all money would make me change good for evil.

It is not difficult to fight for what you want, but give up on what you love the most.

Grow up regardless of what happens.

Unless you are prepared for your own judgment, do nothing before judging yourself.

If life often only drives, only drizzle and everything doesn’t seem to work … leave this problem for nothing, to be good!

I do not bring you gold, because he does not enter heaven and no wealth of this world.

Sadness will disappear and no one will suffer!

Today in nature it doesn’t matter the fair, it’s a crazy day and not to work.

Tune your vibration, there is no time to live in vain.

and no longer think about giving up, there is a world that just wants to see you smile.

If life sometimes gives a few days of gray and time taca slowly, put your best dress, shine your smile and come here.

What do we really need in this life?

I want to love her and treat her right, I want to love you every day and each night.

For a lifetime we have some difficulties, when you worry, you make it double. Don’t worry, be happy!

Maybe it’s not in this life yet but you will still be my life.

Whatever yours, one day the wind brings.

Destiny joined our ways, mix of love and pleasure. I can even watch our children and how they will grow!

Review my plans and even my mistakes, everyone took me to you.

Freedom into the head …

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