50 messages and quotes to conquer a woman who will make her delighted by you

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When we find someone who makes our heart beat fast, we can’t waste time. We have to show our interest and praise the qualities that make you delight. So we selected the best messages and quotes to win a woman who will attract her to you. Check it out and declare your interest saying everything you admire in it and how much you want to make you happy!

messages and quotes to conquer a woman and win your heart

You have the most beautiful smile in the world. I swear when you look at me, everything around me loses the importance.

You deserve to be happy and I’m sure that by my side you will be the happiest woman in the world.

I would just like to say that you won me from the first time I said my name with your sweet voice.

In addition to their beauty, their intelligence and strength left me out of the axis. I could no longer remember what life was like before you.

How lucky my to know a woman who knows what she wants. Little does she know that what she looks for is in my arms. I just hope she also wants me.

Looking at you is like finding an angel that illuminates my life with such beauty.

You make me smile lightly, I’m sure it’s the first time someone makes me feel that way.

I want to be everything you dream of, I want to be the person who makes you happy, I want to be the love of your life.

If you say yes to me, I promise to remind you every day who is the most beautiful and smart woman I’ve ever met.

If you want, we share life, dreams, routine and everything we have to be shared and I will multiply your joys, the reasons that lead you to smile and realize that life is good. >

I can barely explain the effect you have on me, I can only say that you are the most amazing woman I have ever met.

I get a jaw drop when you speak because you have so much passion and it infects me.

Smart Woman makes us silly and wanting to hear her talk all day, like you.

You carry such a beautiful duality. It is sweet and decided, it is strong and delicate. How can you be such a wonderful woman?

It would be impossible not to delight me for you because we seem to be born to meet today and now.

Destiny is not silly and managed to know each other and find out that we have everything to do.

You know that feeling of being with a person who inspires you? This is how I feel by your side!

I’m happy because I dreamed that you were my girlfriend and I’m looking forward to making this dream real.

You don’t leave my mind. I don’t know what you did to me, I can only say that hooked by the spell of your gaze.

I can’t stand with such a beautiful, fun and that, on top of that, you know it’s funny.

If you give me a chance, I promise to laugh at all your jokes and still make you laugh at mine.

Every detail in you draws my attention because you are a beautiful woman to the last hair.

by chance, I found you and never stopped thinking about you. I think it’s time for us to do something about it.

I am silly with a beautiful, intelligent and fun woman like you giving me a ball.

Do you know what the happiest person in the world would do? You say you’re as in mine as I’m in yours.

We only have a life to live and I want to pass it to your side.

You make me feel full and complete. I found that everything in you was what was missing in my life.

Your eyes are in love and it makes me completely crazy about you.

Your smile makes me out without air because it shows me that my happiness is on your lips.

I will never know something or someone as beautiful again as you.

woman, you have a special way to show me that life is more beautiful when you smile.

Just open your mouth so I realize that I would spend my whole life listening to the music that comes out of your lips.

Thinking of you all the time and hoping you think at least a little about me.

In you, I found comfort, peace and joy. You make me feel the most special person in the world, just for giving me some attention.

If you allow me, I will spend my whole life making you feel special because you deserve it.

Among all women, you are the one that most enchants me with your personality that only makes you even more beautiful.

I want to compliment you day and night. I want to show you that the way I see you is the way you should see yourself and deserve to be seen.

My God, how beautiful you are! He rocked when he did you, because he’s an amazing woman!

If I ever dreamed of something better than you, I don’t remember why there is nothing better than you.

You are special because they are just who is and that’s what delights me in you.

Woman, you know that, with way, you can have whatever you want. You will see the fun is not to understand exactly what is going on inside you, which disguises themselves in your look that all sees.

I will do everything I can, I will steal this woman for me.

A goddess, a crazy, a witch … she’s awesome!

I exchange my peace for a kiss from you. I change my destiny to live yours. I change my bed to sleep on yours. I change a thousand stars to give you the moon.

Now I Know I Have Met An angel in Person. And she looks perfect. (Now I know I met an angel in person. And she is perfect.)

What’s behind this smile that makes me fissured on you?

In your smile, today I want to live. In your hug, I found my peace.

Your charming smile has magic. With you, everything is so good, I’m not afraid to say that it is love.

Time passes quickly when I am with you. The hours saw minutes, I can’t understand and what I want most is to live by your side every second, love.

I want to be the face that is in your mind. The feeling you feel, the chill that comes suddenly.

And if she shows interest in you, keep conquering it with compliments. See our beautiful woman messages and quotes and praise everything that makes her wonderful.

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