50 messages and quotes to comment on the crush photo and attract your attention

By: Tranoniq.com

A great way to draw the attention of the person you want is to show that you are aware of what they post, especially reacting to the photos with praise and saying how much you admire you. To rock and stand out, check out the best quotes to comment on the crush photo and get even closer to the target of your achievements.

Quotes to comment on the crush photo that show that you are at his

The smile that melts my barriers and softens my heart.

This photo was the blow that knocked out my heart.

The best thing I saw on the internet today was your photo.

While you don’t give me a chance, I keep admiring you for a photo.

Thank you, Cupid, for putting this wonderful person in my life.

In addition to being the most amazing person there is a beauty that disconcerts me.

How am I going to sleep after I see this photo and make it so want to kiss you?

My feed has just become 3000x more beautiful after seeing this photo.

You are so beautiful that it looks like a dream. And if it is, I don’t want to wake up.

If anyone asks, he says that the cause of my death was a beating of his beauty.

I was surprised by this image and now I can’t take my eyes off her.

Every time I look at your photo, I realize something new to admire you.

I want to know when we will kiss and stop talking here just.

If you smile like this in front of me, I swear I get out of whole.

This photo made me want even more to be by your side.

My heart has shot when you saw you because you have a beauty that makes me crazy.

Now my day was good and it would be even better if I could see you in person.

Portuguese has not yet been able to invent the word that defines its beauty.

My desire is to run to give you a kiss so perfect that it is in this photo.

If we were playing target shooting, you would have hit my heart straight.

Your beauty makes me mouth open because it is so perfect and so worthy of my admiration.

every detail of yours, makes my heart jump inside my chest.

I saw your smile and when I realized, my lips were smiling too.

Not even the sun can illuminate both my heart and you.

There will be no way, I will have to kiss this mouth because I am fissed in it.

by photo you are perfect, I bet personally too. When are we going to meet me to prove my theory?

I even had to close my eyes because the brightness of your beauty was making me blind.

It’s no wonder you have enchanted me, how can you so much beauty?

His eyes penetrated my soul and read all my secrets.

Your mouth is so beautiful and would be even more if you had with mine.

Your eyes are making me awkward because they are talking directly to me.

I already admired your beauty by photo, now can I do it in person?

This photo brings me the feeling that I found paradise.

Wonderful is little to describe how perfect you are in this photo.

Your smile is more valuable and more beautiful than all the precious stones.

I don’t know what I admire you most, your beauty or your way that captivated me.

If you do not master the world with this photo, at least it dominated my heart.

If I could, I would make this picture my home.

When God made you, he whipped in beauty, charisma and sympathy.

An angel just passed the screen of my cell phone and when I noticed, it was you.

If you gave a million times, I would like it because you are perfect.

This wink made me lose the floor because it was deep in my heart.

I don’t even know how long I have been facing this photo and admiring its beauty.

With every photo you post, it looks more beautiful and I get more enchanted.

I always knew that one day someone would hook my heart. With this photo, you got it.

Your smile is the cause of my collapse. How can it be so beautiful?

I like to see your smile and imagine that the reason is me.

My thoughts are all about you and this beauty that takes my breath away.

You are better than the feeling of a nap after lunch.

Your beauty only reflects how amazing you are inside.

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