50 Motivation messages and quotes for status that will shine on social networks

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Acting is not as easy as talking. However, it all starts with an idea, turns into thought, then in process and finally into action. Don’t be in a hurry, know your pace, respect your moment. You are able to play the stars, just believe it. So check out the best motivation messages and quotes for status that will help you remember what is essential!

Motivation messages and quotes for status that will arouse smiles

Stop saying: I can’t. And start to repeat: I am capable of!

You will never be too old to dream a new dream.

Be like a flare and wherever, leave your light.

The comfort zone is very small for its potential.

If you want to live a happy life, tie to a goal, not people or things.

Free yourself from fears, you are able to fly!

Tell your fear that you grew up and no longer need it.

Your thoughts define your achievements. Positivity always!

In the end everything works out, and if it didn’t work out it is because it hasn’t come to an end yet.

Sometimes, just put the wings out and decide to fly.

Don’t let your calluses be bigger than your steps.

If change is not your best friend, it becomes your worst enemy.

You’ve been here. Keep persist!

If it is to give up, give up giving up.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

When you wake up, keep dreaming.

Negativity will always knock on your door. Do not let it turn into a guest.

Have you watered your dreams today? Without care there is no result.

Procrastination is the pill of failure. Optimize your time!

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day.

A fall can make you on the floor or make you stronger. The choice is yours.

Stop autosabotar! Be a friend of your dreams.

Look at your fear and say: I am an eagle!

It’s never too late to be what you always wanted to be.

err, learn, overcome and continue. Life doesn’t stop!

Start to overthrow walls and build horizons.

The union between strength and will is a perfect marriage for success.

The heart is the best compass for those who want to go in the right direction.

You can walk around the four corners of the world, but the answer continues in your heart.

A day of impact is better than a month of dead weight.

If you look well your failure, you will find thousands of small achievements.

The fight is big, but you are giant.

mud sprouts the lotus flower. Learn about taking the best of the worst situations.

At the crossroads of life, you have two options: giving up or persisting. The choice is yours.

Every day, do something that scares you.

With passion for yourself, keep walking.

At your pace, make life a dance.

Today is a great day for you to surprise your heart.

Fighting is important, but valuing your achievements is essential.

If you don’t write your destination, don’t expect a happy ending.

Try again. Failing again, but failed better.

There is a lot of ground to go. Take a deep breath and continue.

In life, prioritize light luggage.

Wait for the right time is just an excuse not to start now.

You should expect great things from yourself even before you can do them.

Persistence keeps dreams alive.

Dress adventure, because convenience no longer serves you.

In the end, who did not value you is that it will be bad.

Do not count the days. Make the days count.

A new opportunity is all you need to be happy.

May motivation become routine in your life! Also check out the funny motivational messages and quotes and let the lightness guide your thoughts.

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