50 messages and quotes to raise self -esteem and take advantage of life opportunities

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There are days when we feel a goldfish out of water and forget about our own value. Each life is unique and unparalleled, so lift the dust and look more affectionately. To help you with this mission, we have separated the best messages and quotes to raise self -esteem and fill the body with motivation and joy. Check it out below!

messages and quotes to raise self -esteem and give a gas on your day

When my self -esteem insists on sabotaging me: I gather all the good things that have already told me and happened to me in a little pot, and read those words until the last bad feeling pass.

Plant your garden and decorate your soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers. And you learn that you can really bear, that it really is strong, and that it can go much further after thinking you can no longer.

When you feel sad, down, as if you were not worthy of the good things that happen to you, remember your story and everything that has gone here to get here.

Sometimes low self -esteem insists on pursuing us. At these times, get up from the bed and look in the mirror how would look at someone for those who have a lot of love.

When your self-esteem is not there, remember that for me you are the most beautiful and amazing person ever.

Do not be shaken by the small losses or everyday words that hurt. Make sure that your value is immense and no one can tell you otherwise.

Do you know what it is like to have Brio? Brio is a feeling of courage, honor, dignity and self-esteem. When you feel inferior, create a pride, have a pride, take your pride. He’s inside you!

Even if you really don’t feel, say yourself that you are worthy of all the good things in the universe. Over time, these words will make sense to you.

When comparing with each other, remember that both have distinct and valuable victories and learning, and could not be different, unless they were born and live exactly the same life.

got ready and feeling amazing? Don’t wait for someone to talk about how beautiful you are and don’t get frustrated if this compliment doesn’t happen. Go to the mirror and feel your beauty emanate from you.

Comparing with someone else is the worst sabotage our brain employs us. If you stop to think, it makes no sense. Each life has its own value, each person has its own brightness.

Being comfortable with oneself is one of the best things in life – people can criticize, trigger evil comments, and yet you are still happy and emanating the brightness of self -love.

I decide to be at peace and harmony with myself and I am determined to make life the best it can be.

What is behind us and what is before us are insignificant questions compared to what is within us.

Wherever you are, whatever, have faith, because even in the dump is born flower.

Self -care is never a selfish act, it is simply a good management of the only gift I have, the gift I was placed on Earth to offer others.

You may not be good enough for everyone, but it will surely be perfect for someone.

climb the first step with faith. It is not necessary for you to see the entire stairs. Just take the first step.

The secret is not to run after the butterflies, it is to take care of the garden so that they come to you.

love yourself and it all starts to align. You really need to love yourself to do anything in this world.

What you choose to think about yourself and life becomes true for you. And our choices about what we can think are unlimited.

The secret of life is not having everything you want, but love everything you have!

tears are part. Support, complain and go ahead. The only people who are with us all our lives are ourselves. Showing to be alive while you are alive.

If only you could feel how important you are to the lives of the people you find; How important you can be for people you don’t even imagine …

In the end everything works out, and if it didn’t work out it is because it hasn’t come to an end yet.

There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and especially live.

Believe in yourself and will come a day when others will have no choice but to believe you.

If we grow up with the hard blows of life, we can also grow with the soft touches in the soul.

Good is good to fight with determination, embrace life with passion, lose with class and win boldly, because the world belongs to those who dare and life is much to be insignificant.

Confidence is an act of faith, and this dismissal reasoning.

I know every day when I wake up God smile and tell me: I’m giving you a chance to try again.

Yourself, as much as anyone throughout the universe, deserves your love and your affection.

Why should we worry about what others think of us? We have more confidence in the opinions of others than in ours?

If you need someone to trust, trust yourself.

If you are walking on the right track and are willing to continue walking, eventually you will progress.

The wisdom of a man is not in not making a mistake, crying, anguish and weakening, but in using his suffering as the foundation of his maturity.

Think of you kindly, just as you do with others. Your thoughts and beliefs are what make you who you are.

It is your defects that make you a unique person.

Self -confidence is a superpower. When you start believing in yourself, magic begins to happen.

I’m who I am, not who you think I am, much less who you want me to be. I’m me!

Coffee in one hand and confidence in the other!

Your energy introduces you to the world even before you speak.

Stop doubting yourself. Work hard and make it happen!

Doubt in itself kills more dreams than failure.

inhale confidence and examine the doubt.

Be yourself. People don’t have to like you and you don’t have to give it a damn about it.

I have confidence in myself because I can admit who I am, what I did, and I love the person I became.

trust is not to think “oh, they will like me”. Trust is something like “ok, I’ll be fine if they don’t like it.”

If we can dream, we can also make our dreams reality.

Prefer the smile, it is good for you and those around you. Give laugh at everything, yourself. Do not guard joys. Be happy today!

Did you like it? Self-esteem is built day after day, so always remember to look at more compassion and care. And if you want to reinforce this feeling even more, see also our self-love messages and quotes for status!

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