50 partner messages and quotes to praise who is always with you

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Do you know that friend who is always by your side? With it, there is no bad time and you have lived until the biggest drills by your side. This, yes, is to stay for a lifetime. Plend this relationship and show that you will do the same for it. Check out the best partner messages and quotes and strengthen these ties!

Partner messages and quotes that show that he stumbles everything if he goes by his side

I carry with me only partners, only those who have no bad time and never weaken friendship.

Because I know that if I call you at dawn, you will serve me and help me with what I need, partner.

Partner, count on me. I will walk beside you and be your strength when you can no longer be strong.

Tops everything with me, don’t question and only … this is my partner.

In the partnership, what commands friendship is reciprocity.

partners are those who care, call, offer help, but also celebrate the victories by our side.

Do you know that friend you trust? This one is a partner for all hours.

Happiness is duplicated when we have a partner friend because he makes even difficult times being lighter.

partners like mine, no one has. They are present, presence, strength and also enjoy and joy.

I have real partners who know me like anyone and never leave my side.

I’m never alone because I have my partners with me. They are by my side to do nothing.

If I’m with my partners, even the most trivial things become the best stories ever lived.

partner is the one who saw you fall and remained until you remained again.

Top my follies, live my adventures, are the best partners in the world.

Partnership is built every day and we struggled to make ours the best of all.

More than friends, partners for life and even for crime if necessary.

Only by my partners I stop sleeping to get ready by them.

I might even try, but I would never be able to walk without my partners.

To smile, to cry, to enjoy, to fight … You are my partner for everything!

We are real partners and our friendship will never end. We will always be for each other.

When you call me, I will answer because partners never deny anything to each other.

Partner does not abandon when life stops being just a party. He gets closer, friendlier, more brother.

You hear me complain and don’t give up on me. It’s a real partner!

Together, let’s go further, either to extend the after, or to overcome the challenges of life.

Best friend is that partner who never judges you, always welcomes you, understands you and helps you.

We are in the roll, at work, at family lunch. We are partners for anything.

You don’t even have to tell me where we are going. If it’s with you, I’m already inside.

Happiness is duplicated when we share with our partner friend.

A partner does not try to change the other, we accept ourselves and know that one has to add to the other’s trajectory.

For whatever I need, my partners will be with me and I will always be with them.

I dedicate my victory to my partners who encouraged me to get to where I arrived.

If I ever commit a crime, I know my partners will help me escape and will lie for me.

I collect partners on the walk. I do not collect enemies, I do not relate, I do not thrill. For them, I don’t feel anything.

Partner runs from our side and when we win, they earn too.

To partners, I have to offer my presence, perhaps even confused, but real and intense.

Four friends, partnership is formed. To leaps and bounds, but united, this is our face.

My partners, I chose the finger, because I just want by my side to my side with me.

Value Who has is who is with me from the beginning. Cup on the table, laugh, shapes atmosphere. Conversations are praises to those who are partner with Vera.

ei love, I’m with you regardless of the caĆ“.

Friendship is binge, tanning, but it is also partnership, support and strength.

This is my partner, close with me and never let the shuttlecock fall.

Thanks, friend, for strength and love. I want you to be happy anywhere.

In the front row of my fans, there are my partners who always support me.

Partner who is a partner does not dispense with enjoyment.

and everyone has a joke partner, who takes wave with you the whole week.

partner is not only who always supports, but who also scolds when needed.

We are stronger when we are together, partner. I am for you and you are for me.

Friendship is helping without asking help, it is learning to forgive without apologizing.

The partner is by your side until you are wrong because he knows you need it.

Friends are partners who are available for good hours and bad hours.

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