50 rap messages and quotes for status that will demonstrate your style

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Rap is a form of expression, a lifestyle. Without language massage, the chat is straight, short and straightforward. It is love, struggle, poetry and protest. So we have selected the best rap messages and quotes for status that will send the message on your social networks. Already take the radio, choose your favorite and share!

Rap messages and quotes for Status that are stupid in the Mileira

With God in the heart, the rest we solve.

What do you want not to always match what the other feels.

If you don’t care, you don’t understand anything.

several ask if I’m okay, but few care about the answer.

Never, never discouraged, just depends on you.

Belash, the just does not tremble, warrior does not freeze.

ei love, I’m with you regardless of the caĆ“.

Malandragem is living like this, without bullshit and without duty, anyway.

Look, another day of yours. What a crazy blue sky, huh!?

It is not easy to be a growing angel between demons.

rap is rhythm and poetry, I don’t know what to do with a trickster.

I changed my concept about what is correct.

The worst prison, thief, is that of mind!

May it be eternal while it lasts, that lasts forever.

I only know what I went through and what I will have to go through.

enough of being suffering, say what you have to say.

It’s easy to speak, it is difficult to be me, if your star doesn’t shine, it will complain to God.

thought I was defeated, who thought was wrong.

Before I even smiled, today I see the full glasses and the empty people.

where respect, friendship goes to the trash!

The best makeup is the smile on your face.

to curb it is a prison, allowing yourself to be the solution.

Any promise is less than fate.

Today I woke up to earn life.

My search is in the perfect beat.

so cat and at the same time so crazy.

Trickster, it was inevitable that I didn’t get involved. It is unbelievable, you had to see.

Just watching the good things God gave me.

Live, smile, feel peace to come. Forget the evil that has passed.

I got tired of stamping your show.

It’s bad for you, it’s bad for me too, it’s bad for everyone the game is like that.

To help not come one, I know. But to delay there is a hundred!

so much that I lost the floor, I learned to fly.

A good place is built with humility, it is good to remember!

I didn’t lose any chance, some of them who lost me.

My life is me who sing, our experience who knows is us.

I want to talk to the sea, hear the wave tell me where I need to arrive, if I want to meet you.

Let the eye color overcome the skin color. Prevailing equality, freedom shines.

Predict future is also to predict miss.

Life is like this, nothing predictable.

If she’s in another, if that’s what she wanted. So, partner, let her be happy.

Why do Sadia people get sick? Well fed, or not, why do they perish? Everything is stored in the mind.

Many glory, many crises, various planes. Happy times of a family in a few years.

It is no use looking at heaven with much faith and little fight.

Malandragem for me is being able to work, to be able to encourage, and the Pivetada Study.

national rap is serious.

It’s all a matter of thinking positive, you are the size of your dream, friend.

When the walk gets hard, only the hard keep walking.

Violent is love, the rest is just evil.

Even Christ felt the taste of betrayal on the skin!

What a thud of culture! But keep in the pace, because there is much more. Check out our love rap messages and quotes and let your heart express yourself.

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